Over the past two decades or so, I found myself getting more and more disenchanted with Malaysian politics. Primarily on account of its lack of transparency, civil space, free political dialogue and racial disparities. I left the country in the same year that its longest-serving Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad resigned from the political arena. He was Malaysia´s strongman politician – and whilst I can´t agree with every policy he enacted – I had a belief in his capability to build a nation. Even as a kid.

My political identification with and emotive affect for Malaysia´s political future has been galvanized yet again – after a 18-year hiatus – following the resounding electoral victory of Pakatan Harapan (´Coalition of Hope´). This is the first time in the nation´s history that the ruling party (Barisan Nasional – National Front) has been defeated in the electoral arena. It is the first time that the Opposition has truly had access to the reins of power at the national level.

It´s not something that happened overnight – but a movement of millions that took time to mature and develop. It wasn´t led by a single man or woman, but by leaders from different ethnic backgrounds who wanted a vision of Malaysia that was more fair, equitable, and just. The ruling coalition has seen its levels of support decrease due to a multitude of factors – Malaysia´s recent economic performance, corruption scandals involving key figures in government, an increasingly polarized political rhetoric, and so on.

But what´s really capturing the mood of the moment is the man of the house: Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. He has just been sworn in as the oldest serving head of state at the age of 92. He emerged out of his political retirement 2 years ago and became the leader of Pakatan Harapan.

For some Malaysians – like me – who grew up under his first bout as Prime Minister, it´s actually a welcome return. There´s a deep faith in Dr. Mahatir´s political acumen and a respect for his political genius. One hopes that the imbalances that were made back then will now be corrected, especially as Pakatan´s Hopes and Strengths emerge from a wider ethnic demographic.

I looked at the chart for Malaya´s Independence Day (31 August 1957, 12:01 am, Kuala Lumpur) to see what points of continuity it has to the present day. I´m taking this date (rather than the 1963 one which saw Malaysia achieve its current-day political form) because it rings truer. People still celebrate the 31st August date and the site it took place on – Dataran Merdeka (The Field of Independence) – remains politically significant in rituals, ceremonies and events that seek to evoke a sense of national identity.

It seems fitting to take this date for a variety of reasons.

Some Malaysians compare this electoral victory to the 1957 one: as a second date of independence. The implicit correlation is that 1957 saw liberation from long-standing colonial (British) rule and 2018 sees a similar sense of liberation from a party that has held power for 6 decades.

And truly … seasoned political pundits did not see this coming.

The people decided they wanted something different.

In this election, Pakatan Harapan secured 104 seats, whereas Barisan Nasional secured 79 seats out of 222 in Malaysia´s parliament. In contrast the 2013 general election saw Barisan (former ruling party) take 133 seats vis-a-vis Pakatan´s 89 seats. (It was called Pakatan Rakyat – People´s Coalition at that point)

This is a complete reversal within a 5-year period! And so you see why there´s this sense of jubilation.

I will be focusing on an analysis of the secondary progressed astrological chart – derived from the original date of independence (31 August 1957). The chart is progressed to 10 May 2018.

Progressions are used to study long term shifts that take decades, if not centuries (or more) to happen. They have deeper spiritual implications that are often missed when looking at natal and transiting charts.

These are the house placements for the secondary progressed chart – they reflect 61 years of development and evolution of consciousness.

1st house – 27 Cancer — 7th house – 27 Capricorn
2nd house – 26 Leo — 8th house – 26 Aquarius
3rd house – 28 Virgo — 9th house – 28 Pisces
4th house – 0 Scorpio — 10th house – 0 Taurus
5th house – 0 Sagittarius — 11th house – 0 Gemini
6th house – 29 Sagittarius — 12th house – 29 Gemini

In contrast – you can see that the original chart (31 August 1957) looked completely different:

1st house – 1 Gemini — 7th house – 1 Sagittarius
2nd house – 29 Gemini — 8th house – 29 Sagittarius
3rd house – 26 Cancer — 9th house – 26 Capricorn
4th house – 26 Leo — 10th house – 26 Aquarius
5th house – 28 Virgo — 11th house – 28 Pisces
6th house – 1 Scorpio — 12th house – 1 Taurus

Each house has / is at the brink of moving through two astrological signs over a period of 61 years – therefore 30 years ago, we would have also seen a similar watershed moment in the nation´s political history. And that´s exactly what happened : In 1988, Malaysia saw a constitutional crisis in which Dr. Mahathir was accused of limiting the powers of the judiciary in favour of the executive and legislature.

Which is entirely unsurprising as the progressed 7th house (legal matters) shifted into Capricorn (authority, power and control) …. The progressed 7th house will shift in early 2021 into the sign of Aquarius.

One can safely predict that Malaysia´s legal and governmental frameworks are in for a major revision or overhaul in the next 3 years. Perfect for dismantling older institutional arrangements that concentrate power in one set of hands and removing it from others.

Coming back to the present , the progressed chart analysis of 10 May 2018 indicates key changes that started in 2017 and will take a further year to complete.

Four astrological houses (4, 5, 10 and 11) shifted signs within the past year and two houses will shift signs in the rest of this year (6 and 12). Further shifts will continue, resulting in a complete transformation of all twelve houses by January 2022. The process of change began to gain momentum in 2016.

Within the past year (May 2017 – May 2018), the 4th house has shifted from Libra into Scorpio. This indicates the start of a new journey in defining a sense of belonging, groundedness, rootedness and affect. The nation as a whole is seeking to pierce through its illusions and discover – for the first time – what its ´home´and ´land´ is truly made up of.

We may also be seeing a greater focus upon agricultural work (under Dr. Mahathir´s leadership), the furthering of real estate and greater scope for traditional or natural remedies and forms of alternative health. Psychically, we see the need to continue to introspect on the character of the nation and heal that which is not in balance. This will not happen through positive thought alone, but through a real engagement with the issues at stake.

What is also significant is that Malaysia´s progressed Neptune, Sun, North Node and Mercury are all between 2 – 10 Scorpio. Those in the medical / healing / psychological / occult professions may feel a call to ´return home´ and work more deeply within the home context. Sensitive people will need to amp up their psychic protection.

House 10´s shift from Aries to Taurus indicates a powerful change in the way the nation sees its destiny. We will see a greater focus on: keeping things real, embodied and connected to the basic 5 senses, the way we understand agricultural cycles, the biosphere, our place in the physical environment and the need to sustain all of this so that everyone can lead a more comfortable material life. Malaysia will also become a valuable place to invest in after Uranus completes it´s shift into Taurus. Keep your eye on the ball 

Malaysia´s progressed Pallas Athena and South Node are here at 0 Taurus and 10 Taurus respectively. There will be scope for furthering the representation of women, especially if they focus their mental energies on securing a greater sense of tangible abundance for all.

What is interesting now is that the progressed Nodes (10 Scorpio-Taurus, ´True´calculation) square the nodes currently in the sky – at 9-10 Leo-Aquarius. This is clearly a defining moment for the nation as a whole as the direction of its growth has been re-defined.

Especially with transiting Uranus on its Taurus Midheaven! WOW!

But it´s a starting point – others will have to keep the momentum going.

And to make sure that the ship stays true to its course.

The progressed shift in house 5 from Scorpio to Sagittarius beckons a new era of enthusiasm for philosophy, politics, travel and a sense of expansion and growth – for the nation as a whole and especially its thinkers, leaders and young people.

House 11´s shift from Taurus to Gemini focus upon the increased role of technology in creating a space for civil and public discourse. The use of social media galvanized millions during this election and it continues to be the space to get the pulse of the nation (especially on platforms such as Whatsapp and Twitter).

The shifts that will happen within the course of the next year will see houses 6 and 12 shift from Sagittarius to Capricorn, and from Gemini to Cancer respectively. This will open up a new pathway of service through government, a greater need of focus on the nation´s ´spine´ and building blocks as it were. Investments in construction, traditional financial and political institutions are likely to see dividends.

The 12th house shift sees a return to older spiritual echoes of the land that pre-date recorded history and the establishment of modern political identities. Spiritualists and sensitive people are advised to also consult a history of South-east Asia for greater context.

These progressed shifts are generally ones that last for 3 decades (especially when a chart´s houses are evenly spaced). So these are monumental changes at play. And this is truly a very small slice of the chart / astrological perspective on the situation. You can also look up the charts of the key political figures to understand how, where and why they play the roles that they do.

Long story short, this is a time of national redefinition, a transformative moment long awaited. And as per astrology – it took us 6 decades to get there!

And in the same breath – it is vitally important to remember that this change needs work to be sustained – and in a way that makes the best of the alignments present.

One did not really need astrology to tell that, but it´s great when the mathematics of the sky so accurately tally with the collective consciousness of millions.



Dr. Bairavee Balasubramaniam PhD
The Sky Priestess

Image: Double-exposure of two images in the public domain done by Bairavee Balasubramaniam. Flag of Malaysia (3-2).svg on Wikimedia Commons – with – Prague Astronomical Clock by Petr Kratochvil on publicdomainpictures.net


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