Lions Gate

Every year, we experience the end of July / early August as an unusually intense energetic portal. How deeply you feel this portal is a reflection of your degree of sensitivity, journey, karma, dharma and other evolutionary requirements at this time.

However, all of this amazingness – is an annual event.

Some of you might understand this as the window of time between the Mayan Calendar´s Day Out of Time,  the heliacal rising of Sirius, the Lion´s Gate (8:8) and so on. Here is a writeup by a dear friend of mine that beautifully weaves it all together.

Astrologically speaking, we also see bursts of energy coming through the Leo Sun´s trine to the Great Attractor (August 6), the Galactic Center (August 20) and so on. We tend to also see Eclipses occuring in this month.

So … really … there´s a lot that generally tends to happen in this time period.

And the fact it happens yearly does not discount its importance.

In this time we are urged to discover, embody and experience what truly brings us to life, what activates our capacity of Joy, connection and creative inspiration. We also look at the friendship groups and related networks which allow individuals to mutually support and celebrate each anothers´ energies, whilst developing their own.

It´s a great time for many to come alive and/or to realize where an older understanding of Self must give way to a new one. Many realizations will unfold.

But this year, things have felt unusually heavy.

And there are other celestial reasons for that too – the fact that Uranus is edging itself out of Aries (2018-2019, watch out for fireworks!), the many energetic repercussions of many potent seeds of intention and action set into motion since 2012, e.g. The Uranus-Pluto squares, Grand Cardinal Crosses, Eris-Uranus conjunctions … and so on.

Still, I wasn´t satisfied. My instinct guided me to look at more specific factors. And so I did, and finally found out what was bugging me.

Now I have summarized all this in a video – so if you prefer that format, here´s the link:


We currently have the following astrological bodies in a Grand Fire Trine:

Niobe 20 Aries
Orpheus 21 Aries
Eris 23 Aries
Iris 28 Aries
Uranus 28 Aries

True / Mean North Node 24-25 Leo
Sphinx 24 Leo
Atlantis 25 Leo
Apollo 29 Leo
Rhiphonos 29 Leo
Eurydike 0 Virgo

Saturn 21 Sagittarius
Ixion 24 Sagittarius
Cupido 26 Sagittarius
Pholus 26 Sagittarius
Galactic Center 27 Sagittarius
Achilles 29 Sagittarius
Quaoar 29 Sagittarius

Now getting into each and every one of these combinations will be a very long write and very long read, so I´m going to summarize . . . heavily.


We are asked to find a new version or vision of the Self and the energy that it carries.
This will require us to give up old definitions of who you are, no matter what sense of power, control or status it may give you.
This will require many of us to empty the cup so it can be filled once more.
Listen to your Body and connect it to safer energetic channels of Source / Sky / Earth – and see what knowledge it contains.
If you are hyperactive, burning the midnight oil, unable to sleep – you need to give your body permission to rest and recalibrate. This will require you to Surrender to the Process.
If you´re up and at it and all feels good – then, enjoy!


We are asked to plunge fearlessly into deep, potentially long-forgotten spaces within.
We seek to connect with the Inner Central Sun that gives life, hope, liberation to Being.
Some of these journeys will be joyfully welcomed by older versions of self (and those who knew way back when) to welcome you in the re-discovery of ancient spiritual technologies, memories and forms of knowledge – especially connected with Atlantis and/or Egypt (they were most certainly related)
Some of these journeys will involve the re-visitation of severe spiritual pain, trauma and wounding. In which cases many old ´gifts´ and energy technologies (as powerful as they are) may need to be surrendered – this is not an easy thing to do when one obtains power from the knowledge that is held – but that is the test at hand.
We are asked to be mindful of where tread and how strongly we do so. Whatever you choose to be, do so consciously. However, do not feel the need to make yourself feel huge, or tiny to please or measure yourself up against others. Just be what you are.


Be humble. Be willing to learn.
Listen to your inner wisdom.
Know that whatever you do know is subject to change.

Should someone attempt to browbeat you with their perceived ´authority´, walk.
You do not need to take abuse.
Should someone intimidate you with their wisdom without even trying.
You might consider listening and questioning why you respond the way you do.

Be open to walking a new road, even if that means giving up the pedestal of Having Attained Knowledge.

Because. It. All. Changes.

Now … that´s not all … The bodies in this Grand Fire Trine are all being activated by their complementary positions in the Air Signs. Here´s a few of them:

Venus: 25 Gemini, Rhadamanthus: 26 Libra, Damocles & South Node 24-25 Aquarius.

The challenge here is to avoid judging your path or another´s too harshly. Where discernment is called for, self-flagellation or self-aggrandization on the basis of a distorted sense of self-worth … is less desirable. Whatever insights you do come yp with, remember to see if the ideals or values that you use to make your judgements resonate with how you live, build relationships and simply Be at the day-to-day level. In other words:

Your words, judgements and ideals need to meet the embodied reality you inhabit.

