Jupiter in Scorpio squares the North Node in Leo / South Node in Aquarius in the next 24 hours!!! Time to get uncomfortable …

This is an incredibly important alignment that I feel has not received the attention it deserves. In my review of astrological alignments from 1900-2017, I did not find this alignment repeated. (Though there was Jupiter in Scorpio squared the North Node in Aquarius in the 30s and 70s – you may see some parallels from then).  Note:  I follow the Mean calculation of the Node, resonates better with my work and observations of the world.

The alignment itself goes exact in the next 24 hours (that´s the 31st for you in the USA, the 1st for those in New Zealand) – and truly – this sets the stage for the next year of our development. Throughout 2018, we see numerous re-calibrations of the Fixed Signs (Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, Scorpio) – which you will find reflected in my 12-sign writeup in We’Moon ´s 2018 spiral datebook.  Remember to read both your Sun and Rising sign. Also available in Spanish.

I´m not surprised that the current hype surrounds the upcoming Full Moon, but truly – it´s a little premature to be talking about it. The Moon isn´t even in Cancer yet!  But truly, it just goes to show how Scorpio´s energy can make the collective gloss-over something as important as this current Jupiter-Nodal alignment. Very Scorpio-esque.

So what do you do in this critical time?

Don´t gloss things over. 

Allow yourself to Get Uncomfortable. 

Let yourself give voice to that which makes you uncomfortable, uncertain, unsettled

One thing I have noticed in my travels in the US is a cultural avoidance of the shadow, and the unwillingness to stray into anything that goes past a mandated ´comfort zone´. Probably why I am unlikely to make this a second home.

People do not seem to realize my nature as a catalyst. I bring up that which is hidden – and am not the person you invite to have cookies, conversation and tea. (Unless you´re grounded enough and know who you are.)

All of my hosts have had that ´Oh Shit. I can´t pretend with this woman – or keep lying to myself´ moment …. which really makes me wonder if they read my stuff or if they realize that facilitating them through their shadow is not my idea of relaxation or a good time ….

One woman evicted me from her home and ran for the hills – kind of comical in retrospect – and another decided to take the lesson and leapt forth into a whole new spiritual journey.  I suspect we will stay friends for life as her life transformed in the 3 days she spent with me. And she decided to allow her old self to die as a new one was birthed.

In truth, when you are on the spiritual journey, wanting to bury your head in the sand does not work – not in the long-term. The nation´s politics reflects its shadow and the work needed in bringing that which has been kept into denial into full focus.

And that is EXACTLY where the North Node in Leo wants us to head towards:

A New Model of Leadership. 

That´s not going to happen by wearing the garb of the initiated, or making the claim that one is Shadow-Free and in the light.

If you were pure Light, you would not have a physical form. 

Right now what is called for is wading into the muck of the sub-conscious – and through it – into ancestral energies – and through that into the shadow of the collective. We cannot fix it all by ourselves, but we each do our part by assessing our own fears and understanding its ancestral roots.

That takes courage, leadership and the willingness to be alone when you walk a road that others fear. And when you see another walking a parallel path, wave to them for they are a part of your tribe.

What we might want to be more aware of is the South Node in Aquarius´ propensity to want to subjugate the individual process of overcoming the fear of shadow – and then transmutation of shadow – into a group effort. This is not what the current alignments call for as we – as a species – have yet to evolve in a way that honors our individual psyches enough to then surrender it into a coherent (and multifaceted) group vibration.

What tends to happen instead is the prevalence of ´groupthink´ (especially in spiritual communities) , where everyone is asked to drink the kool-aid, clustered around a single point of leadership.


In this Saturn-in-Capricorn era … we are each asked to find Leadership within, even if we do follow the broader strokes set out by others who inspire us. Without the focus on the individual and the emotional alchemy that is generated through alternating states of fear, strength, courage, cowardice – we miss out on key developmental milestones.

What is also going to happen is the projection of fear, terror or malice onto others because we are unable or willing to see those potentials in ourselves (and often in the name of a greater principle of altruism). Resist this.

If something makes you feel afraid, uncertain or just restless – look to yourself to see the cause. That inward focus will help you identify what needs to be addressed and what will then  become the fuel to light your fire.

Capricorn/Saturn asks us to step into emotional and spiritual maturity at this time. And that means taking personal responsibility for our existence in this world. These lessons will continue and intensify in 2018 – so heed what is happening now very, very carefully.

Some of you will face Scorpio´s trial through challenges in health, finances, sexuality, intimacy, the management of resources – or even in the need to witness death. In my accident, I feel that a part of me died – and by all rights, I should have at a physical level. And in a way I did die. And came back. It was the time for that to happen.

So much of myself that I have forgotten has returned, and yet I now look at new inner terrains to navigate and understand. I just let go into the Darkness. And re-emerged as a Different Being.

