Approaches to Eclipse Energy & Day 1 of Pilgrimage in Tamil Nadu – Video Report


This a powerful time for us – as individuals and as a collective – to be anchoring the energies of new frequencies into the heart & womb space. It doesn´t matter what gender or sex you are – you have connected to these spaces at some point in your physical existence, and through them accessed different types of spiritual connections.

We are being asked to step away from the consensus that has been generated by the collective so far and to boldly leap into new paths led by the fires of our own awakening Consciousness.

This is a potent time for change, across the planet. We will see a lot of it focused on the US owing to the path of this Total Solar Eclipse. Please remember that the USA is playing out what is happening across the planet. For now, it is a focal point on the cosmic hologram, the stage on which many stories are being broadcast.

But also remember that this is larger than any one nation, party or president. We are navigating cosmic currents, connected across time and space.

When we attempt to situate the energy of the eclipse into a particular nation-state or present moment, we inevitably play into doom-and-gloom scenarios and end up creating more fear, panic and exactly the state of affairs that we were hoping would not come to pass. Such is the power of manifestation, especially at the time of a Total Solar Eclipse.

Some of you have asked me whether it is wise to view the Eclipse. My answer is YES, if you feel grounded enough to do so and have the necessary tools and approaches required to work with its energy. ( Yes to solar eclipse glasses or the pinhole-cardboard-viewing tool you can make at home – just Google it )

This is not a time to shy away from what it is that you want to create, innovate and express to the world. Whilst it is not about you or me, or anyone in particular, it is the Individual who holds the Anchor for Change for the Collective.

And that is precisely why each of us … is so very important.

Feed your fear and that is what you feed the planet, and our future generations.

Feed your hopes and dreams and that is what you shall manifest.

I am not asking you to ignore the state of the world but to acknowledge. And to sift through the vibration of distortion and chaos that appears all around us.

For the vibration of peace and abundance is present. It always has been, it always will be. We need only to choose to strengthen its presence in the world and anchor it more fully into Being.

There is a danger with being Present to the World and that is that the World Presents itself to you. With that you will face Shadow. Not just your own, but that of the collective.

Burying your head in the sand will not work. What we have manifested thus far is a testament to that.

Breathe, release and face what comes with love. But also with strength and discernment.

At the physical level, take adequate precautions for your safety – especially around wiring, electrical equipment, uneven surfaces and volatile people.

Now some of you will have read sources of information that tell you the absolute opposite. That you MUST stay indoors. It is up to you whether you resonate with those teachings and whether you feel the place they come from is in alignment with current energies and the rate of spiritual evolution at the individual and collective level. Your choice to make.

You will know what is the right choice for you on the basis of what your Heart has to say about it. Not your Ego, Not your Mind. Don´t try to intellectualize this energy.

Follow that Beat within and you will know exactly what to do, where to go and what to manifest.

I refuse to patronize you by claiming that I know what that answer is for you.

What I have done here is shared the video-link to my ongoing pilgrimage in Tamil Nadu. Please view it as the signs and messages revealed to me have resonance with other spirit-workers doing similar pilgrimages across the planet at this time. And it humbles me feel that resonance and shared spirit.

Blessings to the Collective and the Individual Hearts that make it So.

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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Post, Video © Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2017. Image: Ceiling Painting of Kali Amman at Ambaragarathur Kali Amman Temple, Puducherry. All rights reserved.





3 thoughts on “Approaches to Eclipse Energy & Day 1 of Pilgrimage in Tamil Nadu – Video Report

  1. Syren Nagakyrie says:

    Interesting — in the past week I have also had a meaningful experience during my devotions, in which a fly flew through the incense smoke and landed on the left side of my Kali murti, followed shortly after by an experience of intense heat and a sense of magnetism and spinning.

  2. Ruby says:

    Wow Bairavee, amazing and thank you SO much for sharing. I spent three months in India ten years ago. Life changing. Would love to return. Please continue to share. And thank you for generating the space to receive and transmute for us all. Blessings and safety for your travels my friend xx


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