Only a small percentage of spiritual facilitators and energy-workers are able to see through some of the higher-and-lower dimensional thought forms, devices and energy patterns that exert subtle, yet powerful influences on the psyche. And to do so in a way that does not let them fall into the trap of paranoia, fear and despair.

Some of these come from day-to-day living in the here-and-now, others through the generational line, or through connections that emerge through past-life work.

Many internalize these attachments and influences as part of their personal make-up and heed its direction as part of their own intuition and spiritual guidance, often romanticizing them or justifying them at the intellectual level. For instance – the phenomenon of the fake guide or even fake light is one that more and more are coming to understand.

There´s many up and coming facilitators in their early-to-late 20s who have innate skills of discernment in this area, but their lesson is to learn how to anchor their energy into the earth plane so they do not compromise the accuracy of their sight to validate their material desires.

The generation that appears to be under the strongest influence and is the most resistant to change lies between the 40-60 age range.

We don´t like talking about this because it sounds like the old-school hierarchical bull-shit that we´re walking away from. But facts are facts. And of course, there are exceptions to those generalizations.

Whether it´s in the challenges we face, or the way we learn things or the way we see things or how fast and deep we grow – the truth is that we are not the same. Be it as seeker, teacher, facilitator, and so on.

Stating that all is One does not mean that everyone is able, willing or required to operate at the same frequency. That´s an unqualified generalization that can lead a person down a path that may not be the best option for them.

I no longer subscribe to the idea that bad choices are meant to be because of our karma.

I subscribe to the idea that what we choose is what is meant to happen. Because of our free will.

We teach and encourage spiritual seekers to unconditionally trust their intuition and/or those they seek guidance from without spending an equal amount of energy and time on developing discernment and grounding.

We don´t even discuss where our perception of intuition arises from and how easily it is influenced by external factors, or by the ego itself. It´s more comfortable to say that everyone´s great as they are.

Whilst unfashionable to point this out, asking someone who is jacked to trust their intuition is … idiotic. It´s like asking someone who has been forced to wear yellow tinted glasses to be aware of the red flags in the room.

And the sad part is that they may not even know those glasses are on in the first place.

The facilitators who do point this out are usually not the most popular ones. They rock the boat and refuse complacency. They tend to stay away from the approaches that will get them hooked into the need to believe that their view is the end-all-and-be-all.

Before you approach a facilitator (especially when doing heavy-duty work) – do some homework

Do you trust this person to witness and understand your energy in an accurate way?

Are you willing to take their insight on board or do you assume your path must be correct?

Are you ready to let go of deeply held beliefs, narratives and ideas that you have held about yourself and your experiences?

Asking yourself these questions is a decent starting point in exercising greater circumspection on the spiritual path.

Some facilitators will have the sight to discern things that others cannot. It is not an equal or level playing field as everyone is at their own phase in development. And that is exactly why we seek out spiritual facilitation from others.

I am an acquired taste when it comes to facilitators because I do not give a rat´s ass about making a person´s ego feel validated, nurtured or held. .

When I speak, I speak directly to a person´s soul and I witness changes at the unseen level of energy. That doesn´t mean I necessarily yell at them or wear kid gloves. The act of witnessing a person´s soul is a powerful catalyst of transformation in and of itself. And it brings out a wide range of responses.

Sometimes it is a message that reminds a person of the fact that they ARE the embodiment of Love itself.

Sometimes it is a message that holds up a mirror to show someone where their Ego has created a very narrow view of Spirit, that does no one justice.

Sometimes it is the message that they already have the knowledge within – or perhaps they need a certain type of teacher.

It really depends.

Whatever the message is – there needs to be a willingness to receive it.

Some will enjoy the vibration of being seen and spoken to at that level, even when it challenges their beliefs and exposes their vulnerabilities. When the soul is able and willing to receive the message, it responds naturally to the dynamic. And the ego dissolves some of its postures and ingrained resistances. It´s a beautiful thing to witness and facilitate. And the seeds set through the work blossom in term, with that individual´s continued and sustained effort and flow.

Some will dislike the process intensely, especially if such external factors (often supported by an inner egoic dynamic to validate one´s process and choices) are afoot. The more directly the soul is spoken to (doesnt matter if I yell or whisper – it´s the vibration that is held), the more resistance the person puts up. I sometimes get energy attacks from clients who do not want to hear the message, but that´s one of the hazards of the job. It is not my task to validate the ego but to help a person identify what it is and how it has formed.

Having an intense and adverse reaction to being seen does not mean a person is always egotistic in the way we use that term. It tends to point to a deeper or more subtle level of influence or interference they have not needed to question.

In witnessing their energy, they can no longer take it for granted.

Often, a person´s individual ego is the least of one´s problems – or so I have found – as so much of that forms through a far wider context than the Self.

Questioning that requires you to look at alternate models and paradigms that do not center the individual´s levels of consciousness and perception thereof at the center of spiritual experience. That tends to be (generally speaking) more of a Western approach.

Whether it is with me, or in work that you do with someone else – or within yourself – always question what you think you know. And seek out those who will help you expand your perception and grow, even when it challenges what you think you know.

I certainly hold myself to the same standard. And the facilitators I work with to further my own awareness with are probably even more of an acquired a taste than I am.

It´s not always a pleasant process when you have invested a lot of of energy in the way you view yourself and the cosmos and the narrative of your journey thus far, but it is absolutely rewarding.

Stay open, stay humble, stay discerning.
And enjoy the journey ahead.

Travel Safe 

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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