(May 5-6, 2017) Two Alignments of Note + Nodal Note + Prep for the Scorpio Full Moon



Moon (28 Virgo) opposes Chiron (27 Pisces) and squares Saturn-and-the-Galactic-Center (27 Sagittarius).

Pay attention to the paths of service, requirements of wellness or practical needs that emerge to you at this time. Aim to keep a clean space, mind and body. Be discerning in the interpretation of psychic information – and for that – remind yourself to ground every once in a while. Not all statements, teachers, paths or lessons will be ´accurate´ (for a given value of truth at a given moment) – so keep discerning. It is okay for someone to project on you as being judgemental (if they need to) – just follow your own path.

If you have placements near 27-28 Gemini, you´ll be activating a Grand Mutable Cross. This may involve a greater need to communicate your truth with others, potentially siblings /persons in your early childhood / immediate environment.

Black Moon Lilith (9 Sagittarius) opposing Bacchus & Mars (9-10 Gemini)

A time to communicate truths that have laid suppressed in early childhood, e.g. the (often, sensual) excesses of others. How relevant (and poignant) this may be in your chart depends on what this alignment triggers. But in general, it´s a good energy to give room to the voice that has been marginalized, repressed and/or invalidated. It will let loose if kept under wraps any longer.


And – don´t forget we´re in the Middle of a Nodal Sign-Shift. Whilst some astrologers prefer working with the Mean Node, others prefer working with the True Node. Both are equally relevant and the difference is a subtle one. The Mean Node shifted into Leo on April 28, whereas the True Node will shift on May 9th.

Many choose the True Node owing to its nomenclature, but I would recommend some research done into the subject before choosing one or the other (if you feel compelled to make that choice). A good idea would be to see the April 28 – May 9 window as a time of intense changes in Nodal Energy. I felt the shift happen towards the end of April.

Irrespective of which you take, the Node in Leo will bring forth a greater surge or burst of creative energy which encourages us to explore our creative, artistic, vulnerable, authentic and sensual expressions of energy. Growth comes through love, romance, play, children, dramatic performance, artistic expression and/or marriage. The South Node brings the energy of Aquarius, linking us with soul-tribes and those on similar energetic frequencies / wavelengths. This brings a powerful energy to come together to do altruistic work in the world, often using social media / technological platforms as a base to do so. This is an energy that we will explore up until November 2018.


On May 10th, we see the Scorpio Full Moon making an angle to Pluto and Juno in Capricorn. This brings forth the energy of seeds planted during the Scorpio New Moon (October 30, 2016). That should be interesting …. Pay attention to your relationship with Shadow, Darkness, the Night & distortions thereof. Stuff slumbering in the psyche is likely to come to the surface – seeking your attention. This is not a bad thing, it is just part of life, work and the experience we have chosen to have as humans on this planet. However, we are likely to see emotionally-triggered reactions (and projections all over the place).

Whilst my usual advice is to ´Harm None including the Self´ (and that applies here, even more so than usual) – it´s useful to discuss what Harm is. Here´s a very simple, but useful analogy:

If you´re watching Dumbo (or Bambi or Little Foot / Land Before Time) and you cry that Dumbo´s mum dies … Dumbo is not making you feel bad against your free will. You´ve chosen to have an experience (i.e. to watch the film). You are being harmed if you are forced to sit there against your free will.

In material reality (and the virtual world) things aren´t always as clear cut. But if someone or something tries to control your Free Will – that is quintessentially Harm.

And that line needs to be more carefully treaded (by all) especially as the Scorpio Full Moon approaches. Ancestral and psychological issues will be heavily flagged at this time. Some of you will enjoy the lush, dark, velvety spaces that emerge – and for others – it will seem like the torture pit.

Keep your psychic protection up, and stay grounded. Watch what comes – as Scorpio can also bring resurrection and profound healing.


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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