Sun conjuncts Venus Retrograde in Aries – March 25, 2017


Alrighty. The Sun´s headed for a conjunction with Venus Retrograde in Aries. I´ve been seeing sudden reversals in matters surrounding relationships and finances across the board. If something is not grounded in and aligned with the essence of Self (Aries), it´s going to experience some challenge – or opportunities for growth at this time. Stick to your Truth and Embody it in your words and actions.

You might want to stay away from financial or relationship matters or anything that requires you to commit resources at this time – just to let the energy clear. Some of you may be better served using this energy to deeply look at the self and how it expresses its essence through material forms – and the relationships that co-create them. You may also see a ´Blast from the Past´ coming into clear view and focus at this time.

A word to the wise: Having a history with someone (be in a personal professional relationship) does not mean you have to have a present, and a future with them. Consider whether the energy you encounter is one that resonates with who you are in the present.

Last but not least – bear in mind that the Aries New Moon goes exact in 3 days from now. Anchor yourself in the Essence of who you are. And to thyself be true.


The exact Sun-Venus Rx conjunction takes place  at 10:17 am on March 25th, 2017 (UTC time) – that´s in a little under seven hours from now

Dr Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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