The Moon conjuncts the Sun and Juno (the Soul-mate) at 7 Sagittarius, whilst squaring the North Node (7 Virgo), the South Node (7 Pisces) and Neptune (9 Pisces). If we include the astrological position of the Earth (7 Gemini), this becomes a Grand Mutable Cross.

The Sun / Moon / Juno (7 Sagittarius) also trine asteroid Atlantis at 8 Leo, Vesta at 5 Leo and sextile asteroids Lilith (5 Aquarius) Siva-and-Aphrodite (10 Libra), whilst squaring Karma (11 Virgo).

(Don´t worry – I´ll translate that .. )

The New Moon (Moon-Sun conjunction) goes exact at 12:18 pm (afternoon), UTC time on the 29th of November 2016. That´s late 28th/early 29th for those in the Americas and the 29th/early 30th for those in Asia and Australasia.

So … what does all that mean?

Practically speaking, it means that we´ve been in the build-up to a powerful New Moon for the past 3 days, and will continue to experience its effects for the next 3 days. It means that we´re at a time where planting the seeds of intention and manifestation will yield profound changes in karmic dynamics (owning to the role of the Nodes), soul-mate karma (thanks to Juno) and re-orient ourselves to a path of Service that honors the essence of the Spiritual (Neptune). It is a powerful opportunity to let go of soul-level contracts (should you choose to do so) so that you can step into a life with an expanded sense of possibilities – or to honor and re-inforce a contract that you do want to be a part of.

Freedom at the existential level (as I am beginning to understand) isn´t about flying off as some etheric vapour, it´s in recognizing that you´re here for a little while and your energy matters – so choose what/whom you invest it into wisely.

For those into the more esoteric side of things, this is a time to conduct rituals and observances that equally honor the masculine (Shiva), the feminine (Aphrodite-Lilith), in all their aspects and forms. This isn´t a time to shy away from the Dark or overly glorify the Light – it´s a time to balance and honor all expressions and forms of Divinity (even the ones that don´t seem pretty or wholesome or family-friendly).

Those with placements near 7-10 Taurus or 5-7 Cancer will experience a Yod (finger of fate) with New Moon/Juno/Sun. Watch out for decisions, crossroads that ask you to face, head-on, some aspect of your karmic relationship with Deity and/or Male-Female Archetypal Energy.

I don´t remember the last time I saw a New Moon making a square to the Nodes – if someone does, let me know. The choices we make now will ultimately place us – individually and collectively – on a Path of our Choosing – with the Soul-Mate who will bring us on that Journey, as we do the same for them.

A word to the wise on Soul-Mates – they´re really not all fun or loving or kind. Some soul-mates nurture you with love and allow you to gently expand into the fuller awareness of yourself. And some rip you to pieces so you can see and feel and the places you never even knew you extended into. Usually both.

My suggestion is to be mindful of the rhetoric of soul-mate relationships as they are often over-romanticized. A soul-mate is one who helps your soul Grow – and that can be achieved in a myriad number of ways.

Either way, it´s a powerful time to recognize who that person is / people are in your life – or even if they´re in disembodied form. Honor them for their lessons and – if stuck in a dysfunctional dynamic – allow that dynamic to release and express itself in a healthier form (especially with Asteroid Karma in the mix). The key word is to ALLOW it to happen, rather than to force it into being.

With the astrological position of the Earth where it is (7 Gemini), I feel that we will all have the opportunity to expand our perception and understanding of these contracts and the way they have shaped our consciousness. Writing stuff down or speaking it out may be helpful as a navigatory tool at this time.

Last but not least, we see the New Moon / Sun / Juno trined Vesta (5 Leo) and Atlantis (8 Leo). Vesta´s energy asks us to either release karmic ties, dedicate ourselves to a path of service/devotion and/or to purify the Self in its relationship with the Sacred. In Leo, the focus is on romance, children, creative pursuits, the Heart and Sacral Chakras – effectively – the Joy or Passion that sustains life. I would recommend working with the Golden Ray, stones like golden topaz and carnelian in clearing the sacral chakra. Recommended meditation (of the Lion Goddess Prathyangira Devi):

Atlantis´ role hearkens back to ancient times in which many have memories, deep-rooted feelings or longings towards civilizations associated with crystals, serpents, the great oceans and forgotten technologies. There was indeed a Golden Age of Atlantis – as metaphysical accounts detail – but equally, a Fall. Those of us who bear these memories are able to speak to both aspects of this energy and the ways their signatures, or residues, continue to impact individuals and the planet as a whole. Working with gemstones such as serpentine, stichite, atlantisite (which is a combination of the two) and/or larimar will be of great use to those who do this work.

Those with placements near 5-8 Aries will experience this as a Grand Fire Trine. Talk about sparks flying …. Prepare to be inspired, one way or another!

Generally speaking …

We can look to the Sagittarius Full Moon (June 9, 2017) to witness the blossoming of some of the seeds you set now. You can also track the energy of this Moon through the movement of the Nodes or significant astrological bodies as they transit 7 Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius and Gemini.

Some doors Open as others will Close. Some contracts will dissolve as others are strengthened or negotiated anew. This will also involve schools of thought and knowledge, paradigmatic shifts, academia, choosing one´s Path, Guides, Teachers, relocation or matters of nationality / citizenship, political and religious ideologies … and so on.

In short, this is a powerful New Moon – a time of great endings for some, and for others, of new beginnings. Usually both.

A time of great change and the opportunity to shift karmic dynamics for ourselves and all other beings.

A time to speak your Truth, even if your voice shakes. . . . even if it´s unpopular, uncomfortable … or unpleasant.

A time to take the first step forwards on the Path of your Choosing.

And 3… 2… 1…


Blessings to the Collective.

Priestess Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

Post © Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2016. All rights reserved.
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