(Still Me, but not the Me I was)

Trust in the Mystery and remember the lesson of the Phoenix:

To be reborn, you must first die.

(I don´t recommend a car accident as the means of doing so … conscious surrender will do ; )

And allow the skies to re-kindle the Lion within waiting to Roar New Life into the New World.


Blessings to All Beings,

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

The Sky Priestess


** Sessions are temporarily on hold as I recover from my accident. Nearly there. It will take a lot more than Saturn and the Sun (and my Sun) in Capricorn to knock me off this planet. I have work to do.

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13 thoughts on “Jupiter in Scorpio squares the North Node in Leo / South Node in Aquarius in the next 24 hours!!! Time to get uncomfortable …

  1. anita says:

    Thank you, Sky Priestess! grateful you are recovering well – may you recover completely and be protected & blessed.
    So pleased to know your writing is featured in the We’Moon 2018 calendar!! Anita

  2. virginiayork says:

    hooray you survived the crash

    yes your clarity teaching and light is still needed here

    thank you for your wonderful work and insight

    rest and recover

    love Virginia Sada York in Australia

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. Dorrie Lynne Kanofsky says:

    Oh dearheart Recently in a fb group where we have similar initiations (I called out .. as I have previously ) the bad behavior of the founding director of the Organization who was having sexual relationships with others besides his wife. I got kicked out once more of another thread . Time to takes this public. Ty for you dear Love and Blessings Dorrie

    Sent from my iPhone with Blessings and Love


  4. Sarah Blueraven says:

    I’m sure you will delete this, as you’ve done in the past. You speak of “shadow” and how we should go in. I did!!! And you rejected it as “self-sabotage.” You have volumes to learn, yet give *no one* space to be in it. You do not practice what you preach. Straight up. And you leave no room for resolution. You host people, and talk over them. You are a one way street, dear one. Your message is clouded by your need for importance and recognition. You say you’re open to shadow,.,,, just not YOURS. Get real.
    And BTW, many Americans are not what you think…. you press on, regardless of what is being offered to you. You disown your shadow for the rest of us to wear, while you seem to feel above us plebeians.
    Your a fool, buying your own bullshit.
    Love ya!!

    1. Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD says:

      Listen here. What you´re doing is trying to find your own place in the spotlight by climbing the coattails of other spiritual writers and leaders as you have sought to do with me – and with friends of mine who have not put you on a pedestal as you desired. Have the decency to find your own voice instead of needing to try and diminish another´s in their own space. I´m deleting the rest of your comments are they are basically vitriol with little content beyond your own insecurities projected onto someone else. Frankly I do not have the time or inclination to address you further. Write on this platform again – or any of my other platforms – and you will be blocked. And I will resort to legal measures if required. Whatever you choose to reply with will not be addressed. You have been given notice in writing that any further communication will be deemed as harassment.

  5. paulotte100 says:

    the last 5 paragraphs are your words to me this afternoon (in meaning…). Thank You!

    Sent from my iPad


  6. MissX says:

    I am very glad to hear that you are recovering so well, and I thank you most warmly and deeply for your work.

    Your no-nonsense, sovereign-soul approach and insights so often come as a real relief to me. I hope I can find the way, in the next day or so, to follow your example of conscious surrender — something I long for yet have long found elusive.

    I wish you vibrant health, safe journeys, and wondrous new discoveries!

  7. Andy Worsley says:

    Dear Bairavee, Thank you for this posting (Jupiter in Scorpio squares North Node in Leo) It comes, for me, at a time when my life seems to have come to a standstill and I need to give deep thought to the way/s is which I might move forward. Your posting gives me a ‘heads up’ to some of the questions I meed to ask myself as I look forward.

    Sorry to hear about your accident, I hope you have a speedy recovery

    Regards Andy Worsley

    On Sat, Dec 30, 2017 at 8:56 PM, Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD wrote:

    > Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD posted: “https://youtu.be/yYeIHH9lBHc > This is an incredibly important alignment that I feel has not received the > attention it deserves. In my review of astrological alignments from > 1900-2017, I did not find this alignment repeated. (Though there was > Jupiter in Sc” >

  8. Gigi says:


    Very powerful. Your comments on many Americans not embracing their shadow self. Voila. This is my country, yet spent may years residing outside of it. On a Pluto line. The ”rip your guts out” method of finding your shadow. Not sure I’d repeat it, however, I met so many cultures who were polar opposite of my ”cold” cultural background. I also find it difficult to consume tea and crumpets over discussing the weather or CNN’s latest sensationalism of yet another delusional story.

    LOVED this post. Happy you’re recovering.

  9. Chloe swopshire says:

    Sky priestes, wow. Your words just sunk into me like a beautiful blood vine. Hope your recovery goes well and I am so glad to read more of your work. Blessings 😁

  10. Amber says:

    Thank you for your guidance and many prayers for you!


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