Shine on, Sunflower, even when it hurts …. (Grand Fire Trine w. Eris, Mars-Thereus-Uranus square)


The current Grand Fire Trine involves bodies such as the Mercury, North Node and Atlantis in Leo, Saturn, The Galactic Center and Ixion in Sagittarius and Eris and Uranus in Aries. This is the time to truly allow ourselves to feel through the layers of pain, oppression and density that keeps our inner Children shackled within. A lot will be rising from within as the Self seeks to assert its Truth, Essence, Vitality and Spark. And it will – for many – bring pain as part of the process of transmutation.

If you want a peppy, condensed take on this article – just stick to the video <3 Otherwise, grab a hot beverage, a box of tissues and a pen and paper – just in case.

As layers of old consciousness, older Selves begin to be exposed to the fiery energy of the Grand Trine – they are challenged. Some will use this energy to force themselves head-first, relying upon the Ego´s (understandably limited) knowledge of Self to seek to find a resolution. This is likely to create moments of erratic, ungrounded behavior which can bring you to moments of great clarity, or drag you further into the consequences of your own choices.

To navigate this alignment successfully, let go of what you think you know or who you think yourself to be. Nothing less will do. Eris and Uranus are taking out the trash, in this case, the ideals and archetypes that tell the self that it is not worthy under a particular vision of society and what is right / just within it.

That being said, please also bear in mind that Uranus can over-stimulate the mental centers – so grounding is paramount at this time. Eris herself creates discord and chaos in her bid to dismantle the system that justified her exclusion. Whilst the Path of Chaos  is a real thing, it might not be what you want in navigating your day-to-day existences. At least not in a way that completely disowns the need for groundedness, detachment, calmness and balance.

I´m going to go on for a bit about seeking facilitation or validation from others at this time as Saturn is conjunct Ixion (The Tyrant), Achilles (The One Who Needs to Recognize their Vulnerabilities), Pholus (The Revealer of Generational Secrets), The Galactic Center (Your Window to Truth and its Source-Connection). Given these bodies at play …  There´s a grand scope for unnecessary ego-bruising at this time, which ultimately does not help.

Do not seek out those you see as teachers to validate or confirm, or even explain your path to you if you come from a place of deep insecurity, anxiety or woundedness. A good teacher will tell you what you need to know, but you need to be in a place to receive that message.

As a facilitator this might seem strange for me to say, but given current alignments – if you feel truly lost – this is not the time to let another´s narrative of Life define yours.

Continue to sit with your essence and being, and let your instincts guide you till you find your center. A good facilitator will explain his/her reasons for not proceeding with deep energetic work at this time, if this is the case. Faciliation that is more of the calming balm or the gentle stroke of the hand may be more appropriate for such cases at this time.

For those of you who do have a semi-solid sense of self, essence, identity and path – this a fantastic moment for facilitation. You´ll want to seek out spirit-workers who work at the 5D level, or (ideally) above, operating from new levels of consciousness. This will provide you with a new set of lenses through which you can understand a little more about the Mystery of Spirit. Conventional methods of knowing, as useful as they are only go so far.

Again, not something to push yourself into if you´re feeling terribly raw, wounded or triggered at this time.

What I have seen, at least twice today is resentment expressed against facilitators who do work in the akashic / etheric realms. The knowledge they have to bring is being rigidly resisted by some at this time. Remember that not all modalities or paradigms have to work for everyone all of the time – and that there is a level of readiness that is required before you choose explore other-dimensional forms of facilitation.

Use your discernment and trust the person you´re working with (and if you don´t, then don´t work with them).

Now having looked at the Teacher-Student dynamic (Sagittarius) and the volcanic, electric impulse to BE (and take down the system which disallows that, Eris w. Uranus in Aries) – it´s time to get to something Fun.


Dear generous, grandiose, proud, dramatic Leo.

(Who can be terribly self-centered and vain as well …)

With Mercury and the North Node in Leo, this is really the time to let Cupid´s arrows fly. Allow the Messenger to Convey the Love that you feel. Whether it´s for yourself, another person … a project, a child – whatever it is your heart wants to share it´s expression with.

Bear in mind that heart-felt expressions are not separate from the Ego. What we understand as our emotions we generally still perceive through the filter/construct of the ego-mind.

Some words from the heart, however, will come straight from there. And they´ll read their mark.

That being said … Expressing Love does not always mean you´re going to manifest a Happily Ever After scenario. Love comes in so very many different forms.



Telling someone that you love them from the bottom of your heart. 

Telling someone that you have to walk away from abuse and disrespect.

Coming clean and revealing something painful to a loved one that you´ve hidden

Sharing a joyful smile or a happy moment with a friend, a child, a pet 

Deciding that today, you´re going to do things differently and protect your feelings for a change or that you´re going to spend time on you

Standing up for someone who cannot stand up for themselves without expectation or ego, possibly at personal cost and little or no glory

Detaching from relationships and/or energy dynamics that cannot allow you to be loving to yourself or others.


