LIBERATION FROM KARMIC CYCLES (AT LEAST SOME OF THEM): Sisyphus-Crantor-Okyrhoe (1-3 Aquarius) opposes Vesta-Atlantis (2-3 Leo)


My attention was brought to this alignment as I started digging in my mum´s chart to understand why I´d been drawn to doing ancestral work with her at this time and how it can be better facilitated. I´ve been using a powerful combination of essential oils and energetic work along with my brother who works with the meridian system – and we´ve been seeing dramatic shifts in her energy and our own. Hence, I looked to astrology to get the ´why now´ behind it.

I figured this info would be of use to the collective as well 🙂 Especially to the practitioners among you.

Okyrhoe (3 Aquarius) is the story of the daughter of Chiron and Chariklo. She is transformed into a mare by the Sun-God Apollo for revealing the fate of humanity (to humans) before it was time for them to know. I have always viewed this aspect as a sign of spiritual and emotional disconnection from one´s gifts – putting it mildly.

Sisyphus (1 Aquarius) is effectively, the story of a man who tried to be a wise-ass, taking shortcuts and wanting to shortchange the gods. He is eventually caught and punished by having to roll a big rock up a hill whereupon it just rolls back down, in perpetuity.

And Crantor (2 Aquarius) is effectively the reminder to let our voices and self expressions to be heard. So – catharsis comes through the revelation of personal truth or opinion.

With Okyrhoe, Sisyphus and Crantor in Aquarius, the focus is on the intellectual constructs we use to create our worldviews and the ideal images we have of them.

All these oppose Vesta (2 Leo) and Atlantis (3 Leo).

We are encouraged to step away from deeply entrenched karmic dynamics that force us to abandon our creativity, sexual energy, passion and zest for life.

We are equally encouraged to step away from karmic dynamics which involve the use or abuse of creative, sexual energy for less-than-heart-aligned purposes – especially through the form of ritual within hierarchical institutions (the two usually go hand in hand).

Some may identify with the role of the abuser and others with the abused (or both).

One way of teasing out the two is to consider the dynamic tension between confidence and vulnerability. The challenge with Leo is to know when you´re really feeling what you´re feeling, or whether it is a mask that you have worn for far too long. So much so that you´ve forgotten what your true ´face´ (identity, emotions, etc.) looks like.

For those with strong identifications with Atlantis or Lemuria, this is going to be bringing up past life-work big time. And whilst there´s a lot of gem-tech (crystal work), knowledge and power associated with Atlantis (in particular), it´s also associated with inequality and the abuse of power, especially through ritual.

With Vesta (The Priestess) about, some may try to convince themselves (or others) of the Golden Days and encourage bringing back the old ways – when priestesses had greater political and symbolic significance. Now whilst I can see where that´s coming from (having been there myself) – post-shift, it doesn´t look as straightforward a wish.

There is karma attached to it and of a kind that many in the Priestess / Goddess Movement simply do not want to even acknowledge. Refer to my previous article on When Not All Darkness is Sacred: Things to Bear in Mind when Embodying or Channelling the Dark Goddess. She plays a … tremendous role in 2017 …

Let me put it this way …

There´s something that we used to consider sacred, stuck deep within the muck and the drama, but there´s a lot of muck to get through as well.

Be on your guard for overly … rose-tinted views of the situation because that just means there´s a lot of Shadow work to equally address.

Be open to the idea that we are collectively being asked to re-imagine energetic forms and vibrations of what we consider ´sacred´, in ways that transcend the gender binary.

Some of this is new codes coming through and other parts of it are re-purposed aspects of the old-paradigm. The trick lies in knowing which parts of the old need to stay and which parts need to go.

Those with Lemurian connections have a different experience of the energy, though both civilizations were profoundly linked.

Now does that mean you have to go into a past-life regression to have a deep, dramatic, earth-shattering revelation to work on all this?


You can, but you don´t have to.

