20 March 2017: Equinox Blessings

At 10:28 am, 20th March 2017 (UTC), the Sun enters 0 degrees Aries. Say hello to the Equinox. The start of a new turn of the wheel.
The Sun makes significant aspects to several asteroids such as Salacia, Pholus, Arachne, and so on. The key take home message is to realize that many truths are being revealed at this time, ones that often point to generational patterns. Some of you will need to be more cognizant of your role in creating your reality from the energetic perspective. Some of you may want to focus upon the way in which you embody sexuality and (if present) patterns of shame, guilt and wounding that surround it – especially as the Sun conjuncts Salacia. This is a wonderful time to work on aspects of sexual healing that move through layers of trauma – and help you reconnect with your inner experience of power, purity and pleasure.
The Moon conjuncts Saturn and the Galactic Center – making this an auspicious alignment. Follow your emotions and intuitive drives to the path that moves you. Many will find differing Truths, or Paths – and that is fine. Give people the space to be what they are, just as you deserve the same. Remember to harm none, including the self. That would be my only suggestion there.
Many Teachers will also appear, to stay discerning. Each of them will have a lesson to teach, but all in different ways.
We´re still feeling the start of … the aftereffects of Uranus-conjunct-Eris, woven into the Grand Cardinal Cross (with Pluto, Vesta, Jupiter, etc.). So for many, things are a little raw.
For those who feel pumped, get out there and celebrate. As you honor your need for space and self-expression, (to paraphrase Marianne Williamson) you automatically give others permission to do the same.
Just Be What You Are. That´s the Key Message I´m getting at this time.

3 thoughts on “20 March 2017: Equinox Blessings

  1. Carey Harben says:

    Thank you Bairaveee!

    Blessings across the world to you From Sunny and snowy and icy cold 19′ Upstate, NY

    🙏🌎💕❄️ Careyana

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  2. Suzanne Martin says:

    Thankyou…such an impossibly hard time for many of those affected in USA by the Trumpian dynasty. As a Civil Liberties activist, a retired RN, sister and friend to many…I do not want younger people to be afraid. Want them to have hope. I live in a beautiful Old Florida neighborhood. River is 200 ft away, oaks, palms, blooming flowers, shrubs. Birds. Nature, my church. I am relearning to spend quiet times, sending out hraling energy. Little by little, we can pay it forward. Suzy in Tampa.


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