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The Sun will conjunct Chiron within the next two days (March 14-15) at 24 Pisces. Chiron represents the Wounded Healer (who then Teaches), the Sun represents our conscious focus or awareness and Pisces refers to the hidden or unseen karmic hand that enmeshes us into contracts, dynamics and experiences that play out older energetic imprints. It is also the realm of the spiritual in which you can find powerful transcendental experiences, or simply slip further into delusion.

Over the next two days, be mindful of triggering dynamics, particularly as they hook onto old wounds and senses of self. Charoite and Angel Aura Quartz would be my stones of choice to faciliate mindfulness and release of patterns and contracts. In terms of oils, I´d go for Cypress and Frankincense – and as always – use diluted on skin, check for contraindications, dosage and quality before use. Frankincense will help you move to a lighter vibration, whereas Cypress will help you process deep emotions of grief and pain – common companions to painful transitions. (That being said, if you´re soaring in the seas on high tide and loving it, don´t worry about it – these suggestions are for those who need them)

There´s also going to be a lot of projection thrown about into the mix. It´s not always to easy to see deep truths about the self, so the psyche seeks to displace it onto another. This can go either way, i.e. with reference to a positive or a negative attribute (for a given value of good/bad). Stay grounded and discerning – remember what I said in the Practical Guidance piece ?? That´s your way through (and perhaps, out) of the drama cycle. For reference:

The final Uranus-Eris conjunction is also on its way (March 16-17). That is wildcard energy – and its influence can only be fully measured in years…. if not decades. There´s no immediate cut off date for that one – though we can look to a definite phase shift in May – given the astrological structure of 2017. Think of the next few weeks as the clearing of debris that precedes new growth and expression.

In Aries, Uranus/Eris brings through a revolution in consciousness. It asks us to realize our embodied, individual awareness as part of an awakening whole. Ideally, this awareness will incorporate an understanding of the equality of the Feminine and how she can no longer be excluded from power – and that she asserts herself through all Beings. Eris does not teach these lessons without a hefty price, as per mythology. Scorned by the gods, she essentially got the Trojan War going because she didn´t get invited to a wedding party. … So whilst I get the larger message she brings forth – – – this energy tends to go for overkill.

There´s going to be a lot of (generally speaking) triggering that focuses upon wounds surrounding the lack of inclusion, exile, vilification and projection – and the anger that can lash out to STRIKE BACK! when that happens. The last time Eris conjuncted Uranus was in the late 1920s … That was not a good time for the planet. It set into motion a economic and political spiral that later made WW2 possible, if not inevitable. Whilst Eris brings change, she tends to do so via Discord (which is why she is also known as Discordia)

However, that does not mean that is the way it has to or will play out again – because …

Free Will, people.

At the end of the day, no matter what´s going on in the sky – you still have the choice to navigate as you see fit. That´s your Power and Privilege

So what should you do?

Sometimes the craziest and most powerful thing you can do is to commit to the pure expression of Joy, Love and willingness to manifest a different reality – with actions and presence in the here and now. Those plugged into the Matrix might consider you completely off your rocker

Refuse to participate in the concert of war and strife. Play a different tune. And even if it is a quiet voice in the corner, more will come. Follow your feet and dance to the beat of your own drum.

If you must act, do so from that place of Love, Joy and Wholeness – even if what the world sees (and projects on) is entirely different. Allow the triggers that arise to move you into that space of Being before you choose to Act. As otherwise, you´re going to get a knee-jerk reaction that just keeps the status quo.

In other words …Take your time to shift the energy within before putting it out into the world. (Sorry Aries, but you gotta learn some patience, buddy …)

Or stay silent altogether. That too is a form of non-participation.

Bottom Line: Harm none, including the self.

And if you can, forgive, release, and be as Compassionate as possible. Whilst sometimes compassion comes through a hug, it can also be the blade that releases – without expectation.

Recommended Mantra: (Om Mani Padme Hum by Imee Ooi)

Last but not least:

Remember, you are a part of the Universal hologram – what you do within your interior world counts

The external world as it is runs on fear and the illusion of control (albeit one with real consequences as we empower that illusion).

Break that cycle. Choose something different.

Choose Joy, Choose Love. Beginning with You. .

Dr Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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  1. nmercolino says:

    my dear one… i think this often, but today I want you to know that you make a difference in my life. thank you. thank the Gods. i am guided to exactly what i need for continued transformation and purpose.

    i practice joy, love and a commitment to act with conscious compassion for myself and the world, even as it is — especially as it is.

    my love goes with you.




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