We´re taking the heat, right on the heels of the Scorpio Full Moon. The North Node (29 Leo) trines The Moon – Saturn – Galactic Center (25-27 Sagittarius) and Uranus – Mercury (26-28 Aries). If you´ve been wondering why things have been ramping up over the past day …. this is why.

This Grand Fire Trine is a powerful combination, one that is incredibly inspirational, creative, passionate … and explosive.

You will feel the stirrings from deep within at this time:


  • To be truer to yourself and embody your essence with authenticity

  • To (re) discover what makes you tick, i.e. your passions in life (be it a hobby, person, activity, etc.)

  • To express the creative energies of your inner child and its desire for play and freedom

  • To set forth on a journey of greater independence, learning and discovery

Now all these things are wonderful.

But if your channels are not open, if you are not grounded – the same energy can take these impulses and manifest them in the opposite form.

It is wise to exercise greater caution at this time (in the physical sense) and to know that some individuals are going to be highly volatile (i.e. easily triggered).

Whatever comes your way, remember to stay in your center and to anchor yourself in the Knowing of Who You Are. What others think of you is … immaterial. Follow your own feet, without forgetting the basic of principles of justice and social responsibility.

Your body may feel extra energy at this time and it is useful to channel it into physical activities (where possible). Take this energy of creation and use it to bring life to projects, activities or parts of your self that have lain dormant.

Set an intention to harness the abundance of Fire for your greatest Evolution, and that of all Others. Remember that the South Node in Aquarius opposes the North Node in Leo. This transforms a Grand Fire Trine into a Kite formation and places the focus of all this energy back at the South Node.

In other words, let this energy take you to a new level of spiritual awareness and to ignite your awakening process. You may feel the need to release yourself from paradigms and ideals that no longer work, or even friendship groups that can no longer accomodate your energy. And watch what emerges.

Explore what makes you feel vulnerable in new ways. Sometimes that requires you to let go of the safety rails, be it people who have held space for you, or concepts that have insulated you from the raw experience. And sometimes that´s too much to ask, depending on where you are in your journey at this time.

Rhodocrosite (the gemstone) and geranium (the essential oil, read up on it first before using) would be of benefit to those processing the raw wounds of trauma at this time.

A lot will arise and be unearthed from within through the energy of this transit. Be aware that the Moon will enter Capricorn at 5:37 am (14-5-2017, UTC). This will change the nature of the Trine and encourage you to think about the long-term legacy you wish to leave behind – with the inspiration you´ve just received.

The basic frame of this Fire Trine with the North Node in Leo, Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries does not fade till the 1st week of July 2017. It is unusually potent at this time owing to Mercury in Aries (which enters Taurus on May 15 in the Western Hemiphere, 16 in the East) and the Moon´s current transit through Sagittarius.

In about two days, Mercury will ask us to consolidate these drives and sparks of inspiration into a more solid, practical, grounded form.

Getting back to the present …

Some may be extra wired at this time – so I would suggest avoiding stimulants and to drink plenty of water and get a restful night´s sleep.

Pay attention as well to institutions of higher learning, religious institutions and/or speeches by public figures seen as great orators, demagogues or ´voices of the people´. You may see quite a few reactionary statements and actions made at this time – given the current state of global politics.

Those who are in alignment, on the other hand, may come forth with some truly ground-breaking ideals or messages of inspiration. See what emerges.

There´s also a huge scope for getting into ego conflicts at this time. It. Really. Is. Not. Worth. It.

Try not to jump on the triggers that present themselves and breathe and count to ten if you have to. You´ll probably find more interesting, or more important things that you may prefer to invest your energy in.

There´s just so much to be done.

I hope this provides some basic navigational guidance for this transit.

Enjoy, Create and Embody something Beautiful
The World needs It.



Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

Post © Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2017. All rights reserved.
Image: NASA (Public Domain)

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