A Brief Note on The Search for Truth

Whilst it is important to know what is our individual understanding of Truth and Reality – it is as important to remember that the Cosmos has its own intrinsic logic.

It´s like that old saying: If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans.

One of the hardest lessons for one who has spent their time developing, honoring, and projecting their Truth into the wider world – is to realize that there is always a bigger paradigm, or process at play.

This requires a shift from the (at essence) Western understanding of the Self / Individual and the Seat of Consciousness as the primary reference point through which we understand Spirit.

Most tools, techniques, approaches to mysticism and alchemy available right now are written with this fundamental premise.

And for this collective consciousness to evolve further, this idea too needs dissolution. It was why the Eastern traditions stressed the need to surrender to a Higher Power, often mediated through the Guru.

As the Guru had the sight and understanding of the student´s Path and the Evolutionary impulse of that Soul-in-search-of-Spirit.

As with all things, that idea changed over time and acquired a more self-serving meaning. And so the opposite principle began to take root. Where the idea of the teacher is rebelled against and the Individual believes they must know what is best for their incarnation.

I resonate
I feel
I know

All this works – up to a point.

And given the current planetary influences, it becomes even harder for the Individual to know the true Self vis-a-vis larger forces that claim the same.

The Sky Priestess

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