The games of the mind are manifold and those who seek to master them are most susceptible to their more subtle manifestations.
I´ve been reflecting on my sessions yesterday and today – and really, this is the theme. This is a reflective piece so don´t expect nuggets of wisdom instantly – take the walk around the mountain and enjoy the view when it comes.
I am privileged to attract many exceptional healers and sincere seekers on the Path to my work. They facilitate my growth and learning as the challenges of that work become far more subtle and sophisticated. And as I continue to search for answers and to find more aligned approaches to facilitation and service.
When you regularly work with the energy-bodies of those who spend years at understanding themselves and putting the work into practice, the bar is set pretty high to begin with.
Finding the solution to their queries requires an energetic analysis that goes beyond the domain of astrology. That´s been happening more and more as of late.
Some sessions have not taken place in words, but pure silence. And the energetic effects have been … well, there ain´t no words for it. Some have been typed dialogue, but some have just been pure remote-work.
And those are easier to conduct as compared to the usual face-to-face approach I use. Mostly because my personal energy shakes the living shit out of anything that looks like denial, suppression or the traditional ego at work.
It´s just the way I´m wired. I don´t even have to say anything cutting, the energy will just start to shake and wake up the bits in hiding.
I remember me starting to look at a woman´s chart only for her to just burst into tears. For me the chart (at that time) was the gateway to access a person´s Spiritual signature.
Which would have been cleansing, and needed for her.
It does not make it easy on me though.
I take no joy in the pain that the process sometimes brings out.
But I do enjoy the results <3
Especially when the shift happens for them.
For most people, it´s instant.
For certain astrological reasons (like having a prominently placed Galactic Center), those shifts come to full fruition in November / December this year.
What makes me want to get better at what I do is the love and respect those whom I offer facilitations to have for me. They come in with trust, and I hope to deliver the best results I can manage.
That being said … I learn through that process of reflection.

What lessons are being mirrored to me?

Have I done the work I preach?
Where is the blind spot in my own awareness?
Who can help me find it if I cannot find it for myself?

Have I substituted knowledge and the authority that comes with it for compassion and connection within?

What I found today and yesterday in my session work was the simple and powerful recognition that the mind finds new tricks all of the time. The only way we become immune to it is to walk a path that is more integrated.

To honor what the earth of the body says in its own language.

To explore the waters of emotion and intuition that arises through it.
To engage the world with the fires of the Mind, blazing through with passion and conviction.

To remember that these experiences are but a tiny sliver of what is Spirit.

And that our awakening process is not something we can bulldoze through – sometimes it´s a matter of time, or going back to an area you may have thought you already mastered.
What I am seeing across the board is this desire to expand, push, break through and growth with intensity and acceleration. To become ´more´, to learn more tools, to see more, to gain more knowledge – to Know.
And that´s very Saturn-in-Sagittarius-headed-for-the-Galactic-Center.
In this intense striving and knowing remember that´s just a very small part of you trying to find its place in the world.
There are other parts of you that have things to say.
There are other paths you can take with the knowledge you have. It doesn´t always have to be on a grand stage for others, but can equally be a quiet focus on yourself and your immediate environment.
Higher dimensions are as valid lower ones. Neither has a moral compass that points in a single direction.
It´s hard for those who have spent so long in the journey to become recognized as teachers (usually seeking that recognition from themselves) to go over these points.
Sometimes they feel as though these ideas invalidate their work.
Which is untrue.
It simply asks you to shift in a new direction if you feel as though you are stuck, blocked, or somehow out of alignment.
The video below covers a deeper discussion on that topic and ways that the mind (and those who master aspects of it) convince themselves that they are honoring all aspects of Being.
I would like you to process this not with your mind, but with your breath, body and deeper consciousness. Try to avoid a label or meaning-making exercise.
Or even the words ´I feel´ or ´I resonate´ – they´ve been overused and employed without discretion. When one´s mental programming is strong enough, they interpret emotional and psychic information almost exclusively through that filter. So what doesn´t fit into that worldview gets chucked away.
That´s how powerful your mind is. Especially when the human ego becomes attached to what it has learnt – be it from a paradigm, teacher, or so on.
So use it wisely 😉
With love as always.
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Image: Video Mapping Projection by Petr Kratochvil, Public Domain Image.


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    I have the name and number of a Sufi woman in TorC who does an Airbnb sort of thing in a casita (small house)

    If you are interested I can find out more re price etc or if you want to contact her yourself I can also get her email. Mi do not know if she is an official Airbnb or not.

    Looking forward to hearing from you…..(Aries moon here)

    Warm regards, Arlan

    On Sun, Oct 8, 2017 at 1:52 AM Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD wrote:

    > Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD posted: ” The games of the mind are > manifold and those who seek to master them are most susceptible to their > more subtle manifestations. I´ve been reflecting on my sessions yesterday > and today – and really, this is the theme. This is a reflective pie” >


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