The skies are lit by multiple alignments that, on the surface, appear to pull us all over the place. Vesta, Eris, Ceres, Mars, Venus, the Sun, Uranus, the Galactic Center, Neptune and The Great Attractor are all activated. Here is a summarized overview of what is at work and how we can best navigate it.

Mars (4 Capricorn) squared Sun (4 Aries)

Think about the long-term consequences of your actions before doing them. It´s easy to confuse being impulsive vs. listening to your gut-instinct.
Best to steer your efforts into the work that you are doing right now. Be thorough in what you do, take no shortcuts. Slow and steady wins the race (especially with the Mercury Retrograde in Aries). Just remember to focus on efforts that will develop a legacy over time and gradually accumulate greater worth, and strength. Work with purpose.

Sun (4 Aries) trines Ceres (4 Leo)

Look to those who nurture you, and those who are nurtured by you. Remember that you don´t have to be a codependent caretaker or a martyr in order to nurture others. They are not the same thing.
Sometimes the greatest nurture you can give another is to encourage them to be self-sufficient. Pull back from actions that discourage others to step out into their own, especially in the name of love.

Venus (22 Aries) conjuncts Eris (23 Aries)

As part of the season of triggers, Venus comes forth to lay claim to a world that honors the Feminine. Eris merges with her in a take-no-prisoners-approach. The confluence of the two can birth a Feminine Consciousness that is able to meet the dysfunctional masculine eye-to-eye. Will she bring her own variant of dysfunction or toxicity? Or will she rise up to the occasion from a space of fierce compassion?
What you do is ultimately in your hands. Choose wisely. Eris can cause disruption and discord without cause, and often out of proportion when not tempered.
Whilst there is a place for destruction in the world (much as the forest fire or lava cooling in the ocean gives rise to new life) – remember that Creation requires an equal focus.
It is not sufficient to tear down the structures of the world that are unjust, but to also practice a sustainable and just alternative.

Uranus (27 Aries) trines Vesta and The Galactic Center (27 Sagittarius)

Time for you to consider what you wish to be in service to, or which contracts of service are now obsolete. When in doubt, contemplate your primary relationship with Spirit.
This is unadorned by human emotion, unvarnished by human expectation. It transcends all we understand as human, though we often use the language of emotion to approximate the experience of Spirit. 
Uranus´ trine to Vesta and the Galactic Center asks you to bring your understanding of The Path, Service and the connection with the Guru/Teacher back to living, embodied practice. There is a marked difference between the ´I´ that is born of Ego, and that which is dissolved/realized/transcended. This is an experience that goes beyond word, concept and form.
Be that which you are and sit in the innermost chamber of your Being, where Spirit resides. Engage the world around you only when you feel that clarity within. You may be calm, you may rage, you may be still, or a whirlwind in motion – whatever form you take is part of your path. However, do the inner work first.
As Ramana Maharishi said … “Summa Iru” … This translate to Be Still / Be Quiet / Just Be.


Neptune (14 Pisces) squares the Great Attractor (14 Sagittarius)

This alignment alone can fill volumes. Spirit essentially appears to us, pushing us towards crossroads. We are asked to trust our intuition and question the mind´s responses to teachers, paths and teachings that appear our way. The mind may try to run away from what will actually help you grow – and run towards what will give you the illusion of doing so.
Silence and contemplation are the best teachers at this time. Avoid comparisons, judgements and the need to validate how far you have come on your path. And let your energy speak for itself.
Overall, this is a prime time for action with long-lasting consequences. But after one has found clarity within and determined the necessary steps.
Invest your time and energy in the activities that will truly bring change to this planet. Cut away from the distractions, the hype and the noise that surrounds your goals.

Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

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