On December 1st, 2016, three astrological alignments came together. They generated a powerful energetic shake-up whose aftershocks we´re still processing.

– Mars trined Jupiter at 17 Aquarius-Libra, whilst sextiling Saturn at 17 Sagittarius and aspecting Pluto at 16 Capricorn. (Those of you with placements near 17 Cancer — yikes! You experienced a powerful Yod / Finger of Fate)

– The North Node, South Node, Neptune, Juno and The Sun formed a Nodal T-Square (7-10 Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius)

– The Vesta Retrograde Began (at 5 Leo) .

(It might be Dec 2nd for those of you in Asia/Australia)

The only way I can describe the potency of this energy is a shockwave. For some of us, it manifested itself as external events in the world bringing turmoil (or simply the impetus for change) – and for others – it directly impacted our personal lives. Some have found themselves catapulted into a no-space, no-state of being or flow (which is wonderful), whilst others have felt great pain and grief.

Change … is not easy, no matter how many years you´ve worked at coping with it. There were other celestial factors at play in the background, building up to this major point of release / breakthrough / breakdown.

Let me just give you a sense of headlines on the news right now:

J. Jeyalalithaa, Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu suffered a cardiac arrest last night and is on life support. That has significant political consequences for the state, and potentially, Indian politics as a whole. A successor has been announced whilst tens of thousands of people throng outside the hospital which she´s been admitted to waiting for news.

The Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has just resigned.

The Prime Minister of New Zealand John Key has just resigned.

Austria rejects an extreme-right candidate and elects Alexander Van der Bellen, an independent candidate backed by the Green Party

News from Standing Rock: The Dakota Access Pipeline will be re-routed. (YEAHHH!!!) There´s still more work to be done …  it´s a powerful victory though!

(There´s a politco-governmental theme going on here 😉 – keep reading)

So what´s next?

Over the next few days (December 5-9, 2016), we see a powerful Yod (Finger of Fate) in the skies involving Vesta (The Priestess), The South Node (Karmic Release), Neptune (Spirituality, Delusion) and Mercury (The Messenger, moving through Capricorn).

Look to the messages you´re getting about your career, the larger legacy you seek to leave behind once you´re gone from this world, relationships with elders and figures or institutions of authority (including governments and banks). You don´t need to accept anything uncritically, just listen to the message and see how you sit with it. Bear in mind that Mercury Retrograde is coming up on December 19.

Allow yourself to release whatever karmic baggage, outdated contracts, or simply to ´let go´ of experiences, belief systems, rituals, traditions, forms or hierarchical practices of any kind that make you feel like you´re holding onto an old view of Life-Spirit-and-Cosmos. Here´s where we just … go Home, to the point of Spiritual Origin and End. Those who feel ungrounded and/or overly vulnerable, please do seek out sources of support who can hold space for you in a very practical sense (food, shelter, someone to hold your hand, etc.)

Many are stepping into new spiritual chapters at this time, made possible through a release of the old. This is probably why some have entered that No-form, no-state, no-time … place? at this time. Those struggling with the release, and the anxiety that comes with not knowing the path ahead may find benefit by wearing and/or meditating with the Charoite gemstone. This will allow you to release older patterns and to understand, at the intuitive level, some aspects of the path ahead (if so required).

If you can sit with the uncertainty that release brings at this time, I suspect you will find a greater depth of experience. Enjoy it whilst it´s there, if possible.

All of this energy (Mercury, South Node, Neptune) focuses itself on Vesta, recently turned Retrograde. This is a time to release the Self from older understandings of Service, Sacrifice and Surrender. Many are still holding onto the ethos of the Piscean Age (in which the motto – greatly oversimplified- was: Suffering is Sacred. Poverty is Pure. You must have Nothing to be Something.). In the Aquarian Age, which we are all adjusting to – growth comes through continual evolution. Pushing through the boundary of awareness, through the channel of the Mind, in ways that ripple across the Collective. Rather than the dissolution of the Individual, here we begin to celebrate it.

Vesta in Leo shows that we need to no longer sacrifice Joy, Sexuality, Children, Passion, Creative Expression in order to be ´pure´ or ´sacred´. For instance, this applies to women who have been shamed for expressing their sexual desires, or to men who have been told that expressing the child within makes them … well .. unmanly (this is very different from the man-child phenomenon, but they´re related). Sexual suppression is one that cuts across the gender divide. We´ve all been silenced, in one way or another.

Those processing deep wounds connected with sexual abuse may find Rhodocrosite and Rhodonite useful. Carnelian is perfect in activating and clearing the Sacral Chakra in a more … assertive form.

But as a whole, let us focus our energies towards releasing the baggage, pain and shame we carry in our being. And to open creative pathways for change. Not just for ourselves, but for the Collective as a whole.

Time to Rise and Shine


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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  1. Ute says:

    Thank you for these great insights – I read them with great pleasure. If any time you come to Europe please stop in Tuscany I will be happy to meet you and well we see what comes up …. Greetings from a country in big turmoil = Italy

  2. Carey Harben says:

    Thank You Bai,

    love And Gratitude for your Wisdom sharing Sending Blessings from the northeast! Anchoring prayers For planetary healing!


    Sent from my iPhone


  3. Joanne Green says:

    I am often shocked,nope,stunned by the synchronicity of your comments,posts and insights to what I am personally experiencing.I really needed to hear this today,it makes so much “sense” to what I am going through and experiencing and re-experiencing and releasing right now.Blessings and grateful thanks.I too am often vilified for my honesty and insights,it’s a tough job at times but one for which I am still grateful for.Sending love.x Morning Star


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