Grand Fixed Nodal Cross (28-30 December 2017): Course Correction, Anyone?


A Grand Fixed Nodal Cross is headed our way in the next 18 hours. The Taurus Moon opposes Jupiter, Vesta and Mars in Scorpio, whilst both square the South Node in Aquarius and North Node & Ceres in Leo.

That´s a very potent crucible of energy to work with.

Lots of potential for creation, but equally of destruction.

Fixed signs (Taurus, Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo) are resistant to change and are associated with stability, fixity and endurance.

It takes a sky like this to create such change.

It´s the kind of energy where you (ideally) make incremental adjustments so that you can change a long-standing structure or pattern. Even if you do get that lightbulb moment on what needs re-alignment, you still need to take gradual steps to get it done.

You´ll be feeling the buildup to this alignment as the Moon moves towards 17 degrees Taurus. It will take most of the next day to fully wind down as well – so you´re looking at most of the 28-29th (or 30th for those in Asia/Australia) before the energy eases somewhat.

You may see some adjustments needed in the way you spend your resources / energy / finances and those you share /  create it with or receive it from. It´s a good time for health-checkups and financial assessments in general.

If feeling drained consider where your energetic leaks or lack of boundaries are.

If noticing that others are feeling drained around you, consider where you may be taking more energy than they are willing or able to give you.

This is not the time to run from shadow, but to confront it so that we may feel more aligned, integrated and present. 


If overwhelmed by your own inner dramas or that of others, then

Focus on what keeps you materially and emotionally grounded.

It could be a bowl of soup, walking barefoot on the earth (weather permitting), holding a loved one´s hands, etc. Grounding practices are highly recommended at this time.

The South Node asks you to let go of outmoded ideas surrounding friendships, ideologies, soulmate/tribes. You don´t need to hold onto any of these things if they do not resonate with you. What is yours will come to you, you do not need to go chasing after it or to erase your identity to find it.

The North Node and Ceres remind us all that our personal and collective trajectory of growth comes through the expression of our innermost child-self. The one that is spontaneous, creative, expansive and expressive (in its own unique, inimitable way). Spend a little more time nurturing this quality in yourself or around others who are able and willing to evoke those qualities within you.

Where possible, try to make time to spend with your mother / primary nurturer or equivalents. It´s a good time to connect with Mother (as person, practice or archetype).

In the wider world, it is also a good time to pay attention to what the political leadership is saying. The devil lies in the details (and often in what is implied, rather than said outright): remember to read between the lines. You may also see changes coming in our relationship with virtual communities, electronic currencies, and so on. (And remember the Nodes stay in these signs till late 2018!)

Now all of these energies – in the Fixed Cross – can lead you to creative breakthroughs – but equally – breakdowns. It all depends on how you manage it. Some will use this energy to deepen their romantic, sensual, erotic expressions with intimate partnerships – and others might decide to throw the towel in and walk. It really comes down to where you & your partners are in your journey – at best I can show you themes, or likely areas of influence in a general article.

Those involved in business may – depending on their charts & partners´ charts – use this energy to make significant changes in how the business is organized, who controls the flow of income, who invests, how much say they get, etc. Do background checks on those who seek to come into your business and go the extra mile in your due diligence. Scorpio is known for hiding things 😉

Pluto inconjuncts the North Node / Ceres and trines the Moon. You may find deep, uncomfortable emotions and realizations coming out when you consider your own accomplishments, level of maturity and sense of being empowered in the world. Not all of that baggage is yours, some of it may be ancestral. Others may be pushed to redefine their careers and find a more satisfying legacy to leave behind in the world. Those with placements near 17-18 Gemini Pisces will experience a powerful Yod ( Finger of Fate). Situations will arise, and you´ll be expected to respond to it in a way that honors your own authenticity and sovereignty. Be aware of projection dynamics.

Sit with the discomfort of truths presented that may arise rather than pointing the finger at truth-tellers.

Mercury trines the North Node from Sagittarius, just fresh from the end of its Retrograde. At this time, it still conjuncts the Great Attractor (14 Sagittarius – read my previous articles).

Watch the ideas that you encounter, or are drawn to … they contain valuable clues for your future. For some of you, it may be ideas that are bubbling out through your own inner consciousness (as it connects to Cosmos in any case). For those with placements near 17-18 Cancer / Libra, this creates another Yod (Finger of Fate) along with the Taurus Moon.  Watch where your ideas take you, and once you get a sense of them – choose whether this is the path you wish to walk along.

Sometimes you will be drawn to paths that are less healthy for you, and sometimes you may reject the ones (and teachers) who will take you along in a more aligned manner.

