Blessings. The Solar Eclipse / New Moon in Aquarius asks us to set the seeds for innovation, collective engagement, ideational breakthrough and networking. It is when we develop upon or dissolve older frequencies of thought and experience and step into newer modalities of being. We are asked to let go of more egoic notions of selfhood before accessing some of the higher-frequency stuff. This requires us to deconstruct and decolonize our minds of concepts, paradigms, and ways of seeing the world that make us invested in a particular ego-personality. It asks us to come back to the roots of our being and not the false self we have been conditioned to believe we are.

The way we do this is by engaging the energy of the heart and allowing the leadership of the Inner Child to light the way to the Heavens. Go back to what made your heart sing and do it. Repeatedly. Whether it´s watching a childhood movie, dancing, playing, singing, speaking on stage – let your emotional body engage with the mental body. One cannot exist in isolation of another. For those of you whose mother tongue is not English – go back to your mother tongue. You will access genetic codes unique to your culture and its connection with the Earth. Never underestimate the power of that connection.

Aquarian energy is generally misrepresented in the way it is commonly understood. Many equate the energy signature with the time-period in which the song ´Age of Aquarius´ and Woodstock festival came about.: 1969. Frankly, there was a lot more Piscean energy afoot then with Chiron preparing to exit Pisces and Neptune preparing to exit Scorpio, both trining one another ….. Probably an article to write at some point.

Whilst Aquarian energy can be compassionate, that compassion stems from ideology – rather than emotional connection. Aquarian energy can be very headstrong in its understanding of the ideals by which humanity ought to live. It´s not very fluffy-cuddly, but is a lot more abstract.

Be clear in that differentiation and set your seeds of innovation and change – be it amongst friends, at work, in prayer or facilitation, friendship networks, or in your personal connection with Mind, Higher Mind and Universal Mind. Just be sure you know what you´re connecting with as the Universe (at the energy level) is not always what it appears to be.

Astral travel at this time can be very powerful, but only engage in it with an experienced practitioner who truly walks their talk. You would ideally look for someone whose groundedness matches their degree of (frequency) elevation. Otherwise … you risk creating some truly cosmic baggage to deal with.

The seeds you set now will unfold over the year ahead, with some indications appearing during the Aquarius Full Moon later this year (July 27, 2018). You will also see connections between this New Moon/ Eclipse to other members of the Saros cycle this eclipse is a part of: Jan 1964, Jan 1983, Feb 2000. The next time this energy signature presents itself is Feb 2036.

FYI – According to The instant of greatest eclipse takes place on 2018 Feb 15 20:51:25 UTC. The exact time of the astrological conjunction between The Sun at The Moon at 27 Aquarius´7 is 21:05 UTC on February 15, 2018.

With Mercury (25 Aquarius) and Juno (26 Aquarius) so close to the actual Eclipse (27 Aquarius) – expect a high degree of communication amongst members of (what looks like) your soul tribe. This may include romantic, spiritual and/or platonic soul-mates. This aspect of the energy is a little double-edged as Juno does not always indicate a positive marriage partner or soul-mate experience, rather she comes to show us the type of energy who can help us awaken the soul to other possibilities. In other words, soul-mates can help us grow through pleasure, nurture and healthy support – or they can push us to growth through pain, abuse and/or neglect.

Through my study of Juno in clients´ charts, I have found her to be a mixed aspect at best. Either way – whoever shows up now holds the key for your re-connection to the Feminine aspect of being. Just wait before you declare s/he´s ´The One´. Collect a little more data.

In terms of Mercury´s influence, say what you have to say with respect to your truth, be it through written or spoken form – and then let it go. There´s going to be a lot of energy present through social media channels, and not all of it is good. Do not expect others to share your opinion of the world – as one works with their own truths at the pace that they can handle it.

Remember that we are prone to choose truths that make us feel comfortable – and whilst that makes for a more consistent perception of the world, it´s not necessarily great for growth.

This is expressed by Mars (12 Sagittarius), Vesta (14 Sagittarius) and The Great Attractor (14 Sagittarius) squaring Neptune (13 Pisces). Be very mindful as to the paths, lessons, teachers, teachings, spiritual paradigms you accept or reject at this time. Know that what challenges you may actually be healthier than what makes you feel comfortable. Such is the … particular dynamic of the Great Attractor. It ´pushes´ and ´pulls´ you towards truths and untruths in varying degrees and it is up to you to look at the lesson behind the ego´s reaction to something.

Neptune´s role asks us to stay discerning to whatever spiritual information we get at this time, or whatever spiritual interpretations we seek to use and lay upon our dealing with the Masculine. Make sure you are not romanticizing or idealizing something to be something (or someone) that it is not.

Go with the flow of things, but avoid creating mental constructs around your experiences at this time. In other words – do not judge, or label – but experience. And navigate accordingly as per your deeper intuitive flow (which is not something you can quite explain in words without distorting its essence). The moment you justify your intuition one way or another, you´re coming back to the Mind (which is a powerful tool, but NOT the source of your spiritual Connection).

Some of you may be hooked into old cycles of sacrificial service where you may give up your autonomy in favour of another – I would strongly advise against this. Some of you may choose to commit to paths of service, travel or teaching from a more empowered place that honors the essence of the self. As with Juno, Vesta too is a mixed aspect. (So too is each and every single body in astrology – there is never a one-size-fits-all definition).

Venus and Nessus conjunct one another at 6 Pisces. Essentially this energy asks us to surrender ourselves to the deepest flow of Spirit that connects us to our ancestry and previous karmic timelines (which – according to some – exist in parallel domains). Whilst this is laudable, remember that merging of timelines muddles the perspective of the present. Experience and release. Learn, integrate, release and keep centering yourself back in the present moment.

In the same way you cannot function by collapsing all of your inner organs to a single point of existence, allow each time-line to play out in its own space. Allow yourself the freedom to live fully in the (perceived) present. However you define it.

Nessus´ energy refers to the abuser´s asteroid, whereas Venus refers to the Feminine and Pisces that eternal flow of the collective unconscious as it connects to Spirit. Put all of this together around Valentine´s Day and what you get is the invitation to open your heart, and your core wounds – to someone who has the competence and desire to help you heal, or at least witness that pain without creating a pattern of re-traumatization. So treat yourself and your loved ones gently during this period. Be especially mindful of people from your past presenting themselves on gold or silver platters with a present and a fancy bow on top.

You might just find that it houses a turd … And upon further reflection you may see that it was the same one you tried flushing down the toilet (or ancient equivalent thereof) several life-cycles ago.

So again, be mindful of romanticization of people, experiences – and the past.

Allow yourself to feel into the truth of your emotions, and let this then lead you to a deconstruction of mental concepts that block you from a fuller, richer experience of reality – and its complexities. Avoid trying to water-down or streamline your spiritual experience by citing platitudes or one-liners.

The ancient seers were (by our standards) gifted scholars – and much of what we quote is a very, very watered down version of their teachings. They saw nuance, structure, form and information in the subtlest changes in their environment. Some of them spoke out when things were not in alignment, and others preferred silence. They were not a homogenous group, and by no means did they lack agency in the world.

Last but not least, those of your with placements near/at 27 Cancer will experience this alignment as a powerful Yod (Finger of Fate) with the Eclipse Point (27 Aquarius) and the Galactic Center (27 Sagittarius). Let the message unfold, and do not try to control its content.

So – here´s to deep diving.


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

FB event page: Finding Your Flow: Dancing in Deep Waters (Illinois Workshop)

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