Eclipse Buildup + Mars leaves Scorpio, Sun opposes Thereus, Mercury conjuncts Pluto (24-27 January 2017)

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We´re headed towards the powerful Lunar Eclipse / Blue Moon in Leo on January 31st. Whilst the intensity will continue to rise, the Universe has provided us with key astrological placements to work with in the meantime. In this article, I discuss Mars´ departure from Scorpio, the Sun´s opposition to Thereus and Mercury´s upcoming conjunction with Pluto.

Each one of these alignments can be dissected in so many different ways, especially when you add in the many asteroids, centaur planets, and other astronomical bodies they make aspects with.

But I´m sticking with the Cappy script and keeping things practical for this one.  Work with these alignments and you will open yourself to greater possibilities.

Mars prepares to exit Scorpio (with a bang!)

The next two and a half days will be very interesting. Mars will be at the very end of the Scorpio transit. And that means all the shadow shit still unresolved will come up big-time.

Now some of that stuff is yours. And sometimes it belongs to others.

You cannot process another person’s emotions for them. You can share space, but the process that leads to inner alchemy is theirs to experience.

I’m looking at you, empaths.

You have the absolute right to draw your boundaries. And take in that which is yours.

The same goes for all kinds of spiritual facilitation. Including our experiences with land.

Do not judge what arises, but know that you have the sovereign choice to engage – or not.

That does not make you a bad person, but a practical one who will be better able to handle the energies coming in.

Use this time to honor your being. And be honest with it.

MARS ENTERS SAGITTARIUS AT 12:55 pm, 26th January 2018 (UTC time).

**It is interesting that at the time of writing Mars is conjunct asteroids Sphinx and Hopi at 28 Scorpio. Those who have the honor of honoring the Hopi nation and its wisdom may want to do so. The possibility for clearing karmic patterns, especially those related with ancient Egypt come up as distinct possibilities. Or even to find pieces of the puzzle that have remained a mystery till now.



Sun (4 Aquarius) opposes Thereus (4 Leo)

Making a long story very short, this is the kind of alignment (24-25 January 2018) that asks you to be more aware of victim-predator dynamics. Be amongst friends (in person or on social media), lovers, political figures / figureheads, parent-child dynamics – and so on.

Pay special attention to the heart and sacral chakra and be mindful of where and how you allow others to ´feed off´ on your energy – along with ideologies that tell you that you must do so. That ties back into the whole Piscean era and its glorification of suffering .. which ultimately led the phenomenon of narcissistic-martyrdom.

(It is a divine act to sacrifice your own happiness for another, but when it comes from a place of love – rather than a desire to score ego-points and control).

Encouraging a parasitic relationship is not exactly the same as being compassionate and helpful. With the Mars-exiting-Scorpio influence, you may need to wade deeply into the waters of your psyche to differentiate between the two.

If childhood fears re-emerge at this time, remember that you have the right to re-frame whatever experience or situation that is triggering them. Use the wisdom of discernment and allow your adult experiences and more mature understanding to create a new context for your fears. Understanding it in a new way may be all that you need to liberate yourself from it. Or at the very least to turn a corner.




Mercury conjuncts Pluto (19 Capricorn)

The Mercury-Pluto conjunction brings with it powerful potential. We may find the very ideas or perspectives that have left us in a stalemate. We may discover the keys to navigating the shadow in our own unique ways. We may be called to help, or perhaps witness a sibling navigating a change in power and status.

A lot is possible.  Truly.

Some will enjoy this opportunity to strategize for the future and become more concrete in their material goals towards success (and/or securing one´s legacy).

Others will simply feel overwhelmed with the weight of it all because it´s going to require being very, very real. And being willing to take steps in the 3D, here-and-now reality.

We may also see startling, potentially conflict-inducing rhetoric or announcements from those who hold political power. Or experience some geological changes.

Truly, there are very many ways this can play out. The key message is to read the writing on the wall when it appears to you and to heed it.


** Given that both Mercury and Pluto square asteroid Atlantis at 19 Libra – watch out for powerplays between yourself and others whom you may have known in previous times



Buildup to the Eclipse …

And let´s not forget the Lunar Eclipse / Full Moon in Leo coming up on the 31st. We´re in the buildup to a powerful blast-wave of energy that demands nothing less than authenticity.

Let the masks fall gracefully. Otherwise, prepare to have them ripped off.

This video ( discusses some of the prep-work I´ve been doing with colleagues in Los Angeles and some reflections of the energy therein with my LA Spiritbuddy – Nicole Mercolino.

The discussion ties together quite of the few themes discussed above and would be of interest to those working in areas of high intensity, where conflict (and contradictory perceptions) play out alongside one other.


I´ll be writing more about the Eclipse as we head closer and closer towards it. Use these cues wisely and you will be in a more grounded place to meet it head on. In grace.



Stay tuned for announcements on workshops, sessions, and so on.

Blessings and Love <3

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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