dscn2016The Pisces Solar Eclipse arrives at 14:58 UTC, 26.2.2017. The Sun will conjunct the Moon at 8 Pisces, making several aspects to other astrological bodies.

Solar Eclipses are New Moons – these represent powerful windows of time in which you can set seeds that will eventually grow. Eclipse energy makes things a little less predictable – as people, connections, ties can be ´eclipsed out´ – of one´s life (at least for the time being). It may also bring in new connections or energy to you, often in mysterious ways. So they are wildcards.

Now it gets even fuzzier with the fact that this Solar Eclipse takes place in Pisces, a sign that traditional astrology has had some issues grapping with. Some astrologers even considered it ´the dustbin of the zodiac´ as they classified anything otherworldly, mysterious, defying explicable phenomena – that did not fit in with the other houses – as under Pisces´ rulership.

We now know and understand a little more about Pisces and what it represents. Symbolized by two fish caught by a string, this Mutable Water Sign asks us to look at the parts of ourselves which connect to the Great Mystery, the Unknown – what we might call – the Sacred. It is energy that has no form, name, moral code – and is highly ambiguous. Whilst Pisces rules some great qualities such as compassion, spiritual surrender, inspiration and healing – it also rules things like schizophrenia, suicide, the martyr-caretaker complex, and so on.

Pisces rules the parts of us that seek to merge into something far vaster than ourselves. A grounded approach can bring us to the understanding of Divinity-and-without – and a less grounded approach can bring us through the dangerous waters of delusion.

We also associate a lot of karmic ties and other hidden dynamics (not immediately intelligible in an everyday sense of cause-and-effect) with this house. The need for seclusion or withdrawal (which hermits and mystics find themselves doing) or circumstances that force it to be (such as illness that confines you, jail time, etc.) is also associated with it. It is also the sign most associated with escapism, be it through flights of fantasy, substance abuse and refusing to recognize ground realities.

The ethos of Pisces is to connect and transcend – and its greatest fear is disconnection, which it often perceives as abandonment. As it operates in such subtle (but palpable) channels, it is often associated with the energy of that which is secret, hidden and/or mystical.

But on the other hand, it´s a wonderful energy that brings us unexpected flows of inspiration, healing and awakening from different realms or dimensions of consciousness. Artists, visionaries and mystics typically have strong Piscean elements in their chart. Tapping into this stream and flow, however, can be tricky. It requires a lot of groundedness, discernment, healthy boundaries and embodiment – to make it work in this three-dimensional experience of reality.

So – it covers a wide range of things. It´s the sign of miracles … and madness. And the magic of dreams (and nightmares).

This particular Eclipse is accompanied by some powerful placements in Pisces, such as:

Mercury (1 Pisces): Communication, thought, analysis, early childhood, siblings

Nessus (5 Pisces): vulnerability, abuse, disconnection

Niobe (5 Pisces): Over-attachment, wearing something as a badge of pride in a way that masks one´s true identity

Apophis (8 Pisces): The Chaos Serpent of Ancient Egypt; karmic or spiritual impulses that can lead to destructive outcomes – if unchecked

Neptune (11 Pisces): Ruler of Pisces – everything above is doubly underlined….

Teharonhiawako (12 Pisces): The need to weave together information or experiences that seem (at the surface) contradictory, to find a greater whole

Lilith (13 Pisces): The wound or vulnerability endured by the Feminine, as the catalyst for her greater awakening. (Google Demetra George´s work for more info)

So when we see this taken together, it´s really a mixed bunch of influences in Pisces that present themselves to us. Some good, some bad, some delightful and some downright terrifying.

Looking at other placements –

The Sun and Moon square asteroid Amor (7 Gemini) and sextile Hylonome (7 Capricorn). Long story short – we are asked to re-weave our stories. To shift around the energy that holds certain thought constructs in place so that we may realign, or rediscover (after what may feel like lifetimes) a sense of spiritual wholeness and intimate communion with the Sacred. We are asked to look at what – we have been asked to believe unconditional love looks us , and what it often is – in practice.

Those with placements near 7 Leo will experience a yod – a Finger of fate – that asks us to navigate the storm and the wounds associated with ´feeling not enough´ or doubting one´s ability to survive without the traditional idea of a partner. Let´s just say there´s a lot of victim-abuser-saviour-dynamics coming out with this eclipse … and we are being asked to discover that we can and will remain standing, through it all.

