LEO LUNAR ECLIPSE (Jan 31, 2018): Keep your Heart Open, but Don´t be a Punching Bag


Blessings everyone.
The Super-Blue-Blood Lunar Eclipse is about to begin! I would recommend you use this time in meditation, prayer and/or a space that allows you to release trauma, pain and unresolved emotional blocks. Allow yourself to create (or re-create) joy and love in your life – or perhaps to identify and dissolve the blocks that prevent you from experiencing this. You may see significant decisions made in matters of love, romance, marriage and children. So let things unfold
A second recommendation is to fast for four hours before and after the start/end times – if you have medical issues that prevent you from doing so – try raw veggies and fruits – but avoid processed, cooked food. Whatever works for your body and health.
Astrologically speaking, the Lunar Eclipse is connected by way of the Saros cycle prior eclipses, 18 years apart. In the 20th & 21st centuries, these eclipses are: 27 Nov 1909, 8 Dec 1927, 19 Dec 1945, 30 Dec 1963, 9 Jan 1982 and 21 Jan 2000.
The eclipse beings at 5:51 am on the 31st (NYC time, UTC -5 hours) and ends at 11:08 am. The Sun and Moon specifically oppose one another (making the Full Moon exact) at 8:26 am (NYC time, 31st Jan 2018). 
An earlier point of reference is the recent Leo New Moon (July 23, 2017) to see what seeds of love, joy, creativity and play you may be manifesting at present. Look back to which of these dates you can remember to see strands of continuity across time.
This Eclipse is especially powerful because it is the first Super-Blue-Moon to occur as a Lunar Eclipse in the past 150 years. The Great Attractor (14 Sagittarius) trines the actual Full Moon (11 Leo), whilst the North Node (14-15 Leo), Ceres (11 Leo) conjunct it. Thereus (the hunter-stalker) carries a consistent message linking both the Leo New Moon (July 23, 2017) and the present Full Moon. Pluto squares Atlantis, Mars creates a Grand Mutable Cross, Mercury shifting into Aquarius … and so on.
There´s just a lot going on.
You may also want to watch my video https://youtu.be/6WGMAGoQEZE

” Keep Your Heart Open – but Don´t Be a Punching Bag”

This is a long piece – so if you´re planning to reach the end, reach for a warm beverage now. The above description & video represents the gist of it.

The Lunar Eclipse itself and Key Alignments

This Full Moon in Leo is essentially a time to allow creation to come into being, or to resolve the blocks that make it difficult for you to manifest your truth. Simple as. You are likely to see many impulses or triggers from your friends, peers, social networks, astral connections (which are not always a good thing), and so on. Don´t try to force yourself to create and let things happen on their own accord.
Pay special attention to this Eclipse as Mercury leaves Capricorn and enters Aquarius at 8:38 am (NYC time, 31st Jan 2018) –  twelve minutes after the Full Moon goes exact. We are about to receive a very powerful message for the collective – one that will make us re-think the power structures that we have allowed to govern our world. Your thoughts, ideas, words count. Choose them wisely and use them well.
This is also a time to revisit and allow yourself to embody the child within. Play, express, discover and explore things that appeal to your sense of joy. (The rule of harm none is to be remembered as always). It aligns well with the message and impetus of the North Node in Leo, pushing us to rediscover the truth and power of the Child Within.
If you carry significant trauma from childhood, this may be the perfect time to seek a qualified professional who has the right skill-set to address it in the way it needs to be. You may also want to channel / catalyse your process through creative forms of expression / experience (art, music, dance, cooking, playing in mud, watching cartoons – whatever makes your inner child come alive).
But just as it goes with children, sometimes we let the impulses of Leo go over our heads and ruin our judgement. The same sign can be incredibly childish (not the same as child-like), solipsistic and extremely dependent upon being seen as the ´leader´ or ´star´ to feel secure in one´s own identity. It tends to over-identify with its emotions, forgetting all else.
This is certainly a trait to bear in mind and be aware of as the eclipse occurs.
The dramas of childhood are more likely to be played out at this time as Mother-Nurturer (or as I also like to say Mother-Smotherer) Ceres (11 Leo) conjuncts the Moon (11 Leo). We are asked to look at how we are best nurtured by others, how we best nurture – and where we may be receiving or giving too much / too little of it.
Think of it like a seed. Too little water and it shrivels, too much and it drowns.
Think about the individuals in your lives that you may be engaged in such dynamics with. It is time to rebalance that which is out of alignment, and to be more accountable on the energy we give out and accept. 
You are very likely to see your romantic relationships change significantly in this Eclipse energy. Things may solidify and become more intimate, or the very reverse. It is somewhat of a wildcard.
Unsurprisingly, asteroid Echeclus (10 Taurus) squares both the Sun and the Moon and reminds us to step away from the murky web of karmic entanglement – and to avoid romanticizing the past you wish you had or projecting it onto a very different present.
Trauma release therapies that focus upon the cellular matrix will be exceptionally powerful at this time. Ensure your facilitator is one who has the right qualifications and temperament to navigate the intensity of this eclipse energy.
If you have planets near 10-11 Scorpio, you will experience this eclipse through the framework of a Grand Fixed Cross. Time to make major adjustments.
Generally speaking – you can also support this process of release and dissolution at the physical, 3-D- level by ensuring that you keep your body and its fluids freely flowing during a particular window of time. Getting enough rest and hydration is important.
And if possible – fast. If not, at least try to stick with raw fruits and veggies. It is advised to fast for four hours before the eclipse begins – and I would say aiming for four hours after it ends would also be beneficial. The actual eclipse begins at 5:51 am on the 31st (NYC time , UTC -5 hours) and ends at 11:08 am. So you´re looking at an ideal fasting /raw foods window between 1.51 am to 15.08 pm on the 31st (NYC time). Google ´online time converter´ if there is a need.
Here´s an excellent article by Sadhguru´ explaining the metaphysics of fasting during the lunar eclipse: http://isha.sadhguru.org/…/food-and-lunar-eclipses-bad-com…/
(And of course, you are free to ignore this recommendation if you wish – work with it if it resonates)
Given Leo´s astrological rulership of the Sun, I would recommend working with the Gayathri mantra. It honors the solar force – and that is certainly something that can counterbalance some of the more potentially destabilizing influences of this Eclipse.
Recommended Chant (Gayathri mantra – pronunciation / intonation is important – and is very, very solid here): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Kb0q9J8lPA

The Great Attractor

Great Attractor (14 Sagittarius) opposes asteroid Lilith (14 Gemini) and trines the North Node (14-15 Leo). As I have discussed in previous articles (use the search feature on www.bairaveebalasubramaniam.com ) the Great Attractor is one that draws you towards different paths of truths, paradigms, teachers and so on. It´s a very love/hate type of energy where your response generally has nothing to with whatever you´re responding to. Some people will hate that which will truly guide them and love that which keeps them stagnant. So – as with much of the cosmos – discernment is called for when it is activated.
The Great Attractor´s opposition to asteroid Lilith brings needed revelation unto the hurt and rage that half the population of the planet is entitled to acknowledge. These are powerful times to articulate experiences of sexual violence, childhood trauma and to hold those who have harmed others accountable for their actions.
Unfortunately, the same alignment easily lends itself to projection. Women (in particular) who feel marginalized throwing stones at other women whom they see as more respected is a common dynamic that results. It´s sad, and hard to speak with sisters who seek to tear you down only because they feel torn. That does not condone their actions or mean that one has to subject themselves to that treatment. But to step away from the vilification of those who act out in this way. Be clear, but do not feel the need to create new monsters in one´s mind.
The Great Attractor´s trine to the North Node intensifies the energy of the Eclipse entirely. We are all forging new pathways to leadership, creativity, low, joy, self-expression, thoughts on childcare, and so on. It´ll be clumsy for some, graceful for others. But this is really where we need to hold our teachers and leaders accountable for their actions in the public domain – ensuring that we are not merely seeing our own projected fears and desires. This is the time where we need to be bold, willing and determined to set sail for new horizons of our own if we are not satisfied with the sky we see.
Remember that the Great Attractor trines the Leo Lunar Eclipse at a 3 degree orb. You´re going to be pulled and pushed to find what is authentic to you. Just don´t let the haters get you down, or the would-be-devotee-zealots push you onto a false pedestal.

The Thereus Connection

When we look back to the most recent Leo New Moon (July 23, 2017) where the Sun, Moon and Thereus were conjuct at 0 degrees. Whilst Leo asks us to step up and be absolutely present, authentic and expressive – Thereus (the asteroid) is all about finding hidden ways to prevent that from happening. It refers to the energy of hidden, or covert surveillance and patterns of predation and intimidation that ensue. When Thereus is activated, these dynamics are revealed, but they often take the intended target by surprise. Looking back at that time, I notice that my posts addressed such tactics of intimidation against me (or unto others).
It is eerie to realize that – six months later – the fruits of the seed we set in July 2017 – once again – involve Thereus (3 Leo) trined by Mars (3 Sagittarius) and asteroid Sphinx (2 Sagittarius). Long story short, we are still seeing these tactics of intimidation and bullying present themselves. The key targets / perpetrators are likely to be public figures, teachers, anyone who wants to be the public eye (or resents those who are recognized in it). You may see the same dynamics play out in institutions of learning, political debates and speeches, citizenship / immigration matters, journeys (especially long-distance) and so on. It is very likely to see such dynamics playing out unresolved themes or contracts from previous incarnations (especially if they involved Ancient Egypt).
So clearly, one of the key themes of this eclipse is to work on these patterns of predation. Remember that they can come overtly … or in breathtaking acts of passive-aggression.
Healers in particular are told that they must accept these blows because it is better for them to graceful about it. I say that´s a load of crock.
What we are called to do is to be centered in our intensity and to stand true to what we are – irrespective of what does come. These assaults seek to divorce a person from their emotional body so that they are not able to function. Make no mistake. Thereus does not act by accident – though he may even mask himself in the garb of love and wisdom.
It´s the kind of time where the person who is yelling at you, making you uncomfortable as fuck may have a greater interest in your well-being. As opposed to the one stroking your ego and wanting you to ride your coat-tails or telling you to calm down and accept the abuse because it makes you a better person.
Use discernment, especially now – use discernment. Not giving into what you want to believe, not taking on the projections of others which have nothing to do with you – is going to be key.
Sometimes there are pearls to be found in the process of deconstructing the action that hurt you, and sometimes there is strength is telling the person doing it to fuck the hell off, or to be prepared to be held accountable. Sometimes the most liberating thing is to walk away.
It´s all context specific.
In addition to the Thereus influence, we see many other alignments at play with this eclipse.

Other Eclipse Alignments

Grand Mutable Cross: Mars at 3 Sagittarius, Sphinx at 2 Sagittarius, Aphidas at 3 Virgo, Tantalus at 3 Pisces, Dionysus at 2 Gemini. Summarizing a very long story short – be aware of predatory energies and methods of disguising them. Observe moderation if drinking or working with substances that alter your mental functioning. Not everything you desire may truly be coming from the heart, but rather old karmic patterns and dynamics that need not be repeated. Sleeping with gemstones such as labradorite, jet and so on are advised so that you have greater protection in the dream state.
Jupiter conjunct Psyche (21 Scorpio): This energy is digging up the stories of ourselves, our trials, our shadow, our tragedy, our treasures – the fundamental script we believe ourselves bound to in this life. Be willing to charge the architecture, or design of karmic contracts (we normalize) so that trial, pain and persecution ceases to be the primary modality through which we learn to thrive. Avoid the roles of the drama triangle (victim, persecutor, rescuer) and be mindful in the way you use your energy. Unless explicitly given permission, it is not your task to heal or rescue others. Others learn from your energy no matter what you do – so choose to act with integrity and authenticity.
Cardinal Square: Pluto (19 Capricorn), Achilles (20 Capricorn), Atlantis (19 Libra), Zeus (19 Libra). This particular alignment brings up a lot of esoteric possibilities. I would not recommend interpreting this as a wholesale need to return to ancient Atlantean technologies in the present time. Rather, think of it as the opportunity to release further cycles, contracts, perceived karmic debts that arise from these timelines. It is very important to consider our use of power at this time – and to know when we are repeating old patterns. Those who us who have distanced ourselves from our true power are asked to step into balance once more – by using it with compassion and in the spirit of justice. Atlantisite and Larimar will be powerful stones for those working with these themes – but do so with caution. You need to be exceptionally grounded to this work safely at this very very potent time. Especially if you have placements near 19-20 Aries/Cancer
And there´s a lot more where that came from. But it repeats the themes we have already discussed – and this is already a very long piece 😀
So I´ll let you go now – enjoy this eclipse as you see fit and remember to harm none, including the Self.
Blessings to the Collective,

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD

The Sky Priestess

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