Things can get quite intense and emotionally volatile. Look to see what erupts (and sometimes that´s not a bad thing). Commit to the path that emerges and the Self that wants to be expressed. Remember to look at the Self as your first source of Nurture, rather than another person. Whilst reaching to Spirit is powerful and wonderful, remember that you´re still the person / consciousness making that interface possible. If you find a teacher, path or paradigm you absolutely need to connect with – do it. Or a journey, exploration, adventure – and so on.

If you have placements near 18-24 Leo, Kapow! That´s a Grand Fire Trine. Watch to see where inspiration and passion take you. And act on it, if possible. The only thing I would ask you to bear in mind is the principle of non-harm, be it to others, or yourself.

( On a related note … I ended up buying a gorgeous piece of raw Sunstone yesterday  )

As part of a larger alignment –

Jupiter (18 Libra) sextiles Sun/Saturn (18 Sagittarius) which sextiles Mars & Pallas Athena (23-25 Aquarius) which sextiles Uranus/Ceres/Moon (20-24 Aries) which creates – a Cradle Formation. This is one half of a Grand Sextile or Star of David. Those with placements near 18-25 Leo and 18-25 Gemini will experience this as a Grand Sextile in full formation. Manifestation Central (so choose wisely!).

Generally speaking, the Cradle formation with Jupiter and co. gives us the opportunity to throw in these different energies into a pot and stir them about. It´s a space of fertility, sanctuary, development – but equally of stagnation if not acted on. Which is why you look at other aspects to see where and how this energy can be channelled.

Sun/Saturn happen to square Chiron (20 Pisces). This is an excellent point of focus, or outlet for the Cradle alignment. Use whatever you´re being triggered or inspired by to delve deeper into your spirituality and the relationship you have with healing, woundedness, the wounded teacher archetype, conceptions of sacredness-suffering-martyrdom (and how they may or may not intersect) and so on. It´s a fine day to seek healing from a teacher or facilitator you trust and/or to alter your paradigm of healing entirely  (if needed).

If feeling particularly vulnerable, try working with the energy of Rhodocrosite and Rose Quartz in combination. It will help you bring repressed or suppressed emotions to the surface, but in way that does not necessarily overwhelm.

Blessings and Love,

Dr Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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  1. Casey says:

    I would love any feedback (from all of you!) based on my Natal True North Node 20 degrees Leo 6th H (Mean 18 degrees) in combination with (both) Natal Neptune 19 degrees / Natal MC 18 degrees SAG 10th H (therefore Natal IC 4th H Cusp Gemini 18 degrees )

    Add’l info: Stellium 7th H Virgo (in particular Sun17)
    Would appreciate any insight on how this might particularly affect me AND if I should include my Progressed Chart with relation to Transits (regards to natal chart)
    ANY feedback would be SO helpful Love, A self-studying ” Astro-obsessed” Learner 😉 😉 Xo

  2. Casey says:

    One more thing 😉
    Progressed Saturn IS 18degree SAG

    DOB: 09.09.1980
    New Hampshire

  3. Ari says:

    Dr B, Are you reading totally into my life? I wouldnt havent the foggiest idea who is in what, but you have confirmed so clearly what I have been thru in the last few months and what I am going thru feeling totally guided now. Yes and glad of it! What an adventure.

  4. Kennalibertoski says:

    Hi! Hope you are doing wonderful…….I was wondering if I could book another session with you. Something is happening and I’m having a hard time making sense of it (maybe it’s this full moon??? I was born under Gemini rising with my north Node in Sagittarius 6th house) and I was hoping my chart could offer insight after my “bubble got burst to shit” last session!! 😂😂 thank you so much!

    Many happy blessings! Kenna ✨ 714.955.1600


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