It´s a good time let it all go back to Source.

We do not need the kind of psychic enmeshment that formed the ideal of the Piscean Age any longer – especially as we head towards Aquarius. It is time for us, individually and collectively, to give ourselves permission to release from unspoken or hidden karmic contracts or energetic dynamics – as there is so much more for us to then explore – and become. Think of it as the Water-Bearer (Aquarius) pouring knowledge through the Aether, dissolving the string that keeps the two fish bound (i.e on the symbol of Pisces).

You do have the choice to go further into the vulnerability and suffering of Pisces – which is a part of healing – but which – when taken too far, can become a crippling energetic cycle.

Whilst there is beauty in the empathy that Pisces can bring, it does not require you to (always) discover that through the cycles of victimhood and abuse so strongly associated with this sign – and current energies.

There are others ways to learn, connect and experience things. That is something we are all beginning to explore.

Remember – even with all of this Piscean energy at play – the North Node (our most productive direction of growth) is at 3 Virgo. and asteroid Karma (9 Virgo) nearby. This is the sign that teaches you the meaning of creating healthy, practical boundaries -taking care of the physical vessel (i.e. you), – and knowing when to say No.

Given Karma´s involvement, this is a learing curve or opportunity that you´ve been on before in some capacity. So what you choose to do … right now … really, really, counts in healing that dynamic and/or ending it. Just because something is old, or ancient – does not mean it is what you have to continue doing or what is right for the present moment.

It´s also about being willing to use grounded discernment to differentiate between what things really are, and what you would like to believe them to be. Sometimes things that are dark and scary are in fact sacred parts of ourselves .. and sometimes figures of light are cloaked in the veils of deception. It´s really not a straightforward equation.

Now you may ask, when can you expect to see some of what you are seeding now – by way of your thoughts, actions and intentions?

Eclipses as a general rule connect time and space at 18-year intervals. This eclipse is connected to one on Feb 16, 1999 and – will be connected to one on March 9, 2035. Look back to see how the circumstances or energy, or challenges or gifts that you are experiencing relate to the past.

What you seed now, you will see a continuation of during March´s Solar Eclipse in 2035. But that´s more for the long term.

In the short term, you´ll see some of the seeds you are setting now begin to germinate during the Pisces Full Moon this year which will conjunct Neptune – the ruler of Pisces – on September 5/6 2017).

Bear in mind that it takes a week for the energies of the Eclipse to fade. This Eclipse energy isn´t a single moment in time, it´s a phase. It´s already been building for a week in any case.

In practical terms, I´ve been providing information through Facebook and Youtube on techniques and perspectives that can help you weather whatever is coming. And some of you will undoubtedly enjoy the spiritual awakenings that will come.

Still, here´s a few suggestions for those who need some assistance coping at this time :

(1) Remember to breathe. Even if nothing else, you still ´win´ by being here. Just breathe.

(2) Build a blanket fort. Sleep is your friend as is making sure you eat healthy food and drink adequate water. Blankets provide much comfort. Keep it simple.

(3) Seek people or organizations who can provide a safe space for you if you feel suicidal or extremely fragile or on the edge. They need to be qualified and willing to intervene and provide that space.

(4) Don´t judge yourself, or other people. The Universe is far more mysterious that any of our conscious, rational minds can imagine.

(5) Remember that Unconditional Love begins with you. Don´t be guilt-tripped into tolerating abuse. There´s nothing loving about that.

(6) Ground, ground, ground. Sit under a tree, eat more root vegetables, go walking or engage in physical activities. You may want to meditate with the energy of the Earth in mind, holding a safe space for a welcomed and wanted child of this planet.

(7) Be Joyful. As difficult as that may feel for some of you, make the conscious effort to do so. It is the greatest form of protection and it makes this life worth living. Even if it´s drawing on a piece of paper, playing tag with your kids, singing – whatever that nurtures you and makes you come to life – bring it out and share it with the World.

If´d you´d like a brief recorded message explaining the nature of this eclipse, how to set intentions and move it through your body at this time, check this out:


Blessings and I hope this message finds you all well – and that it is of use.

Dr Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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