Quick Travel Update – and Astro Pep-Talk

Safe in Tamil Nadu. Arrived late last night after a massively delayed flight. Had a beautiful welcome from the land as I insisted on pasing by the Big Temple of Thanjavur, a place built by the Chola Empire (my ancestors). It was in the middle of the night, but as soon as I stopped to pray a chorus of male peacocks started cooing out of the blue. Am at the right place and the right time. Pushing through the work despite many travel-related and other hiccups.

Just moving through it a day at a time. The skies are no reason for you to stop what you need to do! Just keep at it and be strategic.

Will be going to a powerful Temple today. Shall include you all in my prayers. Travelling with friends who have chosen to defray my costs (which is a different kind of blessing), one of whom specializes in the reading of olai chodi (ancient palm leaves on which the future is written). More on that soon.

There´s certainly powerful resistance to the work I´ve come to do here so am taking energetic precautions.

I suggest the same for energy workers at high-intensity spots at this time.

And for the love of humanity – don´t give into the fear, gloom & droom control drama played out during this Eclipse.

Humanity has survived worse things!

Do be a little more mindful around electronic items and wiring and watch your footing if working on uneven surfaces.

A little bit of caution goes a long way at this time – and there´s work for all of us to do!

Blessings and Love,


The Sky Priestess

1 thought on “Quick Travel Update – and Astro Pep-Talk

  1. Carey Harben says:

    I love these transmissions Bai Ravee

    Thank you Soooo much!

    Blessings from upstate NY 🙏🌎🌲💕

    Peace prevail

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