Blessings to All. At 12:16 UTC (26 April 2017), the Sun conjuncts the Moon at 6 Taurus. This is a very powerful time to set intentions for the material world, experiences and connections that you wish to manifest. My suggestion would be to allow yourself to align with your Spirit and to allow your intentions to emanate from deep within. You will see some of these seeds begin to sprout, or to receive further definition during the Taurus Full Moon (November 3, 2017).

The New Moon trines asteroid Psyche at 5 Virgo, making this an excellent time to re-write the narratives, interpretations and paradigms through which we understand the day to day realities we live in and the service which we receive/provide. This is also an excellent time to take a more grounded and focused approach to matters of health and wellness and in becoming more organized in life.

Mercury Retrograde at 26 Aries squares asteroid Atlantis at 26 Cancer and closely conjuncts Eris & Uranus (23-25 Aries). This brings up ancient information for those who need to receive it at this time and opens a window to help us all understand – what it truly means to Embody the Self.

With Venus at 29 Pisces and the Nodes at 0 Virgo & Pisces – we are coming to the end of a particular karmic cycle. Walk away from what no longer works and prepare for change. Remove the debris that obscures your path. Your journey will begin to rapidly unfold over the next few weeks.

With Vesta at 28 Cancer trined Chiron & Venus (27-29) Pisces, you are asked to release yourself from old roles of service in the name of tradition and familial constructs. As you choose to release outmoded roles, you give yourself, your ancestors and your descendants permission to do so.

What you choose to give to your family or home, do so out of free choice, rather than an obligation or karmic inheritance that weighs you down. This allows Chiron to activate his Healing gifts and abilities, creating a ripple effect through the generational line. You are never truly disconnected from your ancestors (or descendants) and your world/s and theirs continue to influence one another at the energetic level.

The Wisdom you need is within. Listen to your Body and Nurture it. Sit with your Land and hear its Teachings.

At times it is silence that deafens
Air saturated with the unspoken word
A pregnant nothingness.
Where all is simultaneously absent and present
An unknowable state of Creation and Unbecoming
Till we can take no more
and yet we crave the intensity
Till we feel we are about to burst
and be drained all at once
And the lights turn on
(yet again)

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess


Root Chakra – From Anger to Power: a Journey Through the Red Root (Gold Coast, 29 April 2017)

Sacral Chakra – Engaging the Sacral Chakra: Connection, Co-Creation & Integrity (Melbourne, 3 May 2017)

Owing to the nature of my work these will not be recorded but I plan to do webinars on them at a later date.

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