A wild vortex of energies today and tomorrow as the Sun trines Eris and Ixion, whilst preparing to conjunct the North Node. We also have the Venus-Jupiter-Pluto Cardinal T-Square at play, the Near-Perfect Grand Sextile / Star of David, the multiple Retrogrades – and of course the intensity of the approaching Solar Eclipse.

There is just so much going on, but it still helps to have a focus on some of the changes that open different types of energetic gateways, challenges and opportunities.

There´s a profound swirling current in the cosmos at this time and it makes feeling grounded and centered a lot more difficult. We are asked to find that sense of inner calm at the heart of the storm whilst all whirls about-and-through us. It may seem like a paradox on the surface, but spirituality tends to ask us to find that middle-space.

The best way to work with this energy is to use its swirling force to draw out things which are ready to be cleared from our physical, emotional, etheric (and other) bodies. Creating energetic practices that anchor you to Earth whilst releasing what is no longer required back to Source would be a good idea.

Think of it as a great ´emptying´ before we seed potent intentions during the Solar Eclipse. Please remember it takes 18-year cycles for the full impact of Eclipses to be felt! So things will not change overnight, but they do depend on how we navigate these potent times.


Astrologically speaking, the Sun in Leo asks us to look at what moves and inspires our hearts. Whether it´s romantic love, a hobby, a child, an inspirational figure, an opportunity for leadership and so on. We are also asked to release any old energetic debris and cognitive scripts that hold us back from Living From the Heart. Trauma-work will be very potent at this time, thought it needs to be handled with more caution than usual.

As the Sun (23 Leo) will conjunct the (Mean Calculation) North Node (24 Leo) tomorrow, it is best to use this energy to create new Pathways of Love and Creative Expression. Take a step – perhaps even a leap forwards – into what it is that truly moves and inspires you. The Sun will be opposing the Mean South Node (24 Aquarius), asking us to release ourselves from friendships, groupings, collective identifications, intellectual paradigms and such that no longer resonate with the Heart. Bear in mind that it is easy to confuse the Ego with the Heart´s longing when one is not grounded or using discernment.

What is also important is that the South Node opposes the Sun, but also conjuncts Damocles (23 Aquarius). This is the time be decisive about whether we want to step up to the mantle of leadership, whether we are able and willing to struggle with the pressures of being responsible for more than yourself. For those of you stepping into positions of leadership, the weight of that choice is likely to be a heavy factor at the back of your mind. This is perfectly natural – and is probably a good thing to balance Leo´s more grandiose aspirations and dreams.

The Sun currently trines Eris (23 Aries), the expression of the Feminine that seeks to burn down a broken system that sees fit to exclude her. Erisian energies are usually associated with discord, war or strife of some kind. Group rituals and collective meditations that provide a calming balm for collective energies (for those willing to receive them) will be of use. Those that feel that raging sense of injustice or fire within waiting to explode may want to calm themselves with gemstones such as lepidolite, blue lace agate and so on. I suggest organizing group meditations focusing upon global trouble spots at this time, remembering of course the principles of Free Will and Harm None (Including The Self).

The Sun and Eris also trine Ixion (23 Sagittarius), the Tyrant. This was a being who was invited to dine at Jupiter´s table and began to chase his wife (Juno) in front of her husband. Ixion knows neither compassion nor the importance of consent. In Sagittarius, his energy comes through the archetype of the guru, religious leader, politician, teacher and so on. I would not be surprised if debates and approaches to immigration became even more heavy handed. Inflammatory rhetoric is not the way forwards, no matter how right or morally correct we may perceive ourselves to be.

It is also worth bearing in mind that Saturn is nearby at 21 Sagittarius with Black Moon Lilith at 20 Sagittarius. Their influence is also felt within this alignment. You may feel pressure from figures and institutions of authority (including banks, branches of government, etc.) and from those who do carrying that archetype of the Raging Feminine … which … is not always sacred or justified. As with all things, there are appropriate expressions of anger – and those which simply engulf all else and perpetuate the cycle of abuse, disenfranchisement and violence.

With the Sun/North Node-Eris-Ixion in alignment, what we see then is a Grand Fire Trine at 23 Leo-Aries-Sagittarius. We do have the South Node & Damocles at 23 Aquarius. If bodies are present at 23 Libra and Gemini, we then get a Grand Sextile / Star of David alignment.

For reference – The Star of David is the seal of Divine Manifestation. But it only works in your favour if you manifest from a Core that is already in Alignment. Otherwise .. it perpetuates a far more scattered energy pattern.

Now if we were to count in the asteroids, we do have Kassandra & Chaos (the gaping Void, cosmic birth canal) at 23 Gemini, Jupiter at 19 Libra, Aphrodite at 23 Libra – and other bodies. This is a potent time, in other words, to honor the Truth about the Feminine, as manifested in all Beings. That does not mean we need to burn in it the faces of others, especially when they are not inclined to explore alternatives.

By all means write, speak and communicate – but remember to come from a place that truly seeks Truth and Community, rather than a place of Righteous Vengeance. At the very least, not whilst Eris is as powerful as she is in the skies. Her idea of victory is not one which most of us on this planet would share.


There´s also the Venus-Pluto opposition (17 Cancer-Capricorn) from yesterday, adding to and amplifying the energetic currents of the present.