The Damocles-South Node conjunction is a tricksy one. Many of you may feel like making absolute choices at the fork in the road at this time, finding it incredibly painful to do so (especially if you´re working through past karmic ties). You may want to perform cord-cutting rituals that focus on the body´s auric field, but particularly anything that targets the upper centers of perception. You may feel pushed into a more narrower view of reality than you yourself resonate with – that´s how karmic pressure works. The … crisis or fork in the road itself may disappear as you allow yourself to see the situation from a more neutral, more open vantage point. Suggested practices are at the end of the article – otherwise – find facilitators who have the grounding, expertise and skill-sets to help you through this.



If we are including Venus, Rhadamanthus and Damocles/South Node into the alignment, we get a Grand Sextile / Star of David combining the elements of Fire and Air.

The Star of David is  … possibly the most potent symbol of manifestation there is.

Seeing that alignment in the skies is akin to getting a blank cheque from Source with the words: Cash in whatever you like.

And the challenge then becomes in knowing that manifestation comes from the deeper, hidden aspects of the Self that the Conscious Mind then has to build a bridge to.

So .. these energies are … preparing us for something quite powerful. And the scope of what we do with these forces are immense.

Now – some of you may not be feeling any of this at all. And that could be for one of many reasons.

(1) Those civilizational / past-karmic imprints do not resonate with you
(2) This is not the time for you to address this in your path
(3) You have addressed it and all is cool and you´re surfing the cosmic winds.

Bear in mind that what you feel from all this depends on your level of psychic sensitivity, your … particular stage or journey in karmic processing … and … whether or not it is part of your dharma to address this. Those who work with others at a deep energetic level would benefit to bear the intensity of this alignment in mind. Things are amplified at this time, and how!

But not everyone is going to feel like they´ve just popped out of The Sun and are ready to take on the World. . .  Some of you will feel the absolute opposite. Depressed, challenged, harrassed, unable to to have faith in the Very Thing that makes you Special, Powerful and Beautiful: You.

If you are struggling, that does not mean you are less evolved.
And vice versa.
This is not the time to be making value judgements of that kind.
As … that Grand Fire Trine is all to eager to fuel the flames of pride … before the fall.

Be Love, no matter where you are in that process, at whatever stage of the Journey you are on.


Working with the violet flame and the energy of Archangel Michael would be of great benefit at this time for many.

Make sure you have protective light and energy around you and a solid connection to the Earth & Source. Call in your guides, if appropriate.

When you feel a cord, device, or simply something that shouldn´t be there visualize a violet sword or flame cutting it through and burning through the hook. Set the intention that the cord that is cut remains cut, with healing sent to both sides (if you wish). Flame it out afterwards (in visualization) and seal/heal with golden energy. Let whatever is cut and released go back to Source/Earth. And allow it to be done.

Good gemstone allies for the process of cord cutting include black obsidian (in an arrowhead shape), novaculite, brandenberg amethyst and green aventurine.

Gemstones to heal and seal the aura (with a golden energy visualization) include labradorite, amber, nuummite, and so on. Remember that cutting is not enough, sealing and after-care is vitally important.

Essential oil recommendations here (please research dosage, dilution, contraindications before use, as usual): Frankincense, Black Pepper, Clary Sage

Here´s a good follow-up mantra for the cleansing, re-integration and gratitude giving process:


You may also want to integrate the practice of Hoʻoponopono as part of this process. Remember to give gratitude, release and thanks when you are done.


The other approach is far less hands-on – but equally as potent.


As a grounding, energizing, protective and stabilizing energy, I would recommend working with the Lion Goddess (Prathyangira Devi). She does not have the same energetic signature as Goddess Sekhmet and I suspect they come from different ´places´ so to speak.

I´ve also attached instructions for a guided meditation for those interested. Please do it in full as the Mantra is potent and has its own … trajectory.

Meditation: (Lion Goddess / Prathyangira Devi)


Visualize golden light around you, white light streaming from the cosmos, red from the core of the earth , moving through you. Set the intention that all is not aligned with your growth leaves and goes straight back to Sky/Earth/Source. Only loving and nurturing energy is allowed into your space. As you listen to the mantra, allow it to carry you and clear what is no longer needed. Keep a piece of rose quartz and amethyst in each hand if you have them with you as you do so and allow yourself to feel Love / Consciousness oozing out from within you. Remember to pull your energy back to your Center and radiate outwards like a beautiful Sun if you feel called to do so – Channeled by Bairavee Balasubramaniam

You may also want to support this meditation with essential oils such as myrrh, geranium and rose. Remember to check their properties before working with them, especially if pregnant and/or highly sensitive.

Ideally, you would work through this with a facilitator who could hold that space for you to do so. I´m including it here for those who can do that for themselves.

Not something I would indiscriminately recommend to everyone as these practices have a profound effect – and many requirements on the part of the facilitator to fulfill. This is here as a citable reference for those who at at that stage in their journeys, if they understand the process and its associated requirements and risks. Please do not push yourself to do these practices this if you feel uncertain about it or ungrounded in general.

In which case, resting, sleeping, taking care of the basics is more than enough.

Well – that´s about it – I hope the information has been of use and benefit to you.


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

** Please note that my travels are resuming soon, and so I am holding a very focused round of bookings for those interested in working with me at this time. New session times have been opened for those of you in Europe / Asia. Link: http://wp.me/p4OUNS-pa

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Image: Double Exposure of Public Domain Images by NASA and Lion King by Kevin Philips. Software used: Photo.to – Put together by Author.


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