All of these are forms of Love. And expressing each and everyone one of them can bring a mixture of joy and pain to the Heart. Sometimes it´s the pain of disconnection, and sometimes you just feel so full your heart feels like it will burst.

(That being said, if you are experiencing cardiac discomfort – seek medical attention. I´m not referring to an actual, physical condition. Some may manifest this energy through those channels as well, depending on various factors)

Now some of you are just going to feel the Joy rise and well, based on your circumstances. And that is fantastic. Ride that wave and let your creativity take you to new heights. Enjoy dancing, singing, playing a musical instrument, watching / participating in a play – or whatever kind of creative, sensual or romantic activity floats your boat. Some of you will feel deeply rewarded around your children at this time, or whatever projects you have invested your creative energy into. Travel, teach, show others the way if so inspired, not from the need to be followed, but from that sheer generosity of spirit that you see in children. When you come from a place that feels no lack within, the gift you give is transcendentally different.

Some of you will experience the opposite. It´s hard to predict which it´ll be, if not both, given the bodies involved.

And some will channel this into feelings and behaviors that fall neatly on the victim-bully spectrum, alternating between feelings of rage and helplessness. Especially when triggered by those we love, those we look up to as teachers, and those that remind us most of all of ourselves.

It´s not going to be an easy alignment for many. But I know some of you will absolutely love it.

Now I bring up patterns of abuse and victimization because of Mars´ conjunction to Thereus at 29 Cancer, and their square to Uranus at 28 Aries. A few weeks ago, I wrote on Thereus and its role in covertly perpetuating victim-abuser dynamics, especially in the domestic, familial, maternal and emotional domain. Some will be trying to play the role of abuser, often donning the mask of the nurturer-victim. And some will be trying to escape that energy, getting projected on as being the ´bully´ for not responding and holding one´s ground. That´s been going around.

If you feel the need to attack another at this time consider what you are responding to and whether you are weaponizing your emotions. If you feel attacked, consider if someone has done the same. When you feel trapped and you cannot get away from an energetic pattern, Thereus is at play.

Know that in cases like this, to quote Fleetwood Mac, sometimes the best solution is ´To Go Your Own Way´ – though that might be the absolute hardest thing to do. Negotation does not work when a person is invested in the belief that what they feel is absolutely correct and that the other person´s views become utterly insignificant. That my friends, is a case of becoming an emotional punching bag, or doormat. There´s usually no other recourse except to walk – unless the other person is truly willing to change.

The willingness to change comes from – going back to the beginning of this piece – the willingness to be able to see the Self in a different way. And that often forces us to give up hard-earned ideas and justifications about how we see ourselves. If you can do that, you can achieve, experience and expand so much through this transit.

Several bodies in astrology such as Sphinx, Iris and Atlantis bring up a lot for us right now, especially from previous incarnations.  You may encounter many whom you have met before, especially today. Some of you may find tears and/or the symbol of the rainbow to be particularly catharthic / needed for release.


All in All, the ´solution´ to all of this is Love. It usually tends to be.

When Love is ignored, the Teacher (Sagittarius) will bring you the teaching you need  … and given current alignments – might not be a good idea to go down that route.


Just know that you deserve Love, and you have to first start by giving it to yourself.

And not trying to force another to give it to you, or expecting them to. 

Sometimes it means taking that leap of faith, or knowing when it´s better to stay on the ground.

Sometimes it means giving a person space to just be, and not needing them to be anything but themselves … 


All depends. All forms of Love.


These cosmic currents will be at play in the skies for the next 2-3 days as the Sun will also cross over Thereus and re-ignite the square to Uranus. Pay attention to what emerges.


With chaos and change comes pain … but so too does the scope for creation.


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess


**  Recommendations and ephemeris listed below.



Rose Quartz, Rhodocrosite (gemstones)

Vetiver, Myrrh, Rose, Geranium (essential oils, please check dosage and contraindications before use, especially if pregnant and/or sensitive)



Guided Meditation with the Lion Goddess Prathyangira Devi:

Visualize golden light around you, white light streaming from the cosmos, red from the core of the earth , moving through you. Set the intention that all is not aligned with your growth leaves and goes straight back to Sky/Earth/Source. Only loving and nurturing energy is allowed into your space. As you listen to the mantra, allow it to carry you and clear what is no longer needed. Keep a piece of rose quartz and amethyst in each hand if you have them with you as you do so and allow yourself to feel Love / Consciousness oozing out from within you. – Channeled by Bairavee Balasubramaniam


Selected Ephemeris:

Aries – Eris 23, Iris 25, Uranus 28

Leo – Sphinx 20, Mercury 21, Atlantis 22, True/Mean North Node 24-25

Sagittarius – Saturn 22, Ixion 24, Pholus 26, Galactic Center 27, Achilles 29

Cancer – Sun 27, Mars & Thereus 29

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