Sun (18 Sagittarius) trines the North Node and Ceres (18 Leo)

Be aware of how your direction, or sense of destination is influenced by others at this time. They could be leaders, lovers, charismatic speakers, teachers, children, creative collaborators, and so on. You may re-think your role as part of the greater paradigm shift underway.
Seek the road to the Mountaintop that allows you to honor your emotions. This involves taking responsibility for how you feel and the steps you take to re-align yourself if needed. Keep your eye on the ball, as it where and do not let the focus drop in this critical phase of emergence.
Some will absolutely enjoy this alignment, and others will wish they had stayed in bed. That comes down to a wide range of factors. If you are enjoying this alignment and surfing the solar waves in pure joy, stop reading now and get back to it 😀
Be mindful of childish displays or overdramatic responses as Ceres brings forth the mother-child dynamic in all of this. Avoid dramas that seek to make you (or the other) play such roles (unless you´re a therapist / facilitator working with a client who is prepared for such deep work).
Neptune opposing the Moon in Virgo, both squaring Venus does not help those who are already triggered. Deeply rooted anxieties are likely to re-emerge at this time. Mars in Scorpio forces that which is hidden out into the open in any case. Relationships, especially of the sexual or intimate nature will serve as valuable lessons, especially now.
Those with placements near 18 Aries will experience this as a Grand Fire Trine. It will challenge you to respond to situations that emerge with an anchored, grounded and embodied sense of I AM Consciousness.
This does not mean that you are selfish, but that your sense of Self is not anchored in the ego-mind. It does not mean that you disregard others, but that your Honor the essence of their Self by honoring your Own.
No one can move you, shake you or challenge you from your engagement with the core of your consciousness.
And that certainly goes beyond this observed, earthly realm.
Be mindful of knee-jerk responses or shooting from the hip – these may seem like Truth (and are at a certain level), but they do not typically come from the most aligned places within. That is the challenge of Aries.
No matter what comes up for you –
Know that you have faced these concerns and worries off before and you do not need to operate from a place of fear, or wounded reaction.
That is NOT who you are.
Take a breather, come back to your center and think about what the greater message is.
What reflection have you received on yourself?
The Truth of the Path you take?
What do you need to further ground yourself?
I recommend eating nourishing foods that bring you to a state of groundedness. Gemstones such as agate, jasper and so on will be especially beneficial. Essential oils (please check contraindications and dosage before use) such as birch, spruce, pine, etc. will go a long way in helping you remember your roots. Remember to dilute before use.

On the New Waveform and Accelerated Possibilities of Healing:

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