A Brief Reflection on Why One Does The Work

When doing this work, it is important to move through the victim-rescuer-martyr-saviour complex.
There´s always work that one can do, but it is wise to always ask whether you create a cycle of dependency in doing so.
And that is not always one-sided. Sometimes the service provider gets off on a different kind of high: of wanting to be needed, of knowing self-worth and value only through the eyes of another. This is a different kind of energetic trap and it postures itself so closely to the vibration of service and love.
When I began my pilgrimage to the US, I knew it was going to be a challenge. This has not been a joyride. There are extremely potent energies here that I have to work with on a daily basis – as of course do those who live here.
But things tend to focus on the outsider when those living in the cauldron have become too acclimatized to the bubbling heat. Or have even begun to equate the heat with some sense of spiritual attainment.
What has become apparent to me is the greater need to think through where, when, how and why I choose to invest my energy. And to learn to walk away from situations that are not mine to fix – unless I wanted to get off on the ´pedestal´ high.
When I have expressed as such to some of the people I meet, I get instantly projected on as being afraid, or ´lucky enough to escape´. That is BS, but also not mine to take on board.
I have worked in some incredibly volatile places on the planet – in isolation. But am deeply cognizant of the fact that major spiritual work comes when an invitation is clearly issued. By the land itself – and when it is ready and able to facilitated.
That´s not a call that anyone can make for me. And I have to purely trust my own intuition in making it.
My next stop is New York City. I´ll be heading back to the West Coast later in my trip.

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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7 thoughts on “A Brief Reflection on Why One Does The Work

  1. Susan Parker says:

    Are you speaking in NYC? I hope so and is so, let me know- thanks a lot!

    Susan G. Parker Esq. PC
    520 North State Rd.
    Suite 301A
    Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510
    www. Susanparkerlaw.com

    Subject to attorney- client privilege as applicable.

  2. naturalhealthshop says:

    Dear Bairavee,

    I wish you would emigrate to Australia and come up high and inland before June! There are many reasons for me saying this but I am finally sticking my neck out and helping you with your process…. I know you haven’t asked me and you will discern if this is correct move or not but if I didn’t put the concept into your consciousness then you would not be able to discern its correctness.

    With love and gratitude for all your work

    Christina Munns



    1. Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD says:

      Dear Christina, whilst I truly appreciate the invitation – this does not feel right for me given the framework of time as other places call me. If I do require to visit a location, one way or another, I would be told in any case. I may visit at a later date if things do align. Blessings to you.

      1. Christina Munns says:

        Of course, I do understand… we all need to follow our own heart’s path…
        with sunshine blessings for your journey,
        Christina xx

  3. Jessica says:

    Will you be coming to LA on your trip? Would love to help organize or facilitate a trip to Southern CA.


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