Right. There´s a lot of ancient energy surfacing at this time. (Not all of it is fun). Astrologically speaking this is due to the energetic buildup to the Pisces Solar Eclipse (26/2) and the upcoming conjunction of the Sun with the South Node in Pisces in 2 days´time.

So – communications from other realms, karmic shit, metaphysical initiations, suffering, confinement, transcendental expansion, surrender, spiritual cleansing – it´s a mixed bunch of stuff.

If there´s something strange …. in the neighbourhood ….

Read this article and follow some of the general suggestions for psychic protection.

´Psychic Deflection and dealing with Unfriendly Energy´ – http://wp.me/p4OUNS-1OQ

But practice basic self care as well – that goes a long, long way.

Get enough water, sleep, healthy food

Spend time in nature, with decent friends / family if possible

Work with your support systems

Journal what comes up (if that works for you)

Ward your spaces with healing and protective energy – ESPECIALLY important for practitioners / faciliators / space holders

Avoid the influence of substances that open you up too wide too quickly (drugs, alcohol, etc. – plant medicine is powerful but know what you are doing).

If having thoughts of self-harm, etc. make sure you find a safe space to check into and just be for a while.

Focus on your own energy, before you work with another. There´s going to be a lot of projection thrown about. Avoid taking on another´s baggage or becoming a punching bag … (it is your choice to do so if you wish, though) – The Charoite gemstone would be of use with this.

Remember to stay in your body the etheric spaces are a little .. uh… overcrowded at this time. Vetiver and Patcholi are great oils to help you with that – and as always – check for dosage, quality and contraindications – and use with a high quality carrier oil!

Generally speaking:

Stay safe, stay sane, stay grounded. Be aware of heightened disassociative or escapist tendencies at this time.

And – as my dear sisters remind me –

Make room for Joy right now. Make it a conscious, embodied act. It´s a powerful statement to make.

Dr Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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  1. jennifer holmes says:

    Thank you as always! I love your new haircut! JOY

  2. Pamela says:

    Thank you so much.
    I already subscribe to your email newsletter for probably over a year now. I am without being on FB on any regular basis. I just saw you in a video for the first time in yesterday’s post, and really appreciate you & what you offer & how you so clearly, powerfully, & kindly present your information both in video, and written.
    And, I too, find your new hair do very becoming.
    Thank you again for who you are for us.
    Much ✌️💖✨🙏

  3. Ruby says:

    Yes me too, I LOVE your new haircut. It really suits you Bairavee! Thanks for the video. Seeing you in the flesh talking about it feels like the message is stronger and more potent! xx


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