Hello everyone. The Leo New Moon was real doozy for many of us as it conjuncted Thereus in the skies. Thereus brings out deeply-hidden patterns of victimization and abuse and is not a friendly astrological body. Try as I might, I have yet to find the silver lining to this one besides having survived it.

Now for those of you who feel uppy, peppy and positive – drop this article and keep doing what you´re doing because you´re doing it right. This piece is specifically for those who have difficulty with the energies presented. Those who want the video version, go here:

Whilst the New Moon in Leo gave us the opportunity to set seeds for joy, love, creativity and pleasure – Thereus also presented the reasons why we block ourselves from love (or allow others to do so).

Sometimes we give consent to predation at the energetic level because this is normalized for those who grew up in particularly toxic famililes. This is not meant to victim-shame, but to help in the identification of hidden back-doors / access points through which person can be hooked and re-hooked into parasitic relationships.

Once identified, these permissions can be revoked – and a further step to sovereignty taken.

The only real solution (and in finding so, the silver lining) for Thereus, is to embody Love so deeply that it becomes your anchor, your grounding and your protection. At the level of the energy-body at the very least. This is the opposite path to the Burning Blade (which I regularly espouse) – but both lead to the same place, if done from a place of integrity.

With the Thereus aspect, too many are seeking to incite conflict, trigger vulnerabilities and in so doing, are trying to energetic footholds in others. This is why ´fighting back´ in the usual way does not help or work right now. That being said, you have the right of self-defence at all times – my advice to you is to invoke it when it best serves you.

With Thereus, it is as though the bull eggs you onto the point of waving a red flag, gores you, and then claims to be the victim.

There are other astrological alignments which make the question of who, with whom, where, when and how we Embody Love highlighted at this time. Remember that this does not always have to do with a romantic partnership, but equally how you give Love others – and of course, how you give Love to yourself.

Venus (22 Gemini) opposes Saturn Retrograde (21 Sagittarius)

Sun (2 Leo) conjuncts Mars (3 Leo)

Mercury (29 Leo) trines Uranus (28 Aries)

Of course there´s more, but really – it´s covered in these three aspects.

Venus is challenged by Saturn who vyes for authority in personal and professional relationships. If someone is trying to browbeat you with their perceived authority, know this is not a relationship to take at face value. If you can renegotiate, do so – or leave. Or give the relationship some room to find its feet as long as you don´t end up compromising yourself. These dynamics will also be triggered in intergenerational relationships. If you have placements near 21 Virgo or Pisces, this adds more factors to the alignment to consider.

Thereus (0 Leo), Sisyphus (1 Leo), Sun (2 Leo), Mars (3 Leo) come together at this time. Do not take shortcuts in uncovering whatever presents itself to you at this time, though again, leaving it be in a conscious manner is possible. Should you choose to push your through, you might find more vulnerability and wounds that arise.

On the plus side, if you are in a centered space – able to work with both wound and joy (which is less of a contradiction that it sounds like in practice), it´ll be a creative time for you to come up with forms of Love that allow the Sun to rise again in one´s life, despite control dynamics that may seek otherwise.

Mercury trining Uranus electrifies the mental circuits and asks us to pay attention to the words, ideas and declarations we feel compelled to make at this time. It´s worth bearing in mind that the Mean North Node is at 25 Leo, whereas the Moon is at 27 Leo – heightening the emotional intensity of what we experience and making it more significant in our karmic process and journey. It also pays to bear in mind that the Galactic Center at 27 Sagittarius completes this alignment as part of the Grand Fire Trine.

So … in other words … a lot of energy is focused on this question right now.

Pay attention to your feelings in other words and express them appropriately. If you need to vent, find safe and willing spaces / people to hold space for you. Otherwise, you might feel burnt out, overwhelmed or … full of verbal diarrhoea, waiting to spew at anything that triggers you. No judgement, just seen it happening. But it might cost you some friends.

What you can do is to seek out levels of awareness that honor the wound without valorizing it, or giving the story of the wound (and patterns of victimization therein) more importance than your conscious, co-collaborative relationship with Spirit, Destiny and the Material Realm.

In other words, you don´t need to pretend that everything is okay when it isn´t. You may want to find ways of addressing what feels out of balance with you in ways that Honor You. And the Love that you ultimately Are.

If dealing with volatile individuals, postpone major or heavy discussions. Unless you feel it´s time to cut the cord, heal the self and go your own way.

Here are a couple thoughts that have come my way in the past few days – I hope they will be of use to you in your reflective process:

The only benefit, if you can call it that, or spiritual lesson that comes from being rejected in love – is to see what kind of person you choose to be. (That, and of course not getting on a path that probably wasn´t meant for you to begin with)

Do you shut down in denial?

Does ego distort the facts?

Do you end up pedestalizing yourself and vilifying the other?

Do you turn that pain into a cause for martyrdom?

Do you turn that person as a conquest you must attain?


Do you sit with yourself

Accept what is

Know that it´s not necessarily a reflection of you

Or what you are worth (maybe more than you realize)

And learn to move on,

If appropriate …

Many claim they look for Love.

But when that is presented to them in full, they run.

That being said,

Not everything that presents itself in the name of Love, is.

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Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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  1. Karen Moon says:

    Oh, I so needed this this morning. Thank you as always for the insightful, incredible, and right on target posts. <3

  2. Casey says:

    Great article! Makes me want to understand further dynamics in my natal chart, as your points hit upon many of my “key players” of natal sign/degree such as:
    Venus Leo 2 degrees Leo / NN Leo 20 degree / Neptune + MC 19+20 degree Sag / Jupiter 20 Virgo ….just to name a few! I’m curious how these Leo eclipses may play out in my life ! Your articles will for sure help in better understanding it, as Each time you pop into my inbox, I know I will find amazing and insightful information 🙂 your work has been an blessing to me, thank you for sharing this to all of us!!! Much LOVE!

  3. Fiona says:

    This was so good to read and so on point given my need to work through a lot of fear last couple of days and really wrestling with how much of it rose and how challenging it was to sit with and move through (context snap below). Aside from what I can do ‘practically’, I have called in aide from Universe, Spirit and all directions and am still working on having full trust and faith that all is well (’cause those fears are pesky little biters. Grr ;))

    Drawing on Fire to burn away and pouring in big-hearted Leo Love . Thank you for being here.

    [NB Context: Fears as a result of concerns about dear feline one’s health — and having to deal with an ego-full, fear-enhancing young-ish vet who seemed to have no sense of nutrition, context, etc. I declared boundaries (I let him know I accepted his official credentials & didn’t need a verbal CV. I stopped him as he launched into future fear-enhancing stories and let him know I didn’t find that all helpful). I redirected him to a critical focus on right now care/needs. I suggested we work together in working through this challenge given his 6 years experience as vet and my 60 years of caring for pairs of cats all of whom lived >20 years (The current pair my 4th and just over a year old). Still, I had to release my dear one into his hands as he was the one on call (small town) and I am not at all convinced that what was done was wholly necessary & esp when the meds ‘treatment’ is all attentive to the intrusive procedure that was done and nothing attentive to cause or prevention. Grr. Have called in Spirit and Light for a reset to clear and ‘correct’ whatever may have been causal.


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