Lessons from the Pisces Full Moon (6 September 2017)

Fear and illusion exist to separate the Seeker from the experience of One-ness. When we choose to have faith, these vibrations have no choice but to dissolve (or integrate in a healthier manner, if appropriate). Choosing to sink into the seat of the Soul and its connection with source is one of the most powerful choices you can make, especially in times of crisis (as in so many places across the globe at present). Doing so does not ignore the situation, but allows us to respond from a place of alignment and therefore to make better choices.

As I work with a powerful sisterhood in Bali, I participate in the exercise of releasing myself from unwritten contracts that have bound me and my feminine lineage to responses of fear and disconnection. Undoing these knots and allowing myself to experience the fullness of Being (to the extent that I can at present) has been the most humbling, loving experience of my life.

By releasing these responses, etched onto the surface of the soul across lifetimes and allowing myself to remember the Full-ness of my Being, I give permission to my ancestors, my family and my descendants to do so. I give permission to all beings to do so. I give permission to the planet to do so.

As do all who do this incredibly important work.

When you come from a place of faith, rather than fear, you realize that you are EXACTLY where you need to be.

At the right place and the right time : Here, Now.

Take a moment to breathe that in. Accept it.

And breathe out.

Now the question becomes : Where to next ?

What paths do you choose? Which teachers do you follow? What destinations do you seek?

Things to consider…

We are able to make clearer and more decisive moves when we relieve ourselves of past baggage. With Neptune conjunct the Moon, opposing Eurydice and squaring The Great Attractor in Sagittarius … This is exactly the time to make such choices.

Drop the blindfold, part the veil, let the haze of illusion dissolve. Then … Choose.

May your choices lead you to greater compassion for yourselves and others. may your path serve many, including the Self. May your work touch the heart of this planet and all connected to Her Heart-Beat.

And watch it ripple outwards.

Remember that we are all Connected.

On a personal note, I would like to end this report by expressing my deep respect and gratitude for the facilitator of this workshop I am attending in Bali. Her name is Keziah and she leads the Sisterhood of SHE. I am deeply honored that she invited me to co-facilitate this incredible, expansive journey into Spirit and Reconnection with the Feminine.

No ego, no head-weight, no fluff, nothing but pure, compassionate, fiercely loving experiences. A beautiful collaboration of energies, approaches and hearts.

Tomorrow I work with the Sisterhood using meditative techniques, astrology, and -whatever-else-Spirit-guides-me-to-do as we perform Karmic Mapping through Astrology. We will be teaming up together on more retreats and workshops in the future, so keep your eyes open for them <3

Bountiful Blessings to All,

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