Beetle-Magic: Thereus conjunct Mars in Leo



Thereus shifted into Leo a little over two hours ago. There it will remain till August 2021.

This means that Thereus is currently conjunct Mars in Leo, bringing to us the challenge of embodying our joy, playfulness, creativity and child-like authenticity

in the face of pain, feelings of oppression, predation and victimization.

A fairly tall order … but that´s the challenge and opportunity that presents itself to us right now.

Thereus´energies ask us to be mindful about the ways in which energy is drained and sovereignty violated. We are all capable of playing the role of victim and abuser, often switching poles until some realization is arrived at. (Which does not justify abuse – it just helps you understand the pattern so you can do something about it)

The problem with Thereus is that it does not like seeing itself in the mirror and tends to get overly defensive and projective (especially conjunct Mars in Leo). Let´s not forget that the Sun (central focus) arrives in Leo within 2 days´ time.

We´re digging up deep energetic patterns from our pasts, especially those we experienced through familial dynamics. Some of us will be able to release, forgive and move on – and others may take on the very roles they hated being subjected to. Especially those that came up for you in childhood.

Whatever arises, no matter which side of the equation you are on, compassion is Key. Considering the creative potential of Leo … there is so much that can be gained by delving deeper into this dynamic, without seeking to play it out on other people. Facilitators are noticing this very intensely at this time.

For me, at least, it has felt like a complete, whole-body rebirth into a new sense of Self. There´s a real push and a struggle to emerge, but the process – and its results are worth it. There´s a keen sense of being able to re-ignite fires once thought to be lost through harrowing experiences in childhood. It´s a powerful time in other words, to remember Wholeness.

Just as I was relating my experience to my brother, a black-gold beetle appeared out of no where .. and tickled my palm by running across it. It caught the light of the sun in reflection and was just .. gorgeous to look at. Have never seen anything like it.

Cute bugger, but representative of profound forces : de-construction, re-integration and transformation and the ensuing stability that arises when one´s energetic foundations are cleared of debris and realigned. In Egyptian Astrology, the Scarab corresponds with the sign of Cancer.

Last but not least –

Remember that the Grand Fire Trine with Saturn, Mercury, North Node, Atlantis, Ixion and Eris is still at play.

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Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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