Truth, Knowledge and The Challenging of Illusions (June 13-19, 2017)

Blessings to all. What we are currently experiencing is a Mutable T-Square involving Mercury (14 Gemini), the Great Attractor (14 Sagittarius) and Neptune (14 Pisces). This generates a powerful backwards-and-forwards dynamic in which we play out different kinds of psychodramas to arrive at a version of Truth that serves the Path we take. We are encouraged not only to speak our Truth but to question our own blind spots, to seek out those who can help us see ourselves through a less distorted mirror – and to discover a deeper spiritual journey in the process. Without enough grounding work, some may be tempted to view the process in the domains/languages of the upper chakras. This is where psychic perception crosses over into the domain of fantasy.
For any Truth to be valid in this human form, in this reality, we need to connect it back to the lower chakras – and our everyday human existences. No matter how grandiose or grandiloquent one´s philosophy or perception of Self may be … that perception needs to resonate with all parts of your being. You´ve got to feel it deep in the gut, pulling like deep roots from the soles of your feet into the heart of the planet, the stars, the Cosmos itself. That is … the closest description to alignment that I can come up with without referencing the place that has no words, form, process, time, space … de nada.
When working with facilitators, ensure that they too have put this principle of alignment into practice as the probablity for blurred messages and interpretations is a lot higher now, and so it will be over the next 4-5 days.
This energy is continued, in different ways with the upcoming Saturn-Sun opposition at 24 Sagittarius/Gemini (June 15/16) and the Galactic Center-Sun opposition at 27 Sagittarius/Gemini (June 18). Stay true to the path you need to take, honoring not only the wisdom of the Mind, but the whispers of the Soul and the vessel-that-is-Body.
(Remember to add on a day to the date given if in Asia/Australia)
Practice grounding techniques to keep you sane and centered. Make sure you get enough hydration, quality food and sleep. Take care of the basics as that generally takes care of a lot of other things.
And last – but not least – Neptune is also preparing to station retrograde (June 16 2017). Collectively, we are ripping off the masks and calling out illusions and deceptions. We are rejecting (as we do each time Neptune goes into retrograde each year), the beautiful facades that mask less palatable spiritual realities. It´s uncomfortable at the best of times, especially when the delusion is held onto by the Self. Those who do not co-operate with Neptune´s need to reveal Truth at this time will either feel deep discomfort, or sink even further into their own delusions.
Listen to your Body. Focus on the Center of your own Consciousness. And observe what reactions arise in you, in response to others, teachers, students, Facebook, the news, political and religious leaders, and so on over the next few days. This will certainly be a powerful energy for the preacher, philospher and pilgrim. For those on powerful journeys (inward and outwards), take the time to interpret the messages you receive before you choose one road or another.
Empaths are likely to be picking up on – not only their own processes – but that of the collective. Remember to practice self-care and un-plug from social media, head into nature, go on a silent retreat or simply chill out as you see fit. Others may also be feeling a little more tired, or needing to rest or sleep more – which is perfectly fine as well. On the other hand some of you might be manic or super-hyper – ground out if you can, or channel all that energy into inspiration, artistic work.
Through all this energy, we are able to move into a deeper level of Truth and Authenticity in our relationship with Spirit. Allow yourselves new scripts, paradigms, languages, concepts, teachers, paths, roads and narratives of Self to embrace these changes. And let yourself let go of what you think you already do know to discover what you may truly want to.
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