Energetic Gateways, Challenges and Opportunities for Change with the Solar Eclipse in Leo (21 August 2017)

Uranus at 28 Aries and the Galactic Center at 27 Sagittarius trine the Solar Eclipse at 28 Leo. This raises the possibility and necessity of releasing old codes and opening ourselves up to celestial guidance, inspiration and information from a more aligned experience of Source energy.
Some of you may feel guilt in letting go of the past, and this is natural thing to feel. Whilst it may not seem so at first, the benefits of allowing yourself to shed and release what no longer serves you at this time – far outweighs any discomfort you may feel in the short term. In fact much of the panic and insecurities that may be coming for you may have nothing to do with external events, but the Ego´s fear of change. 
Sometimes you may also be holding onto a particular perception of the world so closesly that the act of holding on itself creates energetic imbalance. Allow your perceptions to shift in alignment with the purity of Cosmic awareness.
If you consciously want to hold onto your old ways of seeing the world, that is your choice to do so – but know that is also the seed you´re planting at this incredibly rich, fertile time.
Some of you may also want to work with facilitators who remove etheric devices and other forms of hooks that affect centers of perception. Please be wise in your choices as to who you work with.
You may also want to look back to ways of behaving and censoring yourself or filtering your perception of information that you learnt in childhood. Know that you have the right to release these as appropriate and to rediscover a sense of Play, Joy and Warmth within your heart-and-sacral-space.
That will be a huge step to take for some of you . And it is fortunate that this is the climate that transforms even a tiny step into a giant leap!
And that is all you really need to do.
Allow yourself to release what you no longer need.
Allow yourself to manifest what you do need and desire – if in alignment with your Greatest Good and Cosmos.
Allow yourself to contribute constructively to collective awakening.
Allow yourself to explore a new Path or way of Being – You.
Remember that you are setting powerful seeds that manifest in 18-year cycles! This is not just about the NOW, not by a long shot.
Also remember that this is an event that navigates time and space. It is not confined to any one nation or space, though the USA will be a focal point for the change owing to the path of the Eclipse.
Whatever you need to energetically know with respect to the Eclipses has been covered in my previous videos and articles. Taking a cerebral approach to this alignment would not be the best use of your energy and time or mine. Given the players involved, it is best to listen to the cues that arise through the consciousness of the Body, Heart, Inner Child and Creative Spirit within.
You may also see profound catalysts arising through leaders, actors, musicians, children, lovers, creative collaborators, friendships, soulmates (not necessarily romantic or sexual), charitable organizations and networks, social media and so on.
Whatever comes your way remember to take it as an opportunity to better learn how to navigate the cosmic currents.
Exercise reasonable caution around wiring, electrical equipment, uneven surfaces and groups or individuals who seem volatile. This is not the time to play spiritual superhero and attempt to Care-Bear-Heart-Stare them down, but to hold space for the vibration of Love and Peace as part of like-minded networks and communities.
If you are feeling overly sensitive or triggered during this Eclipse, please find places of shelter where you can feel safe, supported and nurtured. If able to help others find those spaces without compromising your own experience, please do it. The gesture will be returned manifold.
The solar eclipse reaches its maximal point of intensity between 1825-1830 UTC, 21st August 2017. That´s in under 17 hours´ time.
* * *

Remember to breathe. You´ve survived Total Solar Eclipses before and in all likelihood are going to survive this one as well.

* * *
I was guided to hold a brief round of minisessions a few hours ago to raise funds for the volunteers who have been showing me around to these pilgrimage spots. Those in session with me got some significant work done as the natural flow of facilitation was greatly amplified by celestial energies. We raised (through session fees and donations) 428 US Dollars, which is in the vicinity of 27000 Indian rupees for the volunteers. I will also be padding that amount up. Thank you for the additional donations <3
Your sessions will be sent out to you within the next few days. Please bear in mind that I will be going to a different location later today after my prayers.
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  1. Charon Mangino says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this very important information. I am being called to stay inside, pray, meditate and drum. I trust my intuition. Bairavee may I ask your thoughts about my crystals which I leave outside on railing, getting sun and moonlight when I am not using them. Should I bring them in the house tomorrow? Here in Connecticut, we will not be in the full path of the eclipse.

    Many thanks and blessings for all that you arenas do.🙏🏻 🌸charon

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