Working with Eclipse Energy & Surprise Round of Sessions! (Now concluded) …

I woke up this morning after a heavy day of pilgrimaging yesterday. The lessons I learnt were ones of endurance, flexibility and the willingness to face your fear. I´ve been in meditation for about 12 hours today burning away layers, and layers of karmic debris and outdated energetic contracts.  I discuss these approaches in this video –


Afterwards, I visited Velankanni Basilica of our Lady of Good Health- a popular pilgrimage site in Tamil Nadu honoring the Mother Mary. It attracts pilgrims from multiple faiths and is a powerful example of how Christianity has been adapted through the lens of Tamil culture. Certainly worth doing a sociological analysis.


I prayed for myself, my family, all of you, the biosphere, the planet. And lit some candles and left a donation. They do a lot of charitable work there and inspire many. Pilgrims walk for hundreds of kilometers in the sweltering heat to reach the Basilica. Sometimes they walk towards the central altar on their knees, eyes closed in absolute faith. A beautiful sight. Spent a few minutes at the beach there and felt a light, peaceful energy despite the crowds and the heat. It was lovely and filled my heart with peace.


I also saw many different animals and signs along the way. Peacocks, dogs, goats, crows, kites (similar to eagles), a startling number of cows and a monitor lizard wanting to walk towards our car (even the volunteers taking me around were surprised). We also saw a beautiful black swan just zoom across our view. The land really speaks to you here, even as you pass it by.

Right now I´m at another powerful pilgrimage site known as Rameswaram. There´s a surprising number of North Indians here, with links to (yet another pilgrimage site) known as Kasi. Rameswaram is where you come to do ancestral prayers that allow you to cleanse the sins and karmic contracts of the past. The temple itself has 22 sacred tanks which you dip yourself into for the cleansing. It´s revered by different sects within Hinduism, a true convergence point for many different ways of perceiving faith.  There´s a lot more that can be said about the place, but I´d rather experience it first 😀 That´s for tomorrow!

Now … out of the blue I was guided to hold space for a few hours of sessions.


And I did.

We got some significant work done as the natural flow of facilitation was greatly amplified by celestial energies. We raised (through session fees and donations) 428 US Dollars, which is in the vicinity of 27000 Indian rupees for the volunteers. I will also be padding that amount up.
Your sessions will be sent out to you within the next few days. Please bear in mind that I will be going to a different location later today after my prayers


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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