People will project anything onto someone who tells them something they do not want to hear.

In other words – Not everything your conscious mind is saying is necessarily the best answer. Take your time to sit with decisions – with your entire consciousness – before deciding. Some of you may commit to new paradigms (and drop old ones), or embark on a new journey (or decide to cut one short) – there´s a lot of variability here (and thank goodness for Free Will!)

Astrologically speaking, there´s a lot more going on (such as Saturn , Sun, Venus, Black Moon Lilith in Capricorn) – but I figured the Fixed Cross and potential yods were where people needed the biggest heads up).


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

The Sky Priestess

** Sessions are temporarily on hold. Am recovering from an near-fatal accident on the day that the Sun conjuncted Saturn in Capricorn i.e. 21 Dec 2017. Am physically okay save for a few bruises, but tire easily – it was a miracle I survived and I count my blessings. This article was enough mental effort for a day, but I felt it needed writing.

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12 thoughts on “Grand Fixed Nodal Cross (28-30 December 2017): Course Correction, Anyone?

  1. Charon Mangino says:

    Thank you Bairavee for your important work and all that you give to assist me and all of humanity in navigating the waters of ascension. I am grateful that you are healing and survived a terrible accident. Just a friendly reminder that Arnica and Lavender assist in the healing of bruises, aches and such. I especially love lavender on the spine and occiput to help reset the nervous system.

    Wishing you a gentle recovery. ~ Charon 🌸

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Christine Hopkins says:

    Wishing you a full recovery. May you continue to be so blessed and protected. Thank you for writing this node and yod info. Oddly, none of the other many astrology folks I listen to /read even mentioned it. Doubly grateful because it all a polys to my chart. Christine

    On Dec 28, 2017 12:59 PM, “Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD” wrote:

    > Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD posted: ” A Grand Fixed Nodal Cross is > headed our way in the next 18 hours. The Taurus Moon opposes Jupiter, Vesta > and Mars in Scorpio, whilst both square the South Node in Aquarius and > North Node & Ceres in Leo. That´s a very potent crucible of energy to wo” >

  3. Gigi says:

    Thank you Dr B for writing this, I am sure it took much energy. Sending prayers your way for healing. This article made me open my chart up. I became dizzy just looking at it, so thank you for the highlights. Definitely on a change of course and paradigm.

    I hope one day in the near future you can do online courses.
    Blessings, the student

  4. Karen says:

    Thank you Bairavee for your reports. I only just started following you this year but find your interpretations amazing. Sorry to hear about your accident and glad you are still with us! rest well and many abundant blessings for the new year. Karen x

  5. Ruth Donnelly says:

    Hi Bairavee thanks so much for the work you do and I am so glad you survived your accident, we wondered why we hadnt heard from you recently. sending love your way:) and thanks again, we really value your emails Love Ruth and Tommy


  6. Ammie M says:

    Best wishes and speedy recovery… <3

    On Thu, Dec 28, 2017 at 9:58 AM, Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD wrote:

    > Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD posted: ” A Grand Fixed Nodal Cross is > headed our way in the next 18 hours. The Taurus Moon opposes Jupiter, Vesta > and Mars in Scorpio, whilst both square the South Node in Aquarius and > North Node & Ceres in Leo. That´s a very potent crucible of energy to wo” >

  7. carey harben says:

    Thank You Bairavee

    I was concerned to hear of accident On solstice

    I wonder what time that happened?

    I definitely remember noticing a big energy shift that day EST In the afternoon A smooth open day 8 am- 2 pm Turned very bumpy hurried rushed stressed And it progressed from 3-8 pm

    hope you are ok! Are you still in the USA??

    Wishing you all the best for A happy and healthy 2018 🙏🏿❄️🎄🌎💗☃️

    Sent from my iPhone


  8. Jessica Botello says:

    I am so sorry to hear you were in an accident. Sending love and prayers for your healing.

    Thank you for your guidance. I am very grateful for the wisdom you share in your newsletters and blogs.



  9. Susan Evans says:

    So sorry to hear of incident….all part and parcel of the movement……but I Thank you for your message today. Very on point and a testing time for all.

  10. Judith says:

    Sending you healing energetics to sooth your body, mind and soul. If I may, were you still in New Mexico when you had your accident? The only snow we have had in the town of Taos was on the solstice. Be well and gentle. Thank you for your words.

  11. Millie Khatri says:

    I am truly grateful for the knowledge you share. thank you! Sending you healing thoughts of swift recovery. Peace & Blessings.~m


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