Past-life work is great, but it´s important to remember that

– we´re here now –

Whatever you did way back when / had done to you does not need to continue writing the script of your current reality.

If you do choose that modality, learn and experience what you need to, but remember to let go and move on.

This applies especially to those who are experiencing the extremes on the victim-abuser spectrum (and. It really does come down to individual choice – how you choose to structure your relationship with the past, the present and the future you wish to create.

This is not meant to disrespect those who specialize in past-life work. It is a profound modality, but one that has been over-used and diluted in mainstream spiritual discourse. And some do use it as a form of escape or avoidance. A good practitioner will be able to tell who this work is best suited for (or not).

The challenge lies in going deep enough to the unconscious aspect of you still making those choices and working from that level.

That is where tools like gemstones, oils and such can be of great benefit – as can facilitators who know how to address such questions from the 5D level (at minimum). But as with anything you try, please do requisite research beforehand and seek professional advice if in doubt.

Whatever you do, if you find yourself 100% invested in your script / your narrative of the world / and the tragedy-drama-pain-joy of it all – chances are there´s something to shift there. (That would be the Leo).

Use whatever tools / paths you need to find what is truly joyful, authentic, playful, sexual and creative within. And look at the lenses of perception you use to filter those deeper impulses and interpret them. It doesn´t always look like what we´re led to believe and is a truly individual experience. And, as Sisyphus reminds us, there are no shortcuts.

In terms of time, you´re going to have the opportunity to work with this through the first four months of 2017 – as Vesta will be closely travelling with Atlantis through Leo and Cancer (as part of their respective retrogrades).

Based on these alignments, here are some suggested tools:


Rhodocrosite – sexual trauma, abuse, tender love
Optical Spar – seeing the truth behind illusions
Carnelian- cleansing the sacral chakra and re-energizing it
Atlantisite – working through outdated karmic contracts, particularly victim-abuser dynamics (this is a pretty hardcore gem, so make sure you´re in a place to work with its energies first)
Larimar – connects the archetypes of Fire and Water, Sky and Sea – encourages a more balaned relationship with the Feminine, deeply useful in past-life work

Oils (check for contraindications, dosage, proper storage instructions etc. with a professional before use – the oils, like you, have a life of their own and work multidimensionally – these are caricatures of their properties, albeit useful ones):

Vetiver – Grounding it back to the body, going to the root of an issue
Bergamot – self-love, self-acceptance, self-criticism, self-doubt, feelings unworthiness
Cedarwood – belonging, safety, anchoring
White Fir – generational issues (mother´s line)
Douglas Fir – generational issues (father´s line)
Frankincense – revelation
Black Pepper – stripping away the masks

Get your oils after doing your research – whatever company you choose is up to you. It´s a personal choice – but – do the research first!

I decided to work with DoTerra and – at a personal level – I haven´t quite found anything else like it that works as deeply or as effectively. That does not mean that I think other companies are bad, unethical, whatever – it´s just what I resonate with. If you´re interested in learning more about it, just let me know. At the end of the day, you have to do what is true for you <3


When it comes to matters of the Sacral Chakra, I highly recommend working with the mantra of Prathyangira Devi (The Lion-Goddess). Unlike many other channels of Divine Feminine energy, this particular deity was not … exposed to ? forcibly merged ? with belief systems that devalued the feminine. Her teachings were kept a secret and shared with selected initiates. Her energy has re-entered the consciousness of the world now and one begins to see her temples emerging.

If there´s anything ´negative´, parasitic or simply stagnant – She´s not gonna let that stand 😉

Facilitation / Sessions:

If you like my vibe and would like to work with me in session, check out what I do here. Currently have slots open on alternate days till January 8th, 2017. May do a further round after mid-January, let´s see how the flow goes.

So, happy clearing!

Dr Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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  1. Twoworldshaman says:

    Wow is all I can say and thank you for putting all these concepts out there, including the other article about the drastic way the Dark Goddess expresses herself and the care we must take with violence. I need to allow all this to work inside me and the world before I can respond adequately.


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