Vanakkam, Namaste and Blessings to All. Welcome to a new year on this planet. The gloves are off as Saturn is in Capricorn, and we are asked to be as practical as possible in response to the opportunities and challenges ahead.

At this moment in time, we experience the Cancer Full Moon. This is a powerful time to honor our relationship with ancestry, family, tradition, home – or simply that which evokes in us a powerful sense of belonging. This does not need to be our family of origin, but rather who or what makes us feel grounded and rooted in this world.

Look back to June 23/24, 2017 where we set the seeds for what we experience now during the Cancer New Moon. Trace the lines of continuity that bridge the past, to the present – to the foundation that holds space for the future to come.

What a perfect way to start the year!

As a whole …

2018 is one that holds great possibilities for change, especially in the way we hold / fix our energies in people, ideas, material resources, intimate bonds, creative projects, armaments, technology, the financial system, political leadership – and so on. There´s so much of movement in the Fixed Signs and of course the sign-changes & retrogrades of Uranus and Chiron. (And a lot more – but these are the highlights).

We will see new ideas and structures of power and commerce emerge alongside older structures that are reluctant to give up their grasp or control. Those who challenge the status quo are likely to see the resistance come from out of the woodwork.

This is okay. As Uranus does the cha-cha back and forth over the Aries-Taurus line – people will be shifting, transforming their identities rapidly. A lot of what is coming your way is not even likely to be about you, just what you represent (in the eyes of whoever is looking at you).

When Uranus settles into Taurus in 2019, we will be looking at a very different understanding of the individual – and their relationship with community. Signficant changes in the way we value each other, and the commodities through which we change are imminent.

Alongside all this, Chiron does its own cha-cha across the Pisces-Aries boundary till it settles into Aries in 2019. We´re being asked to look at how we understand our relationship to healing, spirituality, martyrdom, codependency – and to truly emerge from the need to identify being wounded with being sacred. In this time, we are also asked to separate our own illusions and ideals of what spirituality looks like, as opposed to the experience of what it actually is.

We will see numerous alignments that ask us to navigate through the Fixed Signs and their lessons (Aquarius, Leo, Taurus, Scorpio). The Grand Fixed Cross in the last few days of 2017 foreshadowed some of the larger uncertainties that will precipitate change for the collective in the year ahead.

The last two months of the year will see immense transformations through a Cardinal T-Square between the North Node at 29 Cancer, South Node at 29 Capricorn and Uranus at 29 Aries. Those of you with anything near 29 Libra …. wowza!

You can easily see the rest of 2018 as the prelude to the massive changes that November & December will bring. And they pave the way for Uranus settling into Taurus and Chiron settling into Aries in 2019. . .

Practically speaking, continue walking to the beat of your own drum. Consider your resources and how you are giving too much away, or too little. If you have a savings plan (in currency, food, etc. ) keep at it.

Ensure that (for those of you who use it) your health & other kinds of insurance are up to date. If you are nearing the end of your time in this plane, ensure that your final arrangements are also in place.

It would be worthwhile to check that wiring / other electronics are functioning well in the home.

A health check-up is also advised as many may discover health issues (and solutions to them) that have remained long-hidden in the germ line.

Whilst many great transformations, breakthroughs and innovations are in the works for us – we are likely to see the precipitation of armed conflict in different parts of the globe, escalated by trigger-happy leadership. Or at the very least, a far more intense focus on the escalation of military spending and the acquisition of weaponry.

(Whilst I hope this does not come to pass, it is certainly a possibility).

On the plus side, this is the time to consolidate your own inner strength, power – and sense of sovereignty. Follow your inner compass, your deepest intuition and invest your energy wisely.

This is not the year to take major risks (try to resist that South Node in Aquarius) – if engaging in any major plans, make sure you have a solid foundation. Take things step by step and don´t be tempted to take shortcuts that will ´launch you to the top´ as an overnight success. Such things do not typically last.

If you can, focus on keeping your spine supple and work on your posture. A daily stretching regime can go a long way, even if it´s just a couple of minutes each day.

Through the work you are doing, make sure you make time for joy, fun, or just being and feeling your emotions. That´s easy to overlook in these times. But they´re vital. Without heart and soul, all the power in the world just becomes hollow.

The gloves are off, my friends. The legacies we leave behind in the Saturn in Capricorn transit (till 2020) are going to make, or break the world as we know it. It is imperative to anchor the right energy into what we manifest at present.

Remember that we have survived through an incredible period of intensity since 2012 – and that we are still here.

Remember that Grace, Faith, Spirit has shown itself time and time again through our hardships – and that it too is still on this planet.

Remember to build your strength by deepening your connection within – to the Core of your Being.

As you do so, you will discover what truly inspires and motivates you.

Cherish it. Enjoy it. And dance.

Remember ….

Your capacity for true Joy only deepens your Strength.

And that too is a resource that others can be inspired by.

As you empower yourself, you inspire others to do the same for themselves – cutting away the chains of dependency.

Lead by Example.


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

For a more in-depth astrological overview of each sign, check out my writings on We’Moon´s 2018 datebooks. Sessions are still on hold as I am still recovering from my accident (nearly there).

Please note that I will also be speaking in Arizona on the 12th of January. Info below:

Topic: Beyond Construct – Transcending our Concept of the Feminine Experience
Date: 12th January 2018
Location: Tempe, Arizona

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