Emotions are running high and deep, ancient wounds, hatreds and prejudices are re-surfacing surrounding the age-old relationship between Masculine and Feminine. This isn´t just about what´s happening in our personal, day-to-day lives, but it´s happening at a far vaster, societal scale.

Compassion, forgiveness, faith and detachment. These appear to be our most powerful tools in addressing the energetic basis of of karmic ties that no longer serve. That´s the ´high road´ to take, but it damn well isn´t the easy one.

Astrologically, we see this expressed by the following aspects to Mars (our representation of the Masculine at 27 Pisces):

– Mars trines Black Moon Lilith (27 Scorpio) and Thereus-Vesta-Atlantis (25-26-27 Cancer), creating a Grand Water Trine

Those playing the masculine role in relationships, take a step back and see what you´re doing. Are doing what you need to do, or simply pouring oil on troubled waters? Be bold and step out of roles you no longer need to occupy. Ambiguity in your intention does not help. If unsure, do nothing till you find your flow once more. If you´re making yourself or another person feel victimized – check yourself. Look at the bigger picture that you are a part of.

Those playing out the wounded feminine role, express your emotions but do not seek to take others hostage by them. We are all, at the end of the day, sovereign beings (in a co-creative partnership with the Cosmos). Our emotions are our own, and whilst we do not need to put up with situations or people who hurt us, we cannot demand comfort either. All are beings with their inherent Free Will.

Generally we resonate with both roles or dynamics and swap them around, so it´s not a clear-cut dichotomy. Emotions are incredibly intense with these alignments. And it´s a powerful time to simply say – Nope. Letting go of this pain, role, or dynamic. And whilst that´s liberation – it´s also terrifying as it requires us to step into the unknown.

Many will find the gemstones larimar and/or atlantisite particularly useful – but they are incredibly intense to work with. Past-life regression work can be useful, if you know you´re with a skilled and grounded facilitator who can put things into perspective.

Thereus´ role reminds us to look at victim-abuser dynamics, especially those legitimated and played out through the generational / familial line. Watch out for emotional bullies, especially those who appeal to you in the name of tradition or cultural norms.

– Mars squares Moon / Saturn / Juno / Galactic Center (23-27 Sagittarius)

Watch out for conflicts with authority figures, the elderly, our bosses / seniors at work and anyone or anything who seeks to teach and uphold the values of ´the old guard´. You will find people of power and teachers who seek to break through the old, but only if they act from a place of alignment. More often than not it´ll be the other way around (power seeking to save itself and the structures and beliefs that enmesh it). Guide your actions (Mars) through an inner alignment with the clarity of Spirit (Pisces)

Juno and the Galactic Center also square Mars. Whilst Juno is understood as ´the soul-mate´ – bear in mind that soul awakening is not always a friendly or happy process. You may find someone you feel spiritually significant or connected with you bringing these lessons and challenges to you. It´s a hard one to negotiate. The Galactic Center beams these messages, these multiple Truths to you and tests your responses. There really is no getting away from this. And our individual responses make up the whole.

There is a huge difference between leaving a situation in full presence and between emotional and spiritual escape. Bear this distinction in mind as Mars in Pisces tends to check out when it can´t handle stuff.

If you have natal placements near 23-26 Gemini or Virgo, expect even more intensity. More need to find practical ways to harness and express what is coming through.

For those feeling overwhelmed, this is a good time to retreat into the blanket fort and sleep it through. You process a lot in that time. Take care of the basics – food, rest, good nutrition and do your best to stay grounded. For those who feel vulnerable and raw, rhodonite and rhodocrosite are wonderful gemstones that can help you feel nurtured at this time. For those who need clarity of mind, try smoky quartz and sodalite.

Ceres (27 Aries), the Mother-Nurturer / Mother-Smotherer also trines Juno and the Galactic Center (26-27 Sagittarius), squares Thereus-Vesta-Atlantis (25-26-27 Cancer) and inconjuncts Black Moon Lilith (27 Scorpio). In other words, she also activates all of the points above.

Mother / Parent-Child dynamics are going to be played out on a major scale at this time. It is wise to look at the parents we internalized and the inner child we (often) suppressed to seek lessons, paths and guidance for healing. Family issues and the drawing the appropriate boundaries are going to be very heavily highlighted. The gemstone dioptase can be of great benefit in working through these dynamics.

Those with placements near 27 Virgo or Gemini will experience a Yod (Finger of Fate) bringing you to a set of karmic crossroads – key decision points which can accelerate and intensify your life-experiences and learning curves – so choose wisely.

On top of all of that – Jupiter and Aphrodite (22 Libra) are opposed Eris (22 Aries) at this time. Our relationships and collaborations stand to bring us growth, but (often) through challenge. Aphrodite challenges us to find systems and laws that allow the sensuality of embodied presence of the Feminine to be acknowledged. Eris calls for an absolute realignment of social values and challenges us to break down the walls that inhibit the worth and value of each individual to be recognized for what they are. To say that it´s volatile energy would be an immense understatement.

Whilst Aphrodite and Eris can work together well in this opposition, it´s Jupiter´s adherence to older norms, social values and the hierarchies they legitimate that creates the tension. Changes in law are imminent.

Pay attention if you have anything nearby 22 Cancer and Capricorn as that will then create Cardinal T-Squares or Grand Cardinal Crosses. This brings immense pressure and the need to change or consolidate one´s sense of direction, purpose, sense of self and partnerships in one´s life.

I wish I could tell you that everything was hunky-dory in the skies, but sadly – it is what it is. And we do our best to respond. Whilst there will be some of you facing this intensity without issue, the vast majority is not as likely to feel that way.

As a general rule:

If you can be kind, be kind
If you can sleep, sleep
If you can walk out of unhealthy dynamics, walk

But remember to self nurture.

You´re not much good to anyone else if you´re knocked of your feet at this time. Remember to draw appropriate mental, physical and emotional boundaries at this time. And stay present.

With Mars (27 Pisces) and Saturn (23 Sagittarius) opposed Atropos (24 Gemini), it is an excellent time to cut away old or outdated mental constructs internalized from early childhood. Atropos is the eldest of the Three Fates – it is her scissors that ultimately cut the thread of life. And as I would read it, recurring karmic dynamics.

Blessings and Love to All,

Dr Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

Post © Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2017. All rights reserved.

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