A New Chapter of Self-Healing: Chiron in Aries (2018-2026)

Chiron has just moved into Aries.

This marks the beginning of a new chapter of collective growth and experience.

It comes at the right time, sandwiched between the New Moon in Aries and tomorrow´s Sun-Uranus conjunction (trined the Galactic Center).

We´re getting a taste of what moving out of one turn of the wheel of karma feels like. There´s a sense of expansion and possibility in the air, despite rising intensity.

But it´s wise to remember that Chiron will retrograde back into Pisces – and finally settles into Aries in February 2019.

Whatever debris has´t been addressed will certainly come back to the fore when Chiron returns to Pisces (September 2018 – February 2019).

I´ve been keeping silent for a while as I wanted the last crest of the Chiron-in-Pisces energy to subside. Too many projection, pedestalization and empath-abuser-victim dynamics going on. Sometimes it´s better to wait certain things through.

But let´s get back to the Now. To Aries.

The big question is what do we do with the spark of new consciousness seeking to emerge from within each and every of us?

How do we best harness that spark so that it may shine alongside its celestial kin?

How do we – individually and collectively – create a beacon of hope, change and conscious (r)evolution?

These are the questions of our time and we will continue to seek out their answers – till the next Chapter begins when Chiron enters Taurus in 2026. (paraphrasing this point from my friend and fellow astrologer Greg George)

Remember that the focus of our healing needs to go to the innermost depths of our individuated consciousness. Only then can we truly – and in a healthy manner – understand what it means to be One with All.

Stay away from the games of hyper-intellectualization and abstraction and seek to return to the self in that vulnerable state of transition – the liminal space between birth and rebirth, light and darkness, consciousness and the lack thereof.

So pure, so young … and yet Infinite, Timeless … Eternal.

Go Home to your Innermost Being.

As that is where you will find your Medicine.



Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess


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5 thoughts on “A New Chapter of Self-Healing: Chiron in Aries (2018-2026)

  1. iroksthnew says:

    I’m curious about the types of sessions that you offer, but when I went back to your main site, the link didn’t work. Are you still offering sessions and what kind? I have been going through some major transits and feel I could better make use of this energy if I had more guidance (and accountability, admittedly).

  2. SFYS says:

    Hi Dr. Bairavee,

    How are you?

    I sent you an email about having a session with you a few weeks ago. Will you be responding from a different email? I am looking forward to hearing from you!

    Thank you, Pamela Pamela Carrara

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