Love is not about being Comfortable.


Love is not about being comfortable. It can be, and it´s nice when it is.

But really, they´re not the same thing.

The ancients understood that the vibration of Love had nothing to do with whether you liked it or not.

Their greatest spirit-workers were those who did not make things seem comfortable. They created and forged new paradigms that often left them at the margins of society.

Because Love did not let them sit in Falsehood.

It tends to be less uncomfortable for the one embodying that energy, and more so for those around them.

Which was why the ancients very .. very.. clearly stated that it was expressed through Compassionate Detachment.

They didn´t say if it was a happy or a sad experience. Or even a kind one.

But what spiritual narrative has shown us is that the embodiment of Love-in-Spirit-and-Flesh was never truly accepted by whatever time and culture it presented itself to.

Because real Love scares the crap out of those who use the label without embodying that vibration. Especially authorities, powers and institutions that prefer to keep the status quo.

Those who carry it have – in the past – been persecuted, chased, vilified or excluded from the creation of religious narratives and histories. Or they removed themselves from it.

Mary Magdalene is a powerful case in point.

As is Jesus.

Siddartha could only become Buddha by leaving the privilege of his wealth and right of kingship behind. He discovered the Middle Path afterwards.

Karaikal Ammaiyar left her family and renounced her physical beauty, identity and caste and identified herself as a pey (wraith) to follow Shiva into the cremation grounds.

And the list goes on … and on…

Now I´m not saying that to be spiritual you have to be beaten up, excluded and living in poverty. That´s not a necessary baseline. And making that false equation justifies accepting abuse.

That is not why the Divine put you on this planet at this time.

What I´m saying is that talking about the Flame of Spiritual Love when you´re in your comfort bubble raises questions. As Love does not stay silent when your neighbour has nothing to eat, or is excluded from their birthright.

These are extraordinary times and it is wise to consider what other extraordinary beings did in their Search and Embodiment of the Sacred.

To do what they did, they had to absolutely honor their essence of Being-and-the-Divine-within. And destroyed all idea of the Ego-Mind-Self .

Their choices may seem self-punitive to the outside world, but they are only truly possible with an abundance of inner wealth, energy and conviction. The alchemy of spirit does not work when such radical acts come from a place of lack within. And that has nothing to do with one´s external world. We have simply become used to making that equation.

On the New Waveform and Accelerated Possibilities of Healing:

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