The Gemini Full Moon (3 December 2017): In search of Truth through the Eye of the Needle

In 31 hours from now, the Gemini Full Moon goes exact.
In 23 hours from now, Mercury Retrogrades at 29 Sagittarius, right next to Saturn at 28 Sagittarius.
There´s plenty of astrological factors that intensify the power of this Full Moon. Here´s a couple of them:
Saturn has just conjuncted the Galactic Center. We are still downloading messages from Source, and are being asked to realign dramatically so that we can find ourselves in True Flow. As Saturn is so close to Mercury (as it Retrogrades), the messages from Source will be that much stronger – impossible to deny.
Some will enjoy the intensity of the search for Truth this alignment brings, and others will feel like curling up into a ball till this alignment passes. How you fare during this time (in pleasure of pain) has little reflection on your relationship with Truth. Some will enjoy entrenching themselves in delusion, and others will feel the pain of the collective, or the anguish that disillusionment can bring.
Another reason why things are as intense as they are is that the Sun and Moon also aspect the Great Attractor (14 Sagittarius). It´s not an exact alignment, but a 3 degree orb is close enough. The Great Attractor creates an intense, all-out, black-or-white polarizing force. People will love you, or hate you – and it won´t have much to do with you.
It´s a cosmic reminder to take nothing personally, even though it may seem intensely personal. The game of push and pull we´re playing spans across the heavens, representative of something far larger than anything any of us can imagine in isolation.
The Full Moon (11 Gemini) itself brings forth the opportunity to analyze and re-pattern our earliest conditioning, or embedded responses to powerful experiences in the earliest years of life.
For those willing to look, you can understand more of why and how you think about the world and express yourself in it – and what needs to change so that your talk – matches your larger truth. It will also be a very inspirational moon to make path-breaking discoveries for seekers of truth, be they spiritualists or scientists (and everyone in between).
Remember to make some time for siblings and others who played key roles in your formative years. They may need your attention, or highlight a pattern of lesson that still needs resolution in your own psyche.
Letting go of conscious control seems to be the order of the day, owing to the magnitude of the forces at play. Surrender to what you consider to be Sacred, practice psychic protection and know that the answers you seek are likely to be found in your earliest memories.
Writing, singing, journaling (especially with the non-dominant hand) can be especially cathartic at this time.
What unfolds now will also tie into the seeds you set during the Gemini New Moon on June 9, 2017. Look back to that time to see how it connects to the present.
Whatever happens now will be revisited as Mercury returns to 29 degrees Sagittarius on January 10, post-retrograde. So you´ll have a little over a month to work through the information, ideas and messages communicated through this Full Moon.
The rest of this article focuses upon some of the specific aspects this Full Moon makes with certain planets and astrological bodies. I´ve covered the gist of it, but those who want to delve into the details, keep on reading. It gets a lot more complex.
Jupiter (11 Scorpio) inconjuncts the Full Moon (11 Gemini). This brings to the fore matters that lurk in the shadow of the psyche, the ancestral pit, karmic contracts that pass through the generational line, matters to do with sexuality, finances and questions surrounding honor, integrity and boundaries. (And so much more). Jupiter´s energy amplifies Scorpio´s message and brings so much of this darkness to the surface, where it can no longer be swept under the carpet. Hidden obsessions, domains of the psyche, phobias and subliminal patterns will reveal themselves.
The Full Moon in Gemini will urge you to connect back to the earliest parts of your childhood, where you learnt how to think, feel, behave and identify yourself as an individual separated from your environment. Look to scripts you learned and imbibed during your formative years, or to events that led certain sequences of action and reaction into motion. This will help you make better sense of the ´darkness´ that may be emerging for you now. And that is not always a bad thing. (Quite a lot of weirdness comes through the glamour of the bling, sparkle and dazzle – things aren´t always what they appear to be in the spiritual world … rarely in fact)
Those who have placements near 11 Capricorn and/or Aries will experience this alignment as a Finger of Fate / Yod. Circumstances in your lives will force you to a point of action, decision or even release. It´s hard to generalize how that pattern unfolds as it depends on how your chart is specifically positioned.
Just know that you will be presented with a golden set of keys to accelerate your path of transcending certain deeply rooted karmic patterns, or to further entrench yourselves in them.
We also see the (Mean) North Node at 18 Leo creating an inconjunct to Pluto (17 Capricorn).
Long story short, we are all being asked to look into our relationship with power, authority, structures and the kind of evolutionary force that allows us to transform that which is no longer in alignment. Explore your creative, passionate, playful vision and make room for the expression of that energy – no matter how dense matters may feel at this time. We are certainly in a powerful crucible, and birthing the new is not always a pleasurable process.
It doubly reinforces the connection between shadow-patterns and our experiences as children. Create some space to speak with the Child Within. S/he may have answers that will unlock the puzzle-box so to speak.
A few hours after going exact, the Moon will transform this alignment into a Yod (Finger of Fate) as it moves in Gemini. Those with placements near 17-18 Pisces will also see this alignment form.
Last, but not least … Neptune (11 Pisces) directly squares the Sun (11 Sagittarius) and the Moon (11 Gemini). Many spiritual gateways will be opened at this time, and so it is really important to stay as grounded as you can – and to use a healthy dose of spiritual discernment.
Narcissus (10 Pisces) conjuncts Neptune, making it even more important to make sure that we are not filtering spiritual or psychic information through the lens of the mind – and what it wants to see. Be it a delusion of grandeur, insignificance, persecution, martyrdom – or all of the above. Be extra mindful as we do tend to re-create the experience of reality we perceive ourselves to inhabit.
In practical terms:
Double-check things that you feel and intuit – there´s nothing wrong in. And pay close attention to your spiritual radar. If something is off, it probably is. Trust your instincts, but do your due diligence. Pay attention to your dreams and give yourself permission to release whatever illusions may keep you from realizing your inner, spiritual truth.
Some of you may be uncovering abilities in ESP, mediumship, or may be simply more aware of alternate planes of existence. These gifts / layers of awareness need to be managed well, lest they interfere with joy/work of living in the day to day – the here and now (why else did we choose to incarnate here?).
You will really be seeing the truth, and mettle of those who position themselves as seers, mystics, teachers and oracles at this time. Always be mindful (if you are any of these) to make claims that you can actually substantiate. Never oversell yourself to garner a following – it tends to bite you in the ass at the end of the day. Similarly, never blindly surrender your faith to anyone, even when you are receiving some kind of service from them.
Those with placements near 11 Virgo will complete the square and experience a Grand Mutable Cross. A greater balancing act is required for those with this alignment. Watch your digestive health and stress levels. B vitamins (from whichever sources you see fit) can go a very long way. Simple acts of self-nurture (cooking yourself a healthy meal, sleeping well), can go a very long way at this time. And that´s decent advice for everyone who may be struggling with this alignment.
The Full Moon goes exact on December 3rd 2017 at 15:46 pm (UTC time).
Mercury Retrogrades at 29´18 Sagittarius on December 3rd 2017 at 7.34 am (UTC time)
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Image: ´Black Sun´ in Splendor Solis, public domain. 

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