Discernment & Togetherness: Practical Guidance for the Present (4 October 2017)



The skies are such where even the most benign of truths and perspectives is liable to be projected on as a contorted version of itself.

Where the voice of anyone or anything that challenges a perspective (even with the best evidence available), is still likely to face a barrage of rhetorical and energetic attacks.

A lot of this has to do with Black Moon Lilith approaching the Galactic Center, the Mars-Venus conjunction in Virgo and the soon-to-arrive Full Moon in Aries.

The best suggestion I can provide is to honor your own truth and respect someone else´s right to the same. You have your space, they have theirs.

Whilst we are all interconnected, we are also separate beings on this material realm, processing different parts of the cosmic puzzle.

In much the same way that the body is separated into different (and yet, interconnected) parts. They´re all doing their different things, but are ultimately part of the same organism.

So what do you do?

Focus on the little things (which actually aren´t that little).

Look at your health, digestion, wellness regiments.
Look at your spiritual tools, spaces and rituals.
Look at the way you organize your desk, your thought processes and priorities.
Look at the way you honor the balance of give and take in your energy and other resources.

There are great number of things you could be crusading and fighting for right now … and that´s valid too. But make sure you´ve got the right foundation for any help you can provide set in place.

Take care of you first, then move to others (same deal as the oxygen mask in the airplane).

Respect an individual´s right to refuse your well-meaning words, actions and nurture if they are on a different path.

They have the right to move out of your space if they do not resonate.

Conversely, they do not have the right to stay in your space and force their opinion onto you unless you allow them to.

It really works both ways.

Help those who wish to receive your help and are willing to honor your energy and time appropriately.

It saves you a lot of drama and frees your energy to be of meaningful service.


* * *

That being said ….

* * *



There is too much going on in the skies, and in the world for any one person to handle.

It is, in many ways, a call towards togetherness.

No, not the same as codependency and all that stuff we steer ourselves away from in developing self discipline on the spiritual path. Or the quest to lose yourself in another.

But that human connection that arises when hearts touch. When you´re not looking to emotionally dump, find catharsis, experience metamorphosis or reveal deep truths.

Just that simple act of connection without expectation.

Being present with another being without condition.

In this … particularly delicate, volatile and … intense … chapter of the human story.

It´s time to band together. And to do what we can.

Once we are able to stand up for ourselves.

And that might take the support of a friend at first.

Put your focus back onto finding your feet.

And your center.

And – if called – do the same for another when you can.

Don´t let yourself get pulled into conflicts that you alone cannot solve.

Invest that precious energy of yours where it can make real change.

And keep at it.


* * *

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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