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Blessings Everyone. At 6:08 am (UTC), 11th April 2017, the Libra Full Moon goes exact at 21 degrees. It re-activates the pre-existing Grand Cardinal Cross in the skies and brings us back to some of the challenges and growth opportunities we´ve been facing for the past four months.

I´m going to whip out my philoso-astro-geek on this one – so get a snack / hot beverage before you start digging in 😀 😀 😀

The Libra Moon asks us to seek balance and wholeness in our Lives. Whilst we instinctively associate it with Partnership (especially of the Marital kind), it refers to something far broader.

When we engage with anyone, we automatically see a part of ourselves in them – and vice versa. Different attributes of self emerge depending on the person with whom we interact, the context and other factors. And so the interaction of the two selves and the pictures they generate of one another are ever-changing.

Together, they create a composite image – one that allows us to get a more nuanced multitude of perspectives on the Self. Now not all perception is going to be accurate (for a given value of truth), but engaging with the dance of projection is often part and parcel of human interaction.

… We tend to get there in the end …

Generally speaking, the Libra Full Moon asks us to be mindful about this dance and in the way we see ourselves through the eyes of the Other and vice versa. It will of course involve significant personal and professional relationships and/or collaborations. Others may choose to focus on the Ultimate Partnership: Of Self-in-as-with-through-despite-Cosmos. But all these multiple layers of interaction will be present, to differing extents, in anything you do end up doing or being at this time .
As we create that bridge between Self and Other, we simply find more ways to Be and Acknowledge Self. Sometimes that is a Joyous process, and sometimes that isn´t.

This particular Libra Full Moon is involved in several alignments which make the potentially neutral, balanced and calming energy of Libra caught in a 4 way celestial storm. In one corner, we have the Moon and Jupiter in Libra, in another Vesta-Thereus-Atlantis in Cancer, in the third the Sun and Uranus in Aries and finally Juno and Pluto in Capricorn. We call this a Grand Cardinal Cross. And this particular alignment has been with us since the start of 2017, soon to begin dissolving through April.

In English, what this means is that this particular Moon tests us on key aspects of our lives such as family/home, career/public life, self/identity, partnership/other. Each player in the Grand Cardinal Cross has their own tale to tell.

(Uranus and Pluto have been weaving their tale together powerfully since 2012 …. and I don´t need to tell you about the … revolutions in consciousness and profound breakthroughs/breakdowns we have all experienced since then. )

In previous articles, I have talked about the Priestess (Vesta) and Her need to release herself from ancient karmic cyles that unconditionally equate sacrifice with service. So much of that goes back to the dysfunction of the Piscean Age, in which the unconditional love that underlies true spiritual sacrifice got lost in translation. That opened to doorways to energetic practices that look like sacrifice but in essence come down to fulfilling an egoic need. In day to day life, you see this in those who appear to care for others, but do so for recognition, emotional leverage, hidden agenda or to push their own buttons. We see it in the martyr and the care-taker, but in distorted form.

This is also associated with the practice of woundology, in which the spiritual aspirant begins to pedestalize their pain and to valorize their victimhood. The wound and the concept of suffering overpowers the practice of service and the energy of detachment and non-expectation. Whilst working through your wounds is a valid paradigm, some become stuck within its confines.

Entering a New Age, such sacrifices are (thankfully) no longer necessary as Aquarius demands the best of our personal abilities to be refined in such a way that the group consciousness collectively benefits from each individual´s contribution. It is not absence or dissolution that defines Aquarius´ magic, but rather the magic of connection and collaboration through the mental channels.

Vesta (The Priestess Asteroid) in Cancer, having finished her retrograde – is now conjunct Thereus and Atlantis. It is time that we – Priestesses – Facilitators – Spiritualists – chose to consciously let go of karmic contracts that equate death and suffering with the work of facilitation. So many of us live through these contracts and assume that is the only form of relationship one can have with Spirit – and that is far from the Truth. Many of you will face ancient fears at this time, and know that you are protected and watched over through your Journey into Shadow – and back again. Rituals of release will be profoundly effective at this time – but remember to come from a place of Love and Faith, rather than desperation or fear.

The Sun so close to Uranus at this time highlights a theme that I´m sure many of you are familiar with by this point: The Self burning through the Fires of Rebirth, Awakening to New Forms of Consciousness and Being. Allow yourself to burn through that which no longer serves you or resonates with your core being – and feel free to adopt new expressions of Being as you see fit. Make sure your body has enough sleep and try not to strain your eyes.

Pluto and Juno in Capricorn bring a profound challenge to all of the above by presenting us with Soul-Mates who can encourage us to anchor all of this potent, energy of awakening and transformation into structures that serve us (and the collective) for the long-haul. So much of this will have to with the experience and transmutation of grief and denser emotions and experiences – thanks to Pluto.

So much of the alchemy and magic of the soul comes from its need to Traverse the Darkness – and whilst I would say whitewashing it into Light isn´t the way – we transmute our relationship with it in profound ways at this time. For it is from the mud that the Lotus finally emerges. Without it, the Lotus cannot exist.

Some will go deeper into the pain cycle (triggered again, by soul-mates) as they may be in a different place in their journeys and have other karmic contracts to work out at this time.

Either way, it is a profound time to seek collaboration and connection with another and so I urge you to do this with grace and conscious choice – as much as possible.

The Libra Full Moon is also inconjunct Mars-conjunct-Ceres at 22 Taurus. Should you have a placement near 21-22 Pisces or Sagittarius, you would experience a Yod or Finger of Fate. These provide powerful opportunitites to explore the forms or ways in which the Masculine can take the form of the Nurturer or Provider.

In a practical sense, with all of this energy in the skies, I suggest the following:

Find a space in which you feel balanced, grounded and protected.

Observe yourself through all things that you do.

Breathe, take notes.

Take your time before you arrive at an interpretations or conclusions about things.

Don´t judge people, interactions or energies. Just breathe through them and see what moves – as so much is in motion at this time.

Just listen to your body and Spirit and feed it what it needs.

Give yourself permision to Be – even if that form of Being is different from whatever you were Being Before.

Now that´s just advice you can use most of the time – but it felt particularly relevant now.

Gemstones: Amethyst, Selenite, Iolite

Essential oils: Lavender, Clary Sage, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Cypress (Always be mindful of potency, purity, dosage and please check for contraindications before use)

Blessings and Love,

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

P.S. – Am running a round of sessions between now and and April 14th –

Post © Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2017. All rights reserved.
Edited version of Chlosyne lacinia.jpg on Wikimedia Commons (Public Domain)

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