This is a time where, if prepared, you can dig deep into the psychological waters and re-kindle a more nurturing relationship with the Feminine. You may also find this a powerful time to join forces or merge assets with others in matters of business or finance, particularly in land or home related matters.

This alignment can just as easily set off emotional and sexual trauma, deep-seated insecurities (that might run back into your ancestry), and so on. It may also reveal the improper flow or use of resources and/or attempts to secure power. Situations may arise which trigger our emotional vulnerabilities, hidden desires or aspirations, shadow-aspects of the psyche and so on.
Be mindful of knee-jerk reactions in interactions with others, be it in domestic, personal and/or professional relationships. The consequences of such reactions may be more intense and drawn-out than expected.

To build on that , considering that Ceres is nearby at 14 Cancer – we may also see these dynamics playing out between parents and their children (irrespective of age). This is a powerful time to look at whom and how you´ve been taught to find nurture, home, family and a sense of belonging – or if you received the opposite lessons. Give yourself permission to transmute dysfunctional patterns and ultimately to forgive the parent/s who may not have been able to nurture you the way you wanted or needed them to. Great healing is available to you as you do, in a safe and supported manner.

Jupiter (19 Libra) further ignites the Pluto-Venus/Ceres opposition, creating a powerful Cardinal T-Square. Partners and collaborators may (knowingly or unknowingly) present these energetic issues (and opportunities). It´s certainly a very intense time to have discussions of significance with your partners and collaborators at this time. If you choose to do so, make sure that you can come from a placed of centeredness and clarity first of all. Otherwise, postpone till late September. Sometimes silence and a little time can give a partnership the breathing space it needs to make required adjustments. If the partnership is in balance, proceed with deepening your connection with one another. Alternatively, if you are absolutely clear in your decision (e.g. To leave something that no longer works) – then be clear. But the key point is not to be driven into distraction by these aspects in the skies, irrespective of what path you do choose to take.

Coming back to the Venus/Ceres-Pluto opposition briefly, it is worth nothing that this is also part of another Near-Perfect Grand Sextile including Neptune, Vesta, Mercury Retrograde & Pallas Athena. If you have anything near 12 Scorpio, that becomes a fully formed Star of David. We do have the Uranian Planet Poseidon (11 Scorpio) completing the alignment. Incredibly long story short – your emotions and how you see them manifest in this world have their own power and weight. Honor them and seek to align them further with your spiritual connection at this time.

There´s even MORE going on .. but I´m going to conclude with two comments:


Neptune (13 Pisces, Retrograde) opposes Vesta (13 Virgo) & Mercury (11 Virgo, Retrograde): There may be some renegotiation needed in the ways, rituals, tools or practices that you use to connect with and channel Spirit. You may also need a little more sleep or to take concrete actions that will support your physical health. Decluttering your physical and psychic spaces is a must. Smuding with sage or frankincense resin (or whatever you work with) is recommended. Selenite wands and/or crystal grids would also be of benefit.


Pluto (17 Capricorn, Retrograde) inconjuncts Mars (17 Leo): This brings an erratic energetic signature that links our willpower, physical drives, desire for control and security and the ability to use or access power. This can happen either through a brutish display or a more focused, calibrated application of intent, will and power. Because it´s Mars and Pluto tempers are likely to flare at the drop of a hat. Calming exercises, gemstones and essential oils (such as lavender – please research before use) will be of benefit. Exercise a little more caution when dealing with very triggered individuals as some will also resort to physical violence and intimidation at this time. If you are centered with this alignment, dig deep and create powerful, inspiration counter-currents of change. If not, wait it out.

For those of you with bodies near 17 Gemini and/or 17 Pisces – you will experience the force of a Yod / Finger of Fate. This will push you to decisive actions on matters of health, service, purity and and so on. You may feel as though your boss / elder / leader is acting in a heavy-handed manner (Pluto in Capricorn), prompting you to act (Mars). If the 3rd point is in Pisces (and remember, Neptune is nearby) – take the time out to sit, rest, relax and reevaluate. Things are not as they seem on the surface. If the 3rd point is in Gemini, use the power of spoken or written word as a sounding board before you commit to any action or decision at this time. Either way, you are likely to see some changes in your career, sense of legacy and personal power, and so on.

* * *


At a personal level, I find these energies to be incredibly intense and am doing myself to process and hold space where possible. I am on a pilgrimage to several locations where I work with the land and the energies of the collective where guided. At present I am in Australia and am about to head to India and Indonesia. These places are alive with the energies of what is happening across the world and I shall be accessing different parts of the Planetary Grid as I journey.

I have been invited to participate in a sacred immersion in New Mexico in November of this year. If you find my work of benefit and would like to support my journey please contribute to my fund-raiser for this purpose.

Given the short time for preparation (and pre-existing pilgrimages in Asia I had already committed to), your support would be greatly appreciated. Funding myself through sessions may not be as possible given the intensity of energies. I only hold sessions when I feel it is safe for me, and the client to do so. Sessions are on hold for the moment till otherwise guided.

You know what I share is from my heart and I heed that call always. Blessings and thanks in advance and to those who have already contributed.

Fundraiser Link: https://www.youcaring.com/bairaveebalasubramaniam-902075

* * *

I hope this work benefits you and gives you a roadmap for the scope of possible actions and suggestions for coping.

Blessings to the Collective,

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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