The Sagittarius Full Moon is about to go exact at 13:09 UTC – in less than an hour´s time.

Jupiter (the ruler of Sagittarius) stations direct in Libra roughly an hour after that (14:02 UTC) – meaning the Jupiter retrograde is just about to end!

I´ve been taking my time to feel into this alignment before writing – and am sharing what I feel is most relevant and useful for the spiritual seeker at this time.

Whilst Sagittarius generates the production of knowledge and wisdom (and rules astrology), it is not always about the kind of teaching that your conscious mind accesses readily – sometimes it comes from elsewhere/when from those we call Teachers.

Given the Full Moon´s (18 Sag) square to Narcissus (17 Pisces), the message has been to differentiate between different levels of wisdom. The Ego-Mind has a habit to want to dress up all that it sees in the robes of the Teacher or Guru (and this is addressed to everyone). The Spirit has a different take on it entirely.

Given that Jupiter (Sagittarius´ ruling planet) is about to station direct – it makes sense. This energy is that moment of pause, that milisecond between drawing the arrow as far back as it will go – and the point of liberation, or release!

If at all possible, continue to sit in that space of stillness till you receive the guidance to go forth and share your path, wisdom and teachings (be they your own, or that of others). That will guide your Spirit to where / what it needs to experience and access at this time.

We are all navigating our paths in the world. Give yourselves time to find the right moment to launch!


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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Image: Les filles d’Atlas, Paul Leroy. Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons

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