The Sun (22 Sagittarius) trines Eris (22 Aries): Do you walk your talk?

This is a day to wake up to the reality of your being.

Do you walk your talk?

Are your greater aspirations and worldviews in alignment with who you are in 3-D day-to-day living?
Do you feel excluded, ostracized, vilified by others- and what are you willing to do to change the status quo that denied you?

It is a powerful day to honor the Rising Feminine in all of us but to also acknowledge the more toxic responses that can emerge as Eris seeks to re-claim her space in the cosmos.

Given that this particular mythological character found it okay to start a war because she was not invited to a wedding party – consider this a suggestion to watch out for overreaction.

With so much power in the skies, this is the perfect time to demand accountability and action taken against those who insult the Feminine and deny her right of independent existence. And to collectively state: WE´RE NOT GOING ANYWHERE. WE´RE DONE BENDING OVER BACKWARDS. WE WILL NO LONGER ACCEPT ABUSE.

But remember – sometimes those who are victimized seek to re-claim their spaces in ways that further perpetuate that cycle, rather than ending it. Victim then becomes abuser, and at the end of the day we are all far worser off.

Whatever comes up for you today, remember to ask yourself how you can respond to the situation with Centeredness and Love. Seek to end cycles of disenfranchisement and pain, rather than to perpetuate them further.

There are many ways to transform this planet. One burns it to the ground to re-set it entirely, another re-builds it bit by bit.

Choose wisely.

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

On the New Waveform and Accelerated Possibilities of Healing:

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