Tussling about with the Aquarian Moon, Lioness Ceres and the Dragon (6-9 May 2018)

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The Moon is now in Aquarius, heading towards the South Node (9-10 degrees) and opposition with Ceres (12 Leo) and the North Node (9-10 Leo).
Over the next 2.5 days, focus on your emotions surrounding your ideals, connection with community and give room for your own visionary insight to emerge. Make it about you in a way that celebrates the self and its value as part of the collective.
I´ve padded the dates given slightly to reflect differing timezones. If you are in the US, this is between the 6th -8th , if in Asia 7th -9th  May.
Whilst there is merit in honoring accumulated wisdom, know that we live in a time where much needs to be overturned and questioned. Allow yourselves to release ideas that no longer align and mental baggage that asks you to forsake pursuing your own creative, joyful, playful sense of self-expression.
This is not a magic wand, per se – but an act that initiates further changes. You are providing the possibility for transformation to occur and in so doing, you make it that much more likely to manifest.
But give yourself the permission needed to question the script first of all. Including outdated thoughts and ideas surrounding the concept of attraction-manifestation itself. Energy is moving so rapidly now that it´s hard to keep up in words, ideas and concepts.
No one has all the answers, but the best you can do is to find facilitators who are certain of what they do know – and the vastness of what they don´t 😉
Go with the flow. And create. Let the floodwaves of your creation heal and nurture you – allowing you to share that with others.
As Ceres (12 Leo) is conjunct the North Node now, it becomes important to bring this creative, transformative energy to one of the most important relationships in your life: that of mother and child. Even if this is not physically or practically possible, remember that our relationship with motherhood reflects a larger, collective relationship with the Divine Mother herself. If that is where you can give and find nurture, then by all means, do so.
A word of caution is necessary: Not everything that occurs as an intuitive hunch or insight is immediately the best course of action. Take a moment to tune in and see if what you´re feeling is what it represents itself to be, or if it is an illusion of perception that feeds into old mental constructs and programming. No matter how nice, fluffy, all-encompassing, hip, trendy, New Agey, enlightened or ´spiritual´ it seems like.
Always stay discerning. In this line of work, it is unwise to take all that glitters as gold. Especially when everyone else seems to be doing the same.
One of the biggest misconceptions surrounding the larger shift into the Age of Aquarius is the emergence of a Unity Consciousness that is homogenous, whereas Aquarius requires the fullest development of individual consciousness – so that collective, divine, harmony ensues. It is not about numbing your thought processes (we tried that in the Piscean era) – but understanding them better.
And part of that is also knowing when our thoughts about others are merely projections of our own fears. That´s going to be coming up as well, especially with the Ceres-Moon opposition.
The Dragon´s Head / North Node reminds us that our greatest path of growth at this time is through the Lion (Leo). Be bold, be fearless, be raw and authentic. Express your big heart for what it truly is.
But the Dragon´s Tail / South Node asks us to celebrate the community which surrounds us – especially if it´s your virtual family, friends or members of an altruistic community.  Allow yourself to be supported by Tribe to express your unique gifts, but do not tame down your truth to receive that support.
If it feels like you´re being asked to drink the Kool-Aid – even if the box says ´Love and Light´ in glittering letters  …  I´d advise against it.  Groupthink – as a historical phenomenon – has ultimately led to unwise decisions ….. And you are better off not being a part of a group that does not value your individual perspective and contribution.
That being said, there is a fine line of balance to tow – as there always is with the Dragon´s Dual Challenges. FYI – there are two ways to calculate the Nodes. The Mean (Average) Node is at 10 degrees, whereas the True Node is at 9. Astrologers have different uses and takes on each, so it is wise to consider both.
Azurite-Malachite and Sodalite are the gemstones I´d recommend you to work with – these will help you open up to higher energies without getting lost in the excitement of it all. If needing a more tender approach and are in a raw place with respect to the Mother relationship … work with rose quartz, morganite, kunzite or petalite.
Essential oils that may be useful are geranium, ylang ylang, clary sage, frankincense and myrrh (read up dosage, contraindications and dilution for safe use).


Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
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3 thoughts on “Tussling about with the Aquarian Moon, Lioness Ceres and the Dragon (6-9 May 2018)

  1. Gigi says:

    The above post Dr B, was a work of Logos art. I will be reading this again. The “Kool Aid, Groupthink” paragraph was perfect. So many valid points here! Ceres in Leo? I am presently taking care of my mother after open heart (Leo) surgery. Laughed at the New Agey “all that glitters” comment! Yup.

    I had to resign from the FB group. It’s kind of you to explain the psycho babble (Narcisism, et al) however, you’re not in that category, why explain? Hurt my brain to read the comments.

    Reading again.

    Blessings, a Leo


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