This Virgo New Moon is unusually powerful for (at least) six reasons:

(1) It was preceded by the Moon´s occultation of Venus, Mars, Mercury and fixed Star Regulus

(2) It squares the Galactic Center at 27 Sagittarius and opposes Chiron at 26 Pisces

(3) It is part of a Yod (Finger of Fate) involving Venus (0 Virgo), Jupiter (25 Libra) and Chiron (26 Pisces). The New Moon lies close to the midpoint of Venus-Jupiter and opposes Chiron.

(4) The New Moon inconjuncts Uranus at 27 Aries

(5) Saturn (21 Sagittarius), Black Moon Lilith (24 Sagittarius), The North Node (Mean Calculation, 22 Leo) and Eris (23 Aries) form a Grand Fire Trine

(6) The New Moon squares Hebe (24 Sagittarius), Pholus (26 Sagittarius) and Achilles (28 Sagittarius) – whilst trining Sedna (26 Taurus) and Hephaestus (27 Taurus)

I´ll go through the significance of each alignment briefly:

The Moon´s occultation of Venus, Mars, Mercury and Regulus meant that it appeared in front of these bodies in the skies (from Earth´s perspective). When this happened, hidden concerns surrounding our relationship with love, finances, vitality, health, male-female dynamics, pride, entitlement, service and status – come up. Our emotions, especially those deeply buried bubbled up to make us raise vital questions, such as:

Why do we do what we do?
How do we treat others in the name of service?
What do we endure?
And is this truly in alignment with our Spiritual paths?

And so on … That´s just the tip of the ice-berg.

The New Moon´s square to the Galactic Center means that this is really the time to listen to our teachers, guides, mentors and gurus. You are going to see Saturn moving over the Galactic Center in November and December – and there you will be asked to consolidate the daily structure you develop now into a larger endeavour, effort or vision of yourself.

And – As I have explained in a previous article, despite the well-intentioned rhetoric – we are not our ´own guru´ . A guru´s role is a very specific one: he or she is responsible for the student´s spiritual welfare, especially as they access different levels of power, in different dimensional planes. And that´s putting it mildly – the term has been so diluted … (in the same way that doing yoga supposedly makes you a yogi or yogini… that´s a topic for another day).

Go as far as you can from on the basis of your own intuition and discernment. You´ll come to a place through your seekings where external assistance will be needed to go further. And with the level of energetic disinformation zooming about, this is a challenge you are likely to encounter. Tread carefully and choose your teachers and facilitators wisely..

Listen to those who guide you and inspire you – listen to the wayshowers who point towards the direction you need to head on. Sometimes your own wisdom and knowing is not enough. Otherwise Life would be a purely solo journey, and it isn´t so.

Your Teachers will show you the way. Heed their words -and – implement them into daily practice. Use the ideas you get and translate them into concrete, step-by-step practices that you use to structure your daily life.

Maybe it´s a mantra, an exercise or yoga regime, or visiting a shrine regularly, or taking a herb or simply brushing your teeth more – whatever these steps and tools are, find ways to make it part of your Daily Practice.

The Yod that this New Moon is a part of puts the attention on Chiron, the Wounded Healer. Use your intellect to discern through and put to rest karmic dynamics of woundedness and hurt carried through the lifetimes and generational line. This is the time to transcend spiritual identities built around the wound (seen as a site of damage, hollowness, etc.) , which in itself brooks great resistance.

When we transcend karmic patterns we allow ourselves to remember being whole. Our narratives of hurt, whilst remaining valid, simply play less of a role in understanding who we are. This requires a certain level of ego-death to materialize in the first place. A tall order, but certainly something this New Moon inspires us towards.

The inconjunct to Uranus (27 Aries) makes this New Moon particularly volatile. Erratic outbursts, abberant behaviors and/or breakthroughs/breakdowns are likely to occur. We are invited to build the foundation for a new sense of Selfhood to emerge. Those with placements near 27 Aquarius and/or Scorpio will experience this as a Yod (Finger of Fate), bringing them to the karmic crossroads of change. How you experience a Yod depends entirely on your chart and personal level of evolution.

The incredible Grand Fire Trine between Saturn, Black Moon Lilith, the North Node (mean calculation) and Eris – just flares it all up! You can use these energetic currents to create powerful new things, and to destroy the old. Sometimes the former requires the latter. Be mindful that such changes can hurt – not just yourself but the people around you. Weigh that cost in your mind before making decisions. For many, it will be the realization that rocking the boat, pouring out the Kool-Aid and breaking the group-think is EXACTLY what is needed at this time.

Whatever great revelations come will still need a pragmatic plan of action in order to be manifested. Seek out guides, facilitators and mentors who can help show you the way if you feel stuck. But remember to honor them for their time and energy. The last thing you want is to create a further cycle of dependence and resentment with all this.

Buttons will be pushed as the New Moon squares multiple bodies in Sagittarius (in addition to the Galactic Center). Hebe reminds us to consider the vulnerability of the Maiden as she navigates a sexually complex world, Pholus tells us that whatever we uncover will point to deeper patterns in the work of healing the ancestral line and Achilles reminds us to honor our own vulnerabilities honestly.

This is the place to remember to stay humble, teachable and flexible. The way we view reality and the scripts and paradigms we use may not be the best possible ones. Again, the search for a teacher or guide who can help you navigate is highlighted – as are the potential consequences of finding one with false feet. Remember that you feed the cycle of dependence with this Moon, or, with your choices break that pattern.

The New Moon´s trine to Sedna and Hephaestus tells us a similar picture, in different ways. It´s a powerful time for those seeking to find healing from sexual abuse, memories of neglect, abandonment and betrayal. Healing comes as we honor the memories we carry in our cells and choose to release them (if appropriate to do so). Many modalities exist to help you with this kind of work. Forgiveness appears to be a key tool (as always, but especially so now) in the work of reprogramming cellular memory.

I´m chuckling here as this was pretty much what my teacher said yesterday – I arrived at the same conclusion deductively. I have also started an exercise regime that focuses upon the release of such codings from the physical body. It´s a good confirmation for me.

Remember that at the end of the day, the New Moon in Virgo encourages you to be self-disciplined, self-directing and self-sufficient. Whilst we take guidance and direction from others, we retain a strong element of self-sufficience. Finding a space where this quality exists alongside humility and teachability is perhaps one of the strongest challenges and opportunities highlighted through this New Moon.

You may also see concerns coming up in matters of health (especially the nerves and belly), travel (especially overseas, for pilgrimages, education, citizenship matters) and questions of a karmic and/or metaphysical nature (the kind of thing that is hidden and you may have a harder time putting your finger on).

Work towards creating a daily routine, habit or ritual that incorporates your work of service, whilst honoring the vessel of the body and its maintenance. Solid boundaries help here as often service-providers overextend themselves and end up drained and exhausted. As the saying goes, you can´t fill another´s cup when your own is empty.

Honor your body and put the work into what it needs for you to be healthy in mind, body and spirit. Remember to rest and stay adequately hydrated. Honor the Earth and her nurturance of All as part of rituals and prayers.

Remember to look to November/December of this year as Saturn conjuncts the Galactic Center and squares this New Moon. As usual, you will also see some seeds ripen from the intentions set now 6 months down the line, during the Virgo Full Moon (March 2018)

I hope this article is of value and interest to you. For those interested, I had a lovely conversation with Rabbi Melinda Bernstein on this Moon and related topics this morning: You can access that here:

Vanakam, Namaste and Blessings to All!

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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For those interested – I´d recommend listening to the Gayathri Mantra at this time, especially with the Earthly nature of Virgo. Here are some excellent versions with accurate intonation. The pronounciation matters, though the rhythm varies with tradition. It is open to all to listen to irrespective of background.

Female version –
Male version –

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