A Powerful Sky with Powerful Choices to be Made (5-9 January 2018)


At present, Mars/Jupiter (17 Scorpio) sextiles Sun/Venus (15 Capricorn). A Yod /Finger of Fate) forms if you´ve got anything near 15-17 Gemini.

We´re reaching a point of climax with alignments that have been building up over the past few days.

This is the time to be clear about your finances, resources, shared or mutual assets, role in intimate partnerships, power-sharing dynamics, health matters – and so on.

Be prepared to get raw. And to experience the truth of your being, rather than what you would like to imagine yourself to be. Only with this can you find any meaningful growth.

Commit your energy to what/whom you feel will last the test of time, or whatever current growth cycle you are mutually wanting to experience together.

This isn´t the time for half-measures, or to dip your toe into the pool. It´s about considering which choices bring true empowerment across the board – it´s the kind of energy that cuts through codependent bonds garbed in the halo of martyrdom. It encourages you to honor your sovereignty.

Conversely, some of you may be ending intimate , intense and powerful partnerships / financial arrangements / energetic ties.

Always think about your choices in terms of the longer passage of time and its seasons of growth, decay, death and rebirth. Grief may arise. That is good, natural, inevitable – the raw material for your regeneration. Do not fear the process of release, but surrender to it. You will emerge on the other side a lot sooner than you may imagine.

If you do experience the Yod (with bodies near 15-17 Gemini), use the energy of the alignment to refine your thought process and communicative modalities. Release outmoded thoughts or perceptions surrounding, power, sex, authority, intimacy, stability and what your destiny ought to be. Support or cheer on a sibling who may be making great strides in these areas.

Remember that Pluto´s nearby the Sun and Venus, and Mars/Jupiter square the Nodes … There´s a lot more going on in this alignment than meets the eye. The skies are similarly charged for most of January. The peak (or most intense phase) of this alignment lasts for the next few days.

All in all …

Time to Dance.

Blessings to All.

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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13 thoughts on “A Powerful Sky with Powerful Choices to be Made (5-9 January 2018)

  1. dirobinso says:

    Thank you, I really enjoy your posts,

    Jan 2018, right? I’ve been doing this too!


  2. Gigi says:

    I found 17 Gemini Vertex House 8. I like the sound of it. Hopeful article.

  3. Lulu says:

    Sun in 20 degrees Gemini. Sounds like this is rocking my world huh

  4. butterflyrevolution says:

    Jupiter at 20 Gemini 5th house.

  5. Barb says:

    We live in interesting times. Composite Ascendant 16 gemini our north node at 17 scorpio. The direct force of energy from mars and jupiter is phenomenally uncomfortable as i witness the karmic interplay with destiny play out in my most significant relation.

    I value your work tremendously. such clear transmissions. Thank you. Gratitude


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