A Blessed Day in New Mexico: Honoring The New Moon and the Galactic Center




Today has been a remarkable day. Probably the best day of my life on record thus far.

I visited some of the blessed lands of New Mexico, and understood its nuances. Ancient lineages connect these lands with my own and there is a shared energetic language.

My travels to this part of New Mexico were entirely taken care of by strangers who are now friends, and to whom I am absolutely grateful. It was pure orchestration by the Divine.

I visited Abiquiu Lake, Ghost Ranch, Echo Rock, Chimayo – and each piece had its story to tell. Some were peaceful, others dislodged or restless – and some were certainly waiting. As a friend said, New Mexico is both the Land of Enchantment  – or – Entrapment – which I entirely concur with. You do need to keep your wits about you when travelling some places. But this part of the state has been extraordinary.

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I was particularly chuffed to realize that Taos Pueblo, a place that I had visited twice (and received an invitation to stay at for next time) was in all likelihood, the oldest continuously inhabited structure in America. (That we know of). And I have utterly fallen in love with the Turtle at Truth or Consequences.

India is still my home at heart, but I do find this as a sister-land.

Some of my experiences here have been harsh, and they have served to ultimately push me out of harm´s way and into the arms of those who operate from a place of love, rather than self-centeredness. They have also been a means of the land testing me to see my own alignment and value systems. And I passed.

Ancient lands have a way of getting to know you and your intentions, which is why pilgrimages are … very interesting. Nothing happens by chance or without significance on a trip like this.

The friends whom I have met here are … not-so-surprisingly Capricorns / Capricorn Risings with key connections to the Great Attractor, Galactic Center, and my own chart.

I could not wish for better company. We were in perfect alignment with each other, the land, and the requirements of the time.


This trip was clearly planned lifetimes ago.

As I travel, I feel into each place I am called to. Some of these places require nothing of me, and others wish me to acknowledge them. And so I do, when I feel it is appropriate. And magic occurs. I´d like to talk about one experience in particular, though this day has been full of synchronicity, grace, understanding and … alignment.

In this video ( https://youtu.be/aIXE0U5SJBE ) , I´m at Echo Rock. As we approached the natural echo-amphitheatre carved out of rock, pressure and time – I felt my inner balance shifting. Time had lost relevance, and all I could feel was that powerful Solar Consciousness. My conscious thoughts left and I saw visions of older spiritual teachers and templates that shared resonance with this area.


I finally put words to the experience. It was as though I was being pulled to the center of a Void. A space in which all things were possible. It was an incredible force.


As I faced the center of the rock, I began to chant. I don´t know what happened, or how, or why or what. But I knew the work was done. My voice echoed throughout the chamber.

And turned and left a different person.

There are no other words for it.


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

* * *
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7 thoughts on “A Blessed Day in New Mexico: Honoring The New Moon and the Galactic Center

  1. carey harben says:

    Welcome to North America!
    It’s nice to know you are around in the USA!
    I always am grateful and enjoy your writing so much!
    New Moon 🌙 Blessings

  2. Pilar Cordero says:

    Blessed you woman! I really love your path, your clarity! Your passion on service! A big hug from México City!

  3. Ginger Chulack says:

    I’ve traveled a lot in NM and lived in Albuquerque for a year. It IS intense. A friend suggested that the crust of the earth being pulled apart by the forming of the Rockies creates a vortex of energy coming straight up from deep within. There’s no question the government is doing something very secret in the southern, poorer part. It’s common knowledge there.

  4. Lisa Brewer says:

    Dear Dr. Balasubmarian, Thank you for the update on your wonderful travels! You are giving me resolve to visit New Mexico again, especially with my son who is 12 years old : ) Please let me know if you come through the Los Angeles area in your travels and also if you need a place to stay. Best, Lisa Brewer


  5. Rene says:

    Bairavee, I have been following you for about a year or so and find myself so moved by the journey you have undertaken in this life. Your work is profound on so many levels because you don’t just talk or intellectualize but actually experience much of what you speak about. You are making a huge contribution to the unfoldment of consciousness on the planet. Thank you. Goddess indeed bless!

  6. Brenda Jax says:

    This is all so amazing my dear friend. Thank u so gratefully for sharing!! Much love to u!!!

    Sent from my iPad



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