Mercury, the Messenger brings us the word from the Down Below, i.e. the Underworld. Areas of our lives which – generally speaking – we may be less than eager to address. It´s about ancestral or inherited magic, the night, the darkness, the shadow, our deepest fears and desires. It´s about where we put our energies, with whom and why. At the material level, it involves sex, death, taxes, surgeries / healing, and the management of resources. At the biological level, it refers to the reproductive organs. In terms of the 7-chakra model (and yes, there are more), you´re looking at the Solar Plexus, Sacral and Base – but really .. the whole human organism is intricately interwoven.

Mercury in Scorpio by itself is already a pretty intense customer – but conjunct Jupiter? You´ve got a recipe for power, intensity, alchemy, transmutation, regeneration, rebirth . . . or pain, drama, angst, trauma, suffering and more pain. It really depends on where you are in terms of your journey within and what tools you use to find a stable center from which to address these challenges.

Phrased differently – you can be dragged against your will into the personal, ancestral and collective Underworld – or have a much better time if you choose to do it yourself and/or with the guidance of an experienced practitioner.

Shamans and energy workers are advised to use greater psychic safeguards at this time. The veils are unusually thin.

Jupiter amplifies all that it touches.
Mercury brings you the message you need to give and receive.

But they´re also modified by Apollon (a Uranian body) which also – like Jupiter – amplifies what it touches.

And Typhon – the monster in mythology that drove the Greek Gods to Egypt. He is described as a chthonic (underworld) giant from the Earth with serpent or dragon like features.

Jupiter-Mercury-Apollon-Typhon are all at 1 Scorpio right now. Together, they ask us to look at so much that has been stored in our personal, ancestral and collective shadow-psyche.

Remember that not all that is in the shadow is meant to be rescued, regenerated and/or rebirthed. Some things are just meant to be released. Some are simply meant to be accepted for what they are. Lots of possibilities.

* * *

There´s a lot more going on in the skies, such as Chiron opposed Atlantis, Lilith squared the Sun, Saturn trined Eris, Neptune trined Kassandra, Venus opposed Osiris and so on …

I´m just going to summarize it briefly. Think of this as … practitioner notes.

Those who are working on themselves or with clients in need of energetic recalibration are advised to factor in the intensity of the messages and energies presented to them at this time.

Many of these messages will echo or resonate with the Serpentine energy signature. Which is at best, ambiguous. Use discernment, as always – but even more so now.

Feel into what arises, but remember to pull back from the Abyss. There will be the tendency to want to get to the Heart of the Matter, the Depth and Truth of All Things.

Practice compassion and forgiveness.

Experience what arises but remember as well to remain detached.
Greater forces are at play and not everything is what we interpret it to be.

We are humans seeking to understand a much larger Universe.

* * *
It is tempting to put the experience of the soul into a human narrative, replete with a protagonist and an antagonist. Good vs Bad. Neat boxes that tell you why certain things happen the way they do.

But very often the boxes we use to define our experiences confine us to a particular vibration on the spectrum of experience.

Sometimes these narratives can help to liberate us and reveal the contours of our Being. And sometimes they don’t.

More often than not, we emotionally over-identify with these stories and legitimate their validity. So they become the dominant construct of experience and perception. And the Soul itself is experienced through an all-too-human filter.

Whilst it is important – at one stage of the journey – to experience the vibration of the narrative, it is equally important to release it.

Many have just awoken to the need to feel through their experiences. And that is a good thing.

We came into being to understand this process, not to deny its existence.

But at a certain point of emotional saturation and experience, the construct needs to give way. So the learning and experience of the Soul can continue.

That way… You go beyond being a victim, rescuer, abuser, survivor, and so on.

And meet an Essence of Being that can never be defiled, forgotten or disconnected from. That’s bigger than anything you can imagine.

Perhaps that is where the alchemical process seeks to finally arrive.

* * *

Many energy-forms that have been remembered on this planet are due for their own upgrades. It is wise not to romanticize the past or to seek to bring it back as it once was. If we trust in the evolutionary teleology of the Universe …. there´s a reason why it´s in the past.

Allow whatever arises to be released, if appropriate – and sent back to Source / Cosmos / The Origin Point.

Use black tourmaline when journeying. For a more powerful experience, try nuummite. Remember to gauge your own level of sensitivity and resilience.

The vibration of gold is highly protective and it is wise to work this colour / Ray at this time.

* * *

And … don´t forget we have the Libra New Moon coming up. Which will be opposed Uranus in Aries tomorrow. This will be a massive release of energy, codes and the potential to cut through karmic contracts that no longer resonate.

Hypersensitives may wish to ground and stay away from high-intensity work at this time. Minimizing your exposure to electronic items (smartphones, computers, etc.) and spending time in nature is advised.


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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Image: Zeus aiming his thunderbolt at a winged and snake-footed Typhon. (c. 540–530 BC). Public Domain.



  1. estarwalkeryahoocom says:

    Hey thanks for the heads up on Typhon. Check my chart and I’ve got a Sun/Typhon/Eris conjunction in Aries in my natal chart within 1 degree orb. No wonder I survived massive hurricanes when I was a kid in Miami! Was in a 7.2 earthquake in Hawaii too…and used to have numerous dreams with tornadoes as far as the eye could see. Currently living near the the base of the largest volcano in America too. Lol

  2. sahra farah says:

    Hi I went thank you oll your information you gave me I was seek before I reshape your post now I understand what he doing . But I still love him oh my gosh. I am worried what is coming he was my husband. On 18 Oct 2017 12:13, “Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD” wrote:

    > Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD posted: ” Mercury, the Messenger brings > us the word from the Down Below, i.e. the Underworld. Areas of our lives > which – generally speaking – we may be less than eager to address. It´s > about ancestral or inherited magic, the night, the darkness, the shadow, > our d” >


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