Blaze: The Fire in the Skies and from the Heart of the Sun (7 September 2017)


Today´s been a very fiery day. The North Node (23 Leo) and Mercury-who-has-recently-stationed-direct (28 Leo), trine Saturn (21 Sagittarius), Black Moon Lilith (23 Sagittarius), The Galactic Center (27 Sagittarius) and Uranus (28 Aries). That´s a whole lot of Fire Energy as part of an immense Grand Fire Trine. On top of that ,the Sun emitted the biggest solar flare we´ve seen in the past 12 years earlier today.

Generally speaking – this energy has been all about getting deeper and realer with the root of what motivates, inspires and moves us to passion, action and presence. It´s also an … epic time to move through some of the trauma and repressed anger we associated with the disenfranchised, marginalized Feminine experience.

Some of you may be faring badly and have symptoms such as emotional highs and lows, food cravings, headaches, etc. These are common experiences and are (in most cases) just your body´s way of calibrating it all.

And some of you may be soaring and doing extremely well. If so, I suggest putting that energy to good use.

Today I was working on lower chakra activations with The Sisterhood of SHE. It was a very powerful experience for all of them. We ended up working with solar energy as part of the activation, taking that fire and using it to burn through etheric debris. Which is not a common practice and not one I would recommend unless you really know what you´re doing.

We got a lot done and it has initiated a deeper process of energetic stock-taking – the effects will continue to unfold over the course of the year as Saturn itself reaches the Galactic Center.

It´s been an honor to play a part in the awakening process of this amazing group of women. And I am sure that the effects will continue to unfold.

Now … I really gotta get some rest. Hope to be back writing more regular reports soon. You can get a little more intel in the fb link below.  Just below that is a video link to an introductory talk I did on the Root Chakra for a previous workshop.


Peace out <3

Bairavee